Искусственный интеллект NVIDIA изменить детали на фото

NVIDIA уже научились профессионально подделывать видео с помощью методов машинного обучения, и в настоящее время инженеры компании приняли для фотографий. Новая система искусственного интеллекта, способного не только убирать лишние объекты из кадра, но и восстановить изображение, добавляя недостающие части на «amazing» зоны.

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OUKITEL U19: свежий и элегантный клон iPhone X по цене $100

В феврале, компания OUKITEL представила первый клон iPhone X под названием OUKITEL U18. Благодаря экрану с декольте и большая батарея эта модель получила большой популярности среди пользователей. Теперь производитель выпускает превосходство устройства с вырезом на экран под названием OUKITEL U19.

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The results of the week: Samsung trolls iPhone, the first batch of Nokia X6 is sold out for 10 seconds and announcement of Meizu M8c

Samsung released the new Galaxy S9, but the main character of the movie was not the company\'s new flagship, the iPhone 6. Samsung was not going to promote Apple products, and set the task of trolling the competitor. In the center of the plot — the owner of the iPhone 6, which is constantly suffering because of the "slowness" of your smartphone.... ( подробнее )

Frameless smartphone with cut-out S9 LEAGOO sold at a price of $129,99

New LEAGOO S9 got newfangled design as the iPhone X: aspect ratio 19:9 and 5.85 inch HD + screen with a resolution of 1512 720 pixels and neck. This modern display is 90% of the front panel, so this smartphone perfectly fits in any hand and feels like a standard device with a screen of 5.5 inches.

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GearBest offers discounts on popular models of smartphones and other gadgets

Shop GearBest again pleased with the great discounts on popular smartphones Chinese manufacturers, as well as other popular gadgets So, Xiaomi Redmi 4A in gold color you can grab for only $89,99. The phone has a 5-inch display with HD resolution of 1280?720 pixels and a Quad-core Snapdragon 425 with a frequency of 1.4 GHz. RAM 2 GB, internal — 16... ( подробнее )

Finally a working prototype of a smart watch with a projector (video)

Remember all these projects are bracelets, and "smart" hours, that turn a hand to touch the display? Usually the case is stopped in the beautiful concept video, but engineers from the University Carnegie Mellon are not accustomed to retreat before difficulties — a group of interfaces of the future (future Interfaces Group) presented a prototype projection... ( подробнее )

The results of the week: Galaxy S10 will get a screen with a fingerprint scanner, Xiaomi has released a 100-inch TV and Apple sued

According to Korean media, the new sensor under the screen will receive the "anniversary" Galaxy S10. Today the main suppliers of the sensors are Synaptics and Goodfix. Both companies produce optical sensors, but Samsung has made a bet on more accurate ultrasonic technology, and creates your own solution. The only serious disadvantage of such scanners... ( подробнее )

Smart translator Microsoft has learned to work without the Internet

In 2016 Microsoft Translator hooked up to artificial intelligence, and the quality of translation has grown significantly. Still for the work of the machine learning algorithms required a connection to the network, and the new version of mobile client this feature will be available even in offline mode.

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The results of the week: the possible bankruptcy of Tesla, the first photos of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the announcement of the flagship LG ThinQ G7

Analysts tell Bloomberg about the sorry state of Tesla: for many years, its revenues do not cover costs, so until the end of the year, the Corporation faces bankruptcy. Every minute Tesla "burns" for $6.5 million. The last 5 quarters were unprofitable for Tesla, and 2017, the year ended with a $3.4 billion cash of $9.4 billion of debt. If the company... ( подробнее )

Honor 10 smartphone TOP class at a reasonable price

May 15, 2018 in London, the company Honor 10 presented the long - awaited flagship Honor 10. The basis of the smartphone has become the signature processor is the latest generation Kirin 970. The camera is equipped with the trend of technology AI 2.0 – built-in artificial intelligence helps to make amazing pictures: chooses the perfect settings and... ( подробнее )