Falling birthrates: Handmaids may not be a not-so distant dystopia

It’s clearly an issue lingering at the back of our minds.

Dystopian movies and television shows such as Children of Men and Handmaid’s Tale show a fearful future where economic collapse and social turmoil has resulted in the rise of fascist governments.

Fewer people buy homes, cars and other household items. More... ( подробнее )

When our Sun dies, it’s going to be spectacular

A dramatic death is predicted for the Sun in 10 billion years time. An international team of astronomers predicts it will puff out in an enormous orb of luminous interstellar gas.

It’s the kind of explosion that produces what’s known as a planetary nebula.

According to the study in the science journal Nature Astronomy... ( подробнее )

This map will ‘revolutionise astronomy’

The eagerly-anticipated catalogue, published Wednesday, was compiled from data Gaia gathered on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in space, about 1.5 million kilometres from Earth.

“The dataset is very rich and we believe it will revolutionise astronomy and our understanding of the Milky Way,” Gaia’s... ( подробнее )

‘No one saw it sneak in but it was found in the dairy section’

The furry intruder swung by Dernancourt Coles just outside Adelaide this morning and amazed customers stopped to take pictures. Staff even nicknamed the unexpected visitor, Caramello.

Shoppers whipped out... ( подробнее )

Facebook creates its own processors

Social network Facebook has a team of specialists to develop their own microchips. It is reported Bloomberg, citing information obtained from knowledgeable persons, as well as a list of vacancies Facebook.

It is noted that engineers have to focus on creating "systems on a chip" (SoC) and "integrated circuits for special purposes" (ASIC).... ( подробнее )

Biologists ‘transfer’ a memory from one snail to another

The idea has been a mainstay of science fiction for years, but scientists have carried out research that could provide new clues in the search for the physical basis of memory.

In a new study, published in the journal eNeuro, scientists from the University of California Los Angeles claim to have succeeded in taking a simple form of memory... ( подробнее )

Does this medieval tapestry contain proof of Planet Nine?

The duo from Queen’s University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, are looking to Anglo-Saxons for clues of the super-Earth’s existence and they’re sharing their findings with the public.

Medievalist Marilina Cesario and astronomer Pedro Lacerda are scouring a wealth of ancient tapestries and scrolls from the Dark Ages looking... ( подробнее )

HTC has introduced a smartphone U12+ four cameras

HTC officially unveiled the flagship smartphone U12+. The novelty, which replaced the model U11+ got dual camera, the screen support HDR10 and, of course, a top platform in the face of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Screen Super LCD6 a diagonal of 6 inches and a resolution 2280 x 1440 pixels HDR10 not only supports, but also provides coverage... ( подробнее )

Discovery sheds light on ‘dawn of man’

Archaeologists from the Australian National University (ANU) have unearthed a treasure trove of items from a cave in Kenya, giving researchers fresh insight into a crucial time period when Homo sapiens first started showing signs of modern behaviour.

The Panga ya Saidi cave is the only known site in East Africa with an unbroken archaeological... ( подробнее )

Screaming lynxes caught on video near Avery Lake, Michigan

Lynxes are rarely spotted in Michigan but they are very common in the Dinorwic Region of Ontario, close to where Lewis spotted these two.

Although it remains unclear exactly what the two lynxes were doing, since they are normally solitary animals, the interaction most likely had to do with claiming territory.

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