Found a way to restore teeth without fillings

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a formulation that restores the damaged tooth enamel.

To restore the enamel of the teeth promise many manufacturers of toothpastes, but this promise malomernim. Enamel is produced ameloblastami — cells, which samolikvidirovalsja before the brand new tooth will appear from the... ( подробнее )

This Dark Age warrior was no Walking Dead villain

His right forearm was severed.

He was left with no sword hand.

He could have given up, there and then.

Instead, he had blade bound with leather and strapped to the stump of his arm.

Italian archaeologists have uncovered a burial in a Povegliano Veronese necropolis. It dates from the 6th to 8th centuries AD.

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The politics of sugar and poor nutrition in Australia

In 1980, just 10 per cent of Australian adults were obese, today that figure is 28 per cent — among the highest in the world.

And yet, as shown on Monday night’s Four Corners’ episode — which was a stunning expose of food, nutrition and health politics in Australia — successive governments have done little... ( подробнее )

Close Google Play Music and launch YouTube Remix

Recall that Layor Cohen, head of the music division YouTube, SXSW 2018официально confirmed the existence of the project.

Now insiders have revealed some details about the YouTube Remix. The music service will have a catalog of songs and videos, "intelligent" Recommender system (depending on location or time of day, for example) and a paid... ( подробнее )

Vitamin for total recall of dreams

Adelaide University research has found that taking vitamin B6 could help people recall their dreams.

Vitamin B6 occurs naturally in whole grain cereals, legumes, fruits such as banana and avocado, and vegetables including spinach and potato.

It’s also found in milk, cheese, eggs, red meat, liver and fish.

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New findings up-end current understanding of brain cells

The report by scientists at Columbia University in New York, published in the journal Cell, runs directly counter to a different study published in Nature last month which found no evidence of new neurons are being created past the age of 13.

While neither study is seen as providing the definitive last word, the research is being closely... ( подробнее )

In Windows 10, found a serious vulnerability

Security experts from the company Google\'s Project Zero found the vulnerability "moderately severe" in the operating system Windows 10 S. this was announced in the official blog.

According to experts, the security hole allows attackers to run arbitrary code to hack the OS, which developers during the release of the operating system promised... ( подробнее )

World’s oldest spider dies aged 43

The trapdoor matriarch died at the ripe old age of 43 during a long-term population study in Western Australia’s Central Wheatbelt and far outlived her previous rival, a 28-year-old Mexican tarantula.

Curtin University’s Leanda Mason said the arachnid’s significant life had allowed scientists to further investigate... ( подробнее )

Real life ‘Sleeping Beauty’ photo captures heartbreaking story

With drip-tubes the only thing keeping them alive, two sisters suffering the condition have been bed-bound for more than two years.

Lying there motionless, you’d think their bodies had shut down after an accident or an illness.

But, physically, there’s nothing wrong with them: these two girls have lost the will to... ( подробнее )

Facebook has acknowledged the leak of two times larger than previously thought

Cambridge Analytica, specializing in political consulting and can gather personal data to 87 million users of Facebook, says the social network released a statement.

"We believe personal data to 87 million people with Facebook, mainly to the USA, could be improperly transferred to Cambridge Analytica", - quotes the technical Director of... ( подробнее )