Domestic developers crossed Fallout and S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

Steam has opened the beta of a new game that is suspiciously similar to the bastard child of Fallout and S. T. A. L. K. E. R. it is Called ATOM and RPG done in the style of "Soviet post-Apocalypse"....

19.03.2018 02:14

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Police dog collapses after chasing men for three kilometres

The dog, PD Kane, is recovering at the vet after the chase in Newcastle on Saturday night.

Kane tracked two men to bushland after they allegedly tried to climb through the window of an elderly...

19.03.2018 01:21

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 will also get an analogue of animaze

Samsung is preparing its response to animated emoticons on iPhone X. As reported by insiders, users of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and S9+ can also create 3D Emoji grimacing in front of the front...

19.03.2018 22:49

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Trailer SZAP: photos, specifications

A modern and robust trailer SZAP of different purpose and capacity improve the efficiency of freight transportation due to the formation of trains for various applications.The definition of a trailer


19.03.2018 10:07

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