Controversy flares over origin of Stonehenge bluestones

Complex timber walkways. Towns built entirely of slate. Intimidating standing stones — and enormous stone circles.

But some apparent achievements are still such a wonder that they are a cause for doubt.

Such as moving Stonehenge’s monumental bluestones from the site of their geological formation — Pembrokeshire... ( подробнее )

‘You cannot imagine. It was so awful’

“You cannot imagine. It was so awful,” Soary Randrianjafizanaka, regional head of Madagascar’s environmental agency, told National Geographic or the “rancid” stench.

“They had tortoises in the bathroom, in the kitchen, everywhere in the house.”

Officials counted a total of 10,068... ( подробнее )

SpaceX calls cost flight to Big Falcon Rocket

President and chief operating officer of the American company SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell told about the launch date and the price of the ticket for the flight transport system BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), also jokingly called the Big F*cking Rocket. It is reported by Recode.

At the TED conference, the Manager said that the BFR will work within... ( подробнее )

Stephen Hawking’s final alien search initiative gets Aussie boost

“The idea that we are alone in the universe seems to me completely implausible and arrogant,” he once said. “Considering the number of planets and stars that we know exist, it’s extremely unlikely that we are the only form of evolved life.”

So before he passed away on March 14 this year, he threw his support... ( подробнее )

Nabi Tajima: World’s oldest woman was 117-years-old

Nabi Tajima died of old age in a hospital Saturday evening in the town of Kikai in southern Japan, town official Susumu Yoshiyuki confirmed. She had been hospitalised since January.

Tajima, born on Aug. 4, 1900, was the last known person born in the 19th century. She raised seven sons and two daughters and reportedly had more than 160 descendants,... ( подробнее )

Taiwan has created a drone-killer

The designers of the 205th Armory Ministry of defense of Taiwan started the development of the armed multicopter. As TFB says, a new armed unit is being developed in two versions, one of which received automatic T91 and the other three grenade launchers of caliber of 40 millimeters.

Currently, small UAVs able to carry and use firearms,... ( подробнее )

NASA has demonstrated flight over the North pole of Jupiter

The North pole of Jupiter looks awesome. It consists of one giant Central cyclone surrounded by the eight circumpolar cyclones, the diameter of which vary from 4,000 to 4,600 kilometers.

Fortunately, Jupiter is from the Earth at an average distance of slightly less than 780 000 000 kilometers. However, to see the North pole of the gas giant,... ( подробнее )

Dangerous find in police raid

Officers from the Port Stephens/Hunter District made the dangerous find about 4.30am on Wednesday when they executed a search warrant at a Raymond Terrace home.

Police seized a python, along with cash, drugs... ( подробнее )

‘Fake’ coin actually worth millions

But he is now on course to becoming a millionaire, because it turns out the cynics and the experts who said it was a fraud couldn’t have been more wrong.

This is because the find is an incredibly rare coin from the California Gold Rush that is worth millions. It was thought only three survived.

The San Francisco Mint produced... ( подробнее )

Zuckerberg is a robot: the Founder of Facebook, spoke in the Senate

The founder of Facebook in the evening of 10 April for five hours appeared before the U.S. Senate. He answered questions about the data breach and how the company is going to rectify the situation.

The Network drew attention to the behavior of Zuckerberg, noting that it was too similar to the robot. And, developing this theme, the users... ( подробнее )