Stephen Hawking’s perfect final theory

Along with Thomas Hertog, a professor of theoretical physics at Belgium’s KU Leuven University, the research was published this week in the journal High Energy Physics.

The paper, titled ‘A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?’ explores the notion of alternative universes — an idea known as the multiverse —... ( подробнее )

The update of Windows 10 brought a lot of mistakes

If you have not already installed on your computer Windows Update 10 April 2018, we recommend you not to hurry with the update. The fact that after installing the update, users have faced a number of challenges. We have compiled the most common bugs and solutions to some of them.

Here are the most common problems encountered after installing... ( подробнее )

Black holes offer eternal life — with no past

But an enticing one.

A new study has once again tackled the implications of a black hole’s event horizon — the point beyond which not even light can escape its gravitational pull.

This time, mathematicians have been crunching the numbers to determine if an object can cross this point of no return — and travel... ( подробнее )

Interstellar visitor hiding in plain sight of Jupiter’s orbit

On Monday, scientists reported that this interstellar resident is an asteroid sharing Jupiter’s orbit but circling in the opposite direction.

The asteroid, known as 2015 BZ509, has been in this peculiar backward orbit around the sun ever since getting sucked into our solar system, the researchers said. About 3km across, it joined... ( подробнее )

The robot set a record for collection of Rubik\'s cube

Specialist in robotics Ben Katz (Ben Katz) and a software developer Jared Di Carlo (Jared Di Carlo) has created a robot that is able to collect the Rubik\'s cube in 0,38 seconds. This is a record time, says Di Carlo in his blog, although at the moment it is not officially confirmed.

Rubik\'s cube was invented in 1974, but the puzzle is... ( подробнее )

Industry insiders have high hopes for Australia’s space agency

The government officially launched the Australian Space Agency on Monday, setting up the agency to capitalise on the $420 billion aeronautical industry and create thousands of hi-tech jobs, with a review forecasting that the industry will be worth $12 billion by 2030.

Dr Rosalind Dubs is the former Chair of the Australian Space Industry... ( подробнее )

Are octopuses living evidence of intersstellar life?

The ability to edit their own bodies.

This has biologists scratching their heads.

Evolution doesn’t work that way. It’s supposed to be spurred by genetic mutations — a change in DNA — that proves to be beneficial to the host.

So how could a creature evolve in such a way as to allow them to... ( подробнее )

The robot learned to walk on ice and snow

Put on a new type of surface, the robot begins to learn from their mistakes, trying different angles of the limbs, stride length, sometimes it falls, collects data, analyses them and eventually finds the optimal strategy.

Having mastered the new surface, the robot begins to work on energy efficiency. If battery power allows, he moves with... ( подробнее )

In the history of Instagram allowed you to upload a lot of photos and video at a time

The team of photo service Instagram unveiled a new opportunity for Stories. Now users can upload multiple photos and videos at once.

To download content there is a new icon in the upper right corner, by pressing it you can select up to ten photos or videos from the gallery. On the edit screen the user will see the preview only the selected... ( подробнее )

These killer wasps are being bred into an attack army

The parasitic wasp is such a sought-after insect, researchers from South Africa even came here to collect some to take back to unleash in their country.

Scientists are breeding armies of the wasp around the world in an effort to contain or eradicate another tiny species destroying native trees.

The gall wasp causes a tumour-like... ( подробнее )