At least we have another two weeks ...

But before you get too excited, David Meade, the Christian conspiracy theorist who reportedly made the apocalyptic prediction, says it will happen this year.

Although he has no exact date, he now believes the “rapture” — when Jesus will appear and save his followers, rejecting the rest — is set to occur between... ( подробнее )

London’s ‘Monster’ fatburgs conceal a deadly secret

These are the disturbing new finds in an ‘autopsy’ of an enormous 750m long ‘fatberg’ found on the South Bank in Central London. It’s just one of 12 such greasy beasts currently clogging London’s sewerage system.

All have to be cleared by hand.

And that costs about $1.5 million, each month.

Waterworks... ( подробнее )

Huawei announced the smartphone Honor 10

It was assumed that Huawei announces the powerful Honor smartphone 10 at a special event on may 15 in London (UK). However, the company did not wait for that date, and introduced a new product today, April 19, in China.

As reported by network sources, the basis of the smartphone has become the brand Kirin processor 970. The chip contains... ( подробнее )

Cheap iPad will show at the end of March

Apple announces its new low-cost iPad and special education AT the event next week. This was reported by Bloomberg.

A cheaper MacBook is designed to replace the MacBook Air at a price below $ 1,000, is also in development. However, according to the source, Apple does not have time to prepare him for the announcement next week.

According... ( подробнее )

Lost city mystery solved by archaeologists

The 92 clay tablets were unearthed last summer by archaeologists from Germany’s University of Tübingen during an excavation in the village of Bassetki. Stored in a pottery vessel and wrapped with clay, experts believe that they may have been hidden away for posterity.

By studying the tablets, researchers have discovered that... ( подробнее )

Are the Earth’s magnetic poles really about to flip?

The Earth has a magnetic field which scientists believe is generated by motion in the planet’s core. It’s what gives us our north and south poles and powers our compasses.

We’ve known for more than a century that our planet’s magnetic field has been weakening at a rate of about five per cent a century, prompting... ( подробнее )

SpaceX conducted a test firing of Falcon 9

The engineers at SpaceX have taken a considerable step toward the first launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 Block 5: Friday they conducted a static firing tests. The test area has become a launching pad Pad 39A at Kennedy Space center. Tests in which were involved all nine Merlin engines 1D+, located on the first stage of the rocket, lasted seven... ( подробнее )

“They shoudln’t be in that area,” locals putting themselves at risk

Lava has been oozing out of cracks in the volcano for two weeks and about 40 properties have been destroyed.

But one man became injured when he was sitting on his porch and a “lava bomb” struck him, Hawaiian Civil Defence Administrator Talmadge Magno confirmed.

“I heard the injury was quite bad, serious to... ( подробнее )

Science has found what makes a man attractive

A new study has revealed substance wins out over style.

But it’s probably not what you think.

It’s all about the length ...

Nope. It’s not about the suit. The hair. The... ( подробнее )

Instagram will appear in the video

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. However, she is very different from the others, because first and foremost it\'s not a social network in its purest form, and the service for posting photos.

Gradually, however, Instagram adds features and functions. As reported, soon in the service may be able to make... ( подробнее )