Desert bugs could indicate life on Mars

Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the most hostile environments on Earth and, much like Mars, it’s arid landscape appears to be completely void of life.

But a recent downpour in the South American desert, in which rainfall can be as low as 8mm a year, has revealed that a place that looks inhabitable can actually be teeming... ( подробнее )

Embarrassing pictures took down a major study

The pictures of the UK husband and wife’s bare bodies covered “red pinprick marks” had been taken from a British Medical Journal (BMJ) study into worms and it has now been taken down.

The unnamed couple realised something was amiss when they were sat at a beach on the island paradise Martinique.

According... ( подробнее )

Did the US government successfully experiment with time travel?

Not much is known about the highly secretive military experiments which supposedly took place during the Cold War era, but the conspiracy theories that surround them make the idea that the Moon landing was faked sound like child’s play.

The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret experiments conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk... ( подробнее )

Nature’s most awesome storm will be gone in 10 years

Then, when the space probe Voyager 2 hurtled past in 1979, it was seen to be a little more than twice the size of our planet.

Now under the prying eye of NASA’s Juno probe, it’s barely 30 per cent bigger than us.

“Nothing lasts forever,” Juno mission planetary scientist Glenn Orton told Business Insider.

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Our world will soon have ‘superhumans’

Modern medicine and rapidly advancing technology have seen us greatly evolve from the early days of hunter-gatherers, and now the same factors are working toward seeing the introduction of “superhumans” into our society.

At the core of the development is designer bodies using DNA manipulation and human/AI hybrids, both of... ( подробнее )

This is the 17th celestial ‘bullet’ we’ve dodged so far this year

It’s about 10m across. It’s moving at about 4.6 kilometres every second. It will miss Earth by just 280,000km.

That puts it significantly closer to us than our Moon.

Asteroid 2018 DU is the 17th known asteroid to pass within one Lunar distance so far this year.

Asteroid 2018 DU was discovered Friday Feb... ( подробнее )

Snake’s high-wire act keeps farmer rapt

The production cost may have been considerably lower, but Bangor Vineyard Shed owner Matt Dunbabin’s footage of a tiger snake slithering awkwardly along a thin fence wire is attracting plenty of attention.

Mr Dunbabin spotted it while working on his Dunalley farm yesterday, posted the footage to Facebook last night and it has already... ( подробнее )

First human egg grown in lab

Publishing their result in the journal Molecular Human Reproduction overnight, scientists from Britain and the United States said it could one day help in developing regenerative medicine therapies and new infertility treatments.

In previous studies, scientists had developed mouse eggs in a laboratory to the stage where they produced live... ( подробнее )

Great Pyramid Of Giza’s biggest mystery solved?

Archaeologists have long been puzzled about how ancient Egyptians managed to achieve the near-perfect alignment, although now they believe to have solved the mystery.

When Egyptian pharaoh Khufu had the Great Pyramid of Giza constructed almost 4500 years ago, builders were able to achieve such precision by using the autumn equinox —... ( подробнее )

Rogue snake invades major CBD street


DID YOU SEE IT? Email news@heraldsun.com.au

The reptile was found near the corner of Collins and Spencer streets, close to Southern Cross Station.

Yup. A TIGER SNAKE. Corner Collins & Spencer Streets. Now. Snake-catcher on the way.

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