Brown snake in kid’s lunch box

The skin-crawling discovery was made by a mother at Hahndorf on Monday as she stood inside a pantry packing her child’s food.

The woman placed an apple and two other snacks into the lunch box before she realised a snake was hiding inside the lip of the lid.

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Stephen Hawking tackles time before the Big Bang

What happened before the Big Bang?

Now world-famous physicist Steven Hawking says he has an answer.

“The boundary condition of the universe ... is that it has no boundary,” Hawking tells the National Geographic’s Star Talk show this weekend.

In other words, there is no time before time began as time... ( подробнее )

Meizu E3 showed on the pictures the day before the announcement of the presentation

In the network appeared the press renders of the upcoming smartphone Meizu E3, not yet officially presented by the manufacturer. The renders show the smartphone in two colours, blue and black.

Image confirm the frameless design of the smartphone, dual camera and metal body with a fingerprint scanner on the side panel as debuted not... ( подробнее )

Scientist ‘99% sure’ Amelia Earhart remains found

According to the New York Post, Richard Jantz, an emeritus anthropology professor at the University of Tennessee, argues that bones discovered on the Pacific Island of Nikumaroro in 1940 were likely Earhart’s remains. The research contradicts a forensic analysis of the remains in 1941 that described the bones as belonging to a male.

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Funnel-web Colossus is Sydney’s biggest nightmare

His name is Colossus.

And he’s the Australian Reptile Park’s biggest recruit.

Found on News South Wales’ Central Coast, he’s now letting go of all that pent-up hostility for a cause.


Australian funnel webs are renowned as the world’s deadliest spider.

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Elon Musk revealed the Hyperloop passenger

The famous American entrepreneur, founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla decided to warm up the public interest in his project the passenger Hyperloop vacuum train showed to a technology exhibition in Dubai, the composition, the website of the company.

It is noted that the idea to create a train that is moving with a speed of 1000-1200... ( подробнее )

Aussie space company strikes Mars deal with NASA

NASA will assist Gold Coast-based company Gilmour Space Technologies in building a rover designed to extract water from the red planet.

This is believed the first time an Australian-based space start-up has entered into a Space Act Agreement with NASA.

Testing of the rover prototype will take place at the Kennedy Space Center... ( подробнее )

Egg-treme find has expert baffled

Scott Stockman, 47, has worked on the Stockman’s Eggs farm all his life and said he had never seen anything like it.

“I have never seen such a large egg,” he told news.com.au of the egg laid by one of the farm’s free range hens.

But he was even more surprised to crack it open and find another smaller... ( подробнее )

Made the first ever 5G-call

Vodafone and Huawei have jointly made the first ever 5G-call on the basis of the 3GPP standard R15 NSA using dual connections. The test was conducted on a test network in Spain in anticipation of the exhibition MWC 2018, which takes place in Barcelona from 26 February to 1 March.

During the test call in real time on the basis of the dual... ( подробнее )

Cousin of ‘world’s ugliest animal’ hauled in off Australian abyss

And the collection includes previously undiscovered sea life as well as the cousin of the “world’s ugliest animal”.

The huge haul of miscellaneous miscreants is part of a voyage tasked with broadening our understanding of some of the most unknown animals in the world.

Last year, an international team of 40... ( подробнее )