Sony for the year increased its profits 14 times. But not at the expense of smartphones

Growth in almost all divisions of the company, especially Sony Pictures and PlayStation, and only the mobile unit remains in the tail

Sony Corp. talked about his income for the third quarter of 2017... ( подробнее )

Racing electric car Volkswagen I. D. R Pikes Peak: the power of 680 HP and acceleration to hundreds for 2.25 seconds

German car giant Volkswagen has released a stylish electric racing car I. D. R Pikes Peak. New product made specifically for participation in the race Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and is going to put there a new speed record. Behind the wheel of a racing electric vehicle Volkswagen I. D. R Pikes Peak sits the famous racing driver Roman Du... ( подробнее )

TENAA revealed specifications Samsung Enjoy 8: screen 18:9, weak battery and two memory version

In December 2017, Huawei unveiled Huawei Enjoy 7S. And after only a few months after this, in the database Chinese centre for certification of telecommunication equipment TENAA appeared Huawei models LDN-TL10 and LDN-TL20. It is believed to be two versions of the Huawei Enjoy 8. According to other rumors, but this is unlikely before us Huawei Y5... ( подробнее )

Video: Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear tests the Tesla X, surrounded by 6 good lawyers

In the latest episode of the Grand Tour (it\'s a 2 Top Gear) Jeremy Clarkson tests the new Tesla x for fans of the show would not be anything interesting, if not one but —after legal disputes with Elon Musk Clarkson took to test a vehicle with 6 lawyers who took all the free space in the car.

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Hot new: Elon Musk has already sold more than 7000 flamethrowers

It was not a joke. At the weekend, "Boring company" Elon musk — The Boring Company — opened pre-orders for the flamethrower Flamethrower, which instantly became a hit.

It was not a joke. At the weekend,... ( подробнее )

Essential presented PH-1 in 3 new limited edition colors

New limited edition color Essential Phone: Ocean Depths, Stellar and Gray Copper Black

Essential the company yesterday announced the smartphone PH-1 in three new limited edition colors Features

In... ( подробнее )

Sony has revealed the "Golden" earphone for PlayStation 4

Gold Wireless Headset has received minor changes in design and internals.

Sony has announced a new "gold edition" of wireless headphones for the PlayStation 4. Showed

Gold Wireless Headset... ( подробнее )

Amazon is now worth more than Microsoft

First, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pushed Blill gates in the ranking of billionaires, the richest man in the world, and now his company has beaten Microsoft in terms of market capitalization.

First,... ( подробнее )

Photo frameless smartphone Vivo with a fingerprint scanner in the display

Vivo X20 Plus UD has become the world\'s first smartphone with on-screen fingerprint scanner, and the next Vivo flagship can get a record-breaking slim frame. In the leaked spy shots of the alleged device. Unless, of course, this is not another fake.

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Motorola introduced glass replacement panel Shell Style Moto Mods

Module Moto Mods are able to turn any smartphone lineup Moto Z in a game console, a projector and even a gadget to monitor health. Easy, affordable option is the removable panel Shell Style line which had just enlarged versions of glass.

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