Getting stung by world’s most venomous fish

That’s what Keven Renshaw said after he was stung by the most venomous fish in the world, the stonefish, The Gladstone Observer reports.

Mr Renshaw, originally from Ireland, and his partner Grace Scantlebury, from Rockhampton, were supposed to be on a relaxing weekend away at Bargara, east of Bundaberg.

But, a day into... ( подробнее )

Man ditches camera as snake gets too close for comfort

Ross McGibbon, photographer and professional snake-catcher, was filming the Dugite moving through the grass at Lort River near Esperance, when the snake took an interest in his camera.

“I had to surrender my camera to the snake while it explored it with interest,” Mr McGibbon wrote on Facebook.

Dugites are native... ( подробнее )

Man plays chicken with giant huntsman and loses

The last thing that you would think someone would do is decide to play with the eight-legged intruder, which is exactly what Sydney man Leroy Horton decided to do after discovering a giant huntsman on his wall.

Despite their terrifying appearance huntsman spiders are pretty harmless, but that doesn’t mean playing a game of chicken... ( подробнее )

Who will win the space race?

When the geo-radar stops working, the two walk back to their all-terrain vehicles and radio colleagues at their nearby base camp for guidance.

They can’t turn to their mission command, far off in the Alps, because communications from there are delayed 10 minutes.

But this isn’t the red planet — it’s... ( подробнее )

Man’s excuse for ‘repugnant’ bestiality charge

A CENTRAL Queensland man who filmed himself having sexual interactions with his dog has failed in a bid to overturn his conviction on the grounds it didn’t harm the animal.

In July 2017, Darren Lee Jolley was found guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court of breaching a duty of care owed to his dog, after police found images of him engaged... ( подробнее )

Dog’s incredible escape from vicious wolf pack

Amazing footage captured by local Paolo Forconi shows the dog as it is hunted down by a menacing pack of three wolves in Abruzzo.


The wolves surround the dog on the snowy... ( подробнее )

‘Cheddar Man’ blows British minds

Scientists from Britain’s Natural History Museum and University College London analysed the genome of “Cheddar Man,” who was found in Cheddar Gorge in southwest England in 1903.

Scientists led by museum DNA expert Ian Barnes drilled into the skull to extract DNA from bone powder. They say analysis indicates he had blue... ( подробнее )

Unsettling reason you keep finding spiders in your car

A Queensland researcher has found that the vibrations given off by certain cars can irritate spiders so much that they can’t help but rush towards the offending source.

Dr Robert Raven is an arachnologist with the Queensland Museum and has witnessed every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare first hand: Floods of spiders running... ( подробнее )

Man’s hefty fine for killing croc

Luke Stephen Orchard pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today to unlawfully taking a class three protected animal.

He was fined $10,000 but no conviction was recorded against him.

Luke... ( подробнее )

Biohacker vows to fight for Opal card implant

Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, which is his legal name, cut down the Opal chip, had it encased in biocompatible plastic and then implanted it just under the skin on his left hand by a piercing expert in April 2017.

His biohack made headlines around the world in the hours that followed the operation but Transport for NSW warned it would... ( подробнее )