LG will be releasing new smartphones "when necessary", and not every year

Answering questions of journalists at CES, Vice-Chairman of LG Electronics Cho son Jin made a rather unexpected statement. Henceforth the company will be releasing new smartphones, only when she has something interesting. Not when the market requires it.

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Frameless OUKITEL MIX 2 scored in tests Antutu 62 585 points

According to the company OUKITEL, smartphone OUKITEL MIX 2 will be available by the end of November. And the Network has already appeared the first video with this incredible new product.

*** for publicity ****** for publicity ***

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China will open a robotic police without a single living employee

In one of the larger cities in China will soon open a police station in which there will be no human — only robots. Of course, they will not be able to catch criminals and solve murders, but the paperwork and providing various services for them.

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Popular app MX Player has acquired Indian media company Times Internet

According to the resource The Ken, a large Indian media company Times Internet bought MX Player for $200 million

Most Android users are familiar with MX Player. This is one of the most popular applications... ( подробнее )

iPhone taught mine bitcoins, but do not know why

The MobileMiner app allows you mine cryptocurrency on the latest models iPhone earn 13 dollars a month, but great kills battery

Specifically for the iPhone developer breaks Elias Limneos created... ( подробнее )

Alexa learned how to send TEXT messages

To send a message to your friends with Alexa, you will need a smartphone on Android and Echo dot.

Amazon taught Alexa to send SMS messages using voice commands. Added

To send a message... ( подробнее )

Samsung has patented a "leaky" display, with cutouts for camera, sensors and Home button

As it turned out, smartphone manufacturers for the last couple of years did not procrastinatory, but rather looking for new opportunities. Especially active in this respect was Samsung, which recently unveiled 2 smartphones ignominia displays now showed a new patent for a curious edge-to-edge display.

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Bethesda prepares the attraction of unprecedented generosity, as well as a free weekend for Fallout 4

PC gamers will be free to assess the last part of the Fallout franchise in early February

PC gamers will be free to assess the last part of the Fallout franchise in early February And here is the... ( подробнее )

Not the Intel one: Google has discovered a vulnerability in all modern processors

After reports bug in Intel processor giant has released an official statement which said that the problem affects many types of devices, regardless of manufacturer, CPU and operating system. This information is confirmed by the experts of Google\'s Project Zero published the details of two vulnerabilities with code names like Meltdown and the Spectre.

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ESA will launch two satellites to study the dark side of the moon

The mission will open new opportunities for the study of the earth\'s satellite, which was not possible previously.

The European space Agency plans to examine the dark side of the moon. What

ESA... ( подробнее )