Bill gates will be built in the Arizona desert "smart city" similar to Silicon valley

Until a deserted place, he soon promises to transform the city of the future called Belmont. Will be equipped with all advanced technology, high-speed mobile networks and unmanned vehicles.

The investment... ( подробнее )

Wargaming is developing a VR version of World of Tanks

Wargaming.net together with VRTech founded the company Neurogaming, which will develop games based on virtual reality technology. At the moment, the team consists of 75 people and her first serious target is slated to release World of Tanks VR

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LG Display will supply OLED displays for Sony — perhaps for foldable smartphones

The company already supplies screens for Sony TVs and this is a successful step for the Japanese manufacturer. Now it came to smartphones.

LG Display and Sony have agreed to supply flexible OLED... ( подробнее )

The Game Awards 2017: named game-winners

The annual American game ceremony, The Game Awards 2017, "Oscar" in the world of gaming, announced its results and provided a list of games-winners in different genres. Game of the year was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Best action game of 2017 admitted II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, best fighting game was Injustice 2 and the winner... ( подробнее )

Kodak has announced a cryptocurrency KodakCoin. The company\'s stock immediately rose in price twice

In recent years there has been an interesting trend companies are increasing sharply in price, if you announce the launch of the blockchain, and then just add this word in the title. Was no exception and Kodak, which announced the blockchain-a platform for photographers KodakOne and cryptocurrency KodakCoin. Just a few hours later the value of the... ( подробнее )

More information: Google has improved the search engine

Now Google will give more useful information and images related to a query

Google has added a few useful features into its search service, and now users will get more interesting information at their... ( подробнее )

HP is considering an Android version of Elite x3

HP refused to release of the smartphone Elite x3 on a dying platform, Windows 10 Mobile, but the company may submit a modification with Android on Board — HP Pro x3.

HP refused to release of the smartphone... ( подробнее )

Samsung has announced three new executives after the resignation of CEO

Along with record results for the third quarter, Samsung Electronics has announced the appointment of three Executive Directors who will lead the key divisions of the company following the resignation of CEO Kwon Oh Hyun of. The leaders of the current trends in consumer electronics and mobile business BU Kyung Yoon and Jong-Kyung Shin — also leaving... ( подробнее )

One of the creators of Dragon Age have left Bioware

The once great Studio lost their lead designer and part-time creative Director of the legendary series Dragon Age. Mark Laidlaw voluntarily left the company where he had worked for 14 years

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Face ID in the new iPhone X is still possible to cheat!

Security new iPhone X "bursting at the seams": the Vietnamese company Bkav Corporation, which specializiruetsya on the production of smartphones and lied to the face recognition system Face ID using a 3D mask.

Security... ( подробнее )