180 million-year-old crocodile had dolphin-like features

The 180 million-year-old fossil, named Magyarosuchus fitosi, shows that some ancient crocodiles evolved to have dolphin-like features.

The fossil was analysed recently and found to have abnormal vertebra in its tailfin, effectively combining two different families of crocodiles — one that had limbs for walking on the surface and... ( подробнее )

Kiwi scientists to lead new hunt for Loch Ness monster

The team, led by Professor Neil Gemmell of the University of Otago, is set to investigate the murky waters of Loch Ness in Scotland next month.

The Loch News monster, commonly referred to as “Nessie”, supposedly has a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water. Evidence of its existence is purely anecdotal,... ( подробнее )

Woman lived with cockroach in her ear for 9 days

Katie Holley, who recently purchased a new home with her husband, said they had been diligent about hiring an exterminator to spray every three months in order to keep the cockroaches at bay.

However, one night she woke up after feeling “like someone had placed a chip of ice in my left earhole — but it was something way worse.”

In... ( подробнее )

In Siri found the vulnerability that allows you to read the hidden message

Voice assistant Siri discovered a bug that allows you to see the contents of hidden notifications on your iPhone. It is reported 9to5Mac.

In iOS 11 introduced a feature that hides the content of messages on the lock screen to read the notification you want to unlock your iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID.

However, the vulnerability... ( подробнее )

Apple threatened to disable older programs

Apple warns users of computers running MacOS, that soon the old program will lose support and updates after the system stops working.

Users of MacOS 10.13.4 faced with the constantly appearing warnings when you run 32-bit applications: Apple threatens to stop supporting of applications that will lead to their failure after the next operating... ( подробнее )

‘Candy store’ for cruel animal smugglers revealed

Convicted animal smuggler Niall Cooke opened up about the illegal trade on ABC’s 7.30, saying animals including blue-tongue lizards and snakes fetch tens of thousands of dollars.

The program reported Mr Cooke, 25, begun indulging in the cruel practice during his teenage years.

He said well-heeled buyers in Europe and Asia... ( подробнее )

Forensic hypnosis puts Texas inmates on death row

After picking her up, he went on to rape her and cut off both her arms, leaving her to die in a ravine.

Miraculously she survived, but she couldn’t remember what her attacker looked like — until she was hypnotised. A police sketch was created based on the memories accessed with the help of hypnotism, which in turn led to the... ( подробнее )

Elon Musk revealed the new manned spacecraft

SpaceX founder Elon Musk demonstrated the final design of manned spacecraft Crew Dragon is designed to deliver crews to the International space station (ISS). Photo of the ship SpaceX founder has published in his Twitter account on may 21.

It is planned that after completion of basic tests at the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in August... ( подробнее )

The hackers have set a new record for power attacks

About a week ago platform GitHub hacked with a capacity of around 1.35 Tbit/s Record did not last long, as technologically savvy hackers organized DDoS powerful 1.7 Tbit/s. this was reported by experts in IT security from Arbor Networks.

Experts do not lead, and other characteristics of the attack, just pointing out the increase in power... ( подробнее )

The Intel found new vulnerabilities

Haven\'t had time to die down, the consequences of vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre, as sources report that Intel has discovered eight new vulnerabilities, four of which are critical.

Moreover, the source claims that these four vulnerabilities are much more serious than the Spectre. Until they are assigned a name, a source suggests... ( подробнее )