Police dog collapses after chasing men for three kilometres

The dog, PD Kane, is recovering at the vet after the chase in Newcastle on Saturday night.

Kane tracked two men to bushland after they allegedly tried to climb through the window of an elderly man’s house.

Police will allege in court an 84-year-old man was in his home on Stayton Street, Adamstown Heights, when two men allegedly... ( подробнее )

Nuke 200 times more powerful than Hiroshima

That’s according to top scientists who have modelled the process of destroying a 200-metre wide space boulder.

Russian scientists made the discovery by creating miniature asteroid models and then blasting them with a laser.

The results were then scaled up to work out how much force would be needed to deal with a major asteroid... ( подробнее )

The child has locked the phone to his mother for 47 years

The mobile iOS is a security feature that limits the number of attempts of entering passwords. If you make a mistake several times, the phone first locked for a few seconds, a minute, few minutes and time will continue to increase until you enter the correct password. This was the reason for the strange event.

A woman from China left their... ( подробнее )

‘Alien’ mummies likely to be distorted, stolen Nazca bodies

It needs extraordinary evidence.

Five objects claimed to be mummified bodies from Peru have been presented as evidence of alien visitation.

They’re humanoid.

Some are very humanoid.

What marks the dessicated bodies out as ‘extraterrestrials’ is the apparent three-fingered hands they possesses.... ( подробнее )

Book claims Jesus Chris may have been unattractive

While we know from research of the skeletal remains of men found in the area — known during Jesus’ time as Judea — this image of him is likely false, we still prefer to believe his physical appearance matched his indisputable charisma.

But a new book by British historian Professor Joan Taylor titled What Did Jesus Look... ( подробнее )

Search for ancient treasure fleet is a political power play

Admiral Zheng He.

More than 600 years ago the eunuch led a fleet of 300 ships on a fantastic voyage in search of new lands.

It was a massive undertaking.

Tales of extraordinary ships laden with gold, silk and porcelain have echoed through the ages.

Some say he even visited Northern Australia during his quests,... ( подробнее )

Man charged with cruelty for leaving dog in car

Concerned residents phoned police after a labrador was found inside a four-wheel drive parked in the Toowoomba CBD about 11am yesterday, the Toowoomba Chronicle reports.

The car was left unlocked on a corner, but had its windows wound up.

Residents reported the dog was in distress due to the heat, and is believed to have been... ( подробнее )

What life could look like on Mars in 2070

The Sun spoke to renowned futurologist Ian Pearson, who reckons Earth’s Martian colony will have its own accent, currency, and even a robot government.

He believes it’ll be around the year 2070 before there’s “a sensible-sized base” on Mars, with dozens of people.

He says the first Martians will... ( подробнее )

This is the world’s oldest painting

A high-tech analysis of cave art at three Spanish sites, published Thursday, dates the paintings to at least 64,800 years ago, or 20,000 years before modern humans arrived in Europe from Africa.

That makes the cave art much older than previously thought and provides the strongest evidence yet that Neanderthals had the cognitive capacity... ( подробнее )

Scientists find first stars born after big bang

And if that’s not enough, they may have detected mysterious dark matter at work, too.

The glimpse consisted of a faint radio signal from deep space, picked up by an antenna that is slightly bigger than a refrigerator but in certain ways can go back much farther in time and distance than the celebrated, multibillion-dollar Hubble... ( подробнее )