Samsung has patented a slider with two touch screens

Modern slider, as planned by Samsung, has a second touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard, which slides back and forms a large display

In Samsung decided to recall the once popular phones-sliders,... ( подробнее )

Portable battery Mophie Powerstation speakers got a volume of 22 000 mAh battery and 100 watts

Company Mophie announces Powerstation external battery to AC. The novelty has received a large amount of battery and can charge even powerful laptops.

Company Mophie announces Powerstation external... ( подробнее )

Published specs X iPhone-like smartphone OUKITEL U18

OUKITEL company begins presale OUKITEL U18. This will happen on 29 January, so a unique hybrid of iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be available very soon.

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Xiaomi is preparing three waterproof smartphone

Last year, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun said that they will release a waterproof smartphone, but only if buyers are willing to pay more. The price of flagships, the company has grown, and the full protection is still there. Although, according to the Chinese insiders, the wait is long.

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Navalny played in PUBG

Famous Russian politician Alexei Navalny held a stream on PUBG and collected 200 thousand roubles on the "fight against corruption"

Famous Russian politician Alexei Navalny held a stream on PUBG and... ( подробнее )

OnePlus has confirmed a data breach of Bank cards 40000 buyers

The Chinese manufacturer announced the hacking of an online store and theft of 40,000 buyers

A week ago on the OnePlus forum has begun to receive the user complaints on the confusing activity with... ( подробнее )

Energous WattUp Mid Field - the first truly wireless charging

The Federal Commission of the USA officially endorsed the first truly wireless charging Energous WattUp Mid Field. This means that she will soon appear in stores.

The Federal Commission of the USA... ( подробнее )

Xiaomi red Mi A1 in the Ukraine

Xiaomi Mi A1 was the first vehicle of the Chinese giant, which received a "clean" version of the Android OS 7.1.2 Nougat. In the stores network "ALLO" pre-order this model opened the day after the official release (6 September). And now here appeared first on Xiaomi Mi A1 in red.

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The combination of versatility and functionality — all covers Reboon

Owners of modern mobile devices not just want to prolong the lifespan of the gadget and transform it through the accessory, but also to make it more functional.

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Rumors: Asus can provide gaming smartphone at MWC 2018

There is a small chance that Asus will unveil its gaming smartphone at the MWC 2018

We have recently reported that the company Meizu will soon submit its gaming smartphone. Also it hinted at Xiaomi... ( подробнее )