Microsoft has sold the latest smartphone on Windows Phone

Last year was the official funeral for Windows Phone. However on the Microsoft website (at least in the US) it was still possible to order a couple of "dead". Today, GSMArena noticed that they have moved into the category of "Not available": whether smartphones really ended, or selling them already became obviously unprofitable.

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Disease X: WHO issues global alert for potential pandemic


Lassa fever.

CCHF haemorrhagic fever.

Nipah / henipaviral.




Now a high-level meeting of the world’s best medical scientists has added another to the high-risk list.

It’s been dubbed ‘Disease X’.

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Test yourself in our quiz to see

Those facts are true. But there are a number of other concepts in the world we accept as “fact”, when really they’re nowhere near what we believe.

The following quiz from the book Factfulness might stretch your abilities. But strangely, a chimpanzee was able to get more right than most people who tried it.

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13-year-old finds Viking king’s treasure

A single silver coin was first found in January by two amateur archaeologists, one of them a 13-year-old boy, in a field near the village of Schaprode.

The state archaeology office then became involved and the entire treasure was uncovered by experts over the weekend, the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania state archaeology office said on Monday.

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Giraffe smashes car window at safari park

The couple were driving through West Midlands Safari Park with their window down when the giraffe reached into the passenger window of their car. Shocked, they wound up the window, which then shattered on the giraffe’s massive head.

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Panasonic introduced its first smartphone with a display 18:9

Japanese company Panasonic has introduced the first in its range smartphone with a display having an aspect ratio of 18:9. This model was the Eluga Ray 550.

It is based on a Quad-core MediaTek MT6737H with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat. The chip contains a built-in graphics accelerator Mali-T720.

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It is estimated the cost of Galaxy S9 Plus

Specialists portal TechInsights analyzed the cost components, logistics and manufacturing to figure out how much it really costs Samsung release a new Galaxy S9 Plus. As it turned out, this is the most expensive flagship of South Korean giant.

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‘Mum can you just let me die?’

On Easter Sunday, the 14-year-old was swimming with a friend near Goodwyn Island, off the Dampier coast in Western Australia, when she was stung by one of the world’s most venomous jellyfish.

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NASA spacecraft to prowl for exoplanet life

The new-found planets found by the Tess spacecraft eventually will become prime targets for future telescopes looking to tease out any signs of life. It will be the most extensive survey of its kind from orbit. Scientists expect the powerful Tess telescope to find thousands of exoplanets — the term for planets outside our solar system.

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In YouTube appear dark theme

YouTube got a new one, reported by the programmers resource. In the near future, users of iOS devices will get a dark theme.

The presence of such trends in service programmers are motivated a good method to energosberezenie the mobile device. The fact that the dark theme is perfect for video viewing in an unlit place or simply to irritate... ( подробнее )