‘Most violent baptism ever’

In footage that is trending online, the man of the cloth repeatedly dunks the naked baby into the baptismal font.

The child is rapidly dunked three times into the water before being handed back to his seemingly unperturbed parents.

According to The Sun the footage was taken in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, at a Greek Orthodox Church.

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Two-headed deer found in forest shows rare wildlife deformity

The fawns, which were stillborn, are believed to have been the first recorded case of a conjoined two-headed deer to have reached full term and born by their mother, according to a study recently published in the science journal American Midland Naturalist.

“It’s never been described before,” Lou Cornicelli, co-author... ( подробнее )

Why this photo sparked snake debate

Social media is abuzz with discussion after local men Alex Bowden and Wyatt McDonald posted a photo of Mr McDonald wrangling a snake.

“Just wondering what kind of snake this is?” Mr Bowden asked local social media group Townsville Snake Catchers.

One member of the group responded by saying: “One that should... ( подробнее )

Huawei opens flagship store in Cafepress release

The new store Huawei on Khreschatyk street is the flagship store of the brand, designed for maximum comfort of every visitor. The room has several areas designed for guests of all ages. So, in the area of evaluation on experience in various device capabilities, such as connecting the device and the screen mode of the personal computer, the test virtual... ( подробнее )

LG has introduced a flagship smartphone G7 ThinQ

Recently, the Network appeared a lot of rumors about the new flagship smartphone LG. Now the company has officially introduced a novelty.

LG ThinQ G7, as reported by Android Authority, got a 6.1-inch screen with a resolution Quad HD+ (3 x 120 1 440), the aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. In accordance with the... ( подробнее )

Lenovo showed the frameless design of the new smartphone Z5

Last week, Vice President of Lenovo Chang Chen (Chang Cheng) has already shared a thumbnail showing a completely frameless design of the new смартфонаLenovo Z5. And today he posted another teaser showing the lower part of this flagship device.

On the market there are many frameless smartphones. Most of them are equipped with monobromo and... ( подробнее )

Rare cougar attack leaves man dead

The two mountain bikers were riding on a trail in the Cascade Mountain foothills, about 30 minutes outside central Seattle, and noticed the mountain lion tailing them.

One of the men smacked the cougar with his bike after their attempts to spook the animal failed. And while it ran off, it soon returned.

As they stood trying to... ( подробнее )

Bat Lyssavirus disease is ‘100 per cent fatal’

The man underwent a fortnight’s worth of rabies treatment and Victoria’s acting chief medical officer Dr Brett Sutton said only qualified handlers should approach the creatures, which carry diseases including Bat Lyssavirus that can be fatal for humans.

“In Victoria up to three people a week may require post-exposure... ( подробнее )

Gmail users received spam from ourselves

Mail users from Google was subjected to a spam attack. This writes Mashable.

Some users found in a folder of outgoing spam emails, which were sent to their addresses. In this part of the hacked accounts were protected with two-factor authentication.

On the forum of Google users said that the password change didn\'t help, and they... ( подробнее )

Who won?

The dramatic pictures show a red fox wandering around with a recently caught rabbit.

Suddenly a bald eagle swoops in to try and claim the prize but the relentless fox clings on to the rabbit and is lifted more than six metres into the air by the eagle.

Eventually the fox is forced to let go and the eagle flies off with the rabbit... ( подробнее )