Deer hunting Australia: Female huntresses

Part of his velvet-covered antler was broken when he fell, but otherwise he’s immaculate, his fur the kind of soft grey you see emulated by luxury homeware brands.

The couple’s 20-year-old cat nibbles at the fleshy part of the stag’s neck. We joke that a regular supply of fresh venison is the secret to her longevity.

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Europe launches a new mission to study exoplanets

Scientists from the European Space Agency gave the green light to a new mission to explore other worlds outside our own Solar System.

The nature of planets orbiting stars in other systems will be the subject of scientific research for the fourth mission of the European Space Agency, whose launch is planned for mid-2028.

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Is this unidentified sea creature the Loch Ness monster?

The mystery creature was reportedly found on Wolf Island in the state of Georgia by a father and son, who were out on a boat trip, reports The Sun.

Father Jeff Warren spotted what he said he thought was a dead seal lying in the surf, First Coast News reports.

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6-foot python attacks teen using toilet

Snake Catcher Noosa’s Luke Huntley said the whole scenario was one of the more amusing catches of his career, for everyone bar the teenage boy.

Mr Huntley was called out at 11pm to shift the “grumpy” python.

“The boy said he sat down on the toilet, and this cold thing wrapped around his leg,”... ( подробнее )

Shark warning issued in WA

More than 150 whales washed up on the WA beach early this morning. Most of the animals have died after beaching themselves but some remain alive.

The carcasses were reported by a commercial fisherman at 6am Friday, lying approximately 1km north of the Hamelin Bay boat ramp near the town of Augusta.

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‘It happened really quick, within 15 minutes’

“He was a top bloke, real fit, a hard worker,” Mr Boggs said of Aaron Bryant, the 46-year-old who was bitten on the hand by the 1.5 metre venomous reptile while he and his wife tried to chase it from under their house.

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Microsoft prohibits the Mat in Skype

Microsoft has updated its agreement on the use of private services. One of the most noticeable changes was a ban on the use of offensive language in Skype and Xbox Live. The new rules come into effect from may 2018.

In the section "Rules of conduct" Microsoft explained that the use of offensive language or fraudulent activity is prohibited.

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Beaches evacuated as sharks go on feeding frenzy

Aerial photographers appear to be having as much fun as local sharks at the moment.

Schools of sharks have been captured going to town feasting on large schools of mullet in recent days, forcing the evacuation of scores of Northern NSW beaches.

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Extraordinary genetic adaptation discovered in sea nomads

The spearfishing Bajau people regularly free-dive to depths of up to 70 meters, with only weights and a wooden mask.

They spend up to 60 per cent of their work day diving for fish, spearing octopus and gathering crustaceans — an amount of time rivalled only by sea otters — and can stay underwater up to 13 minutes at a time,... ( подробнее )

Star of mankind burned up in the atmosphere to the delight of astronomers

Sphere Star of mankind that space NZ startup Rocket Lab launched with a booster Electron in January 2018, descended from orbit and burned up in the atmosphere. Earlier, the head of a startup Peter Beck said that the scope will last in orbit for nine months.

After the fall of the Stars of the human race, Beck said that to make predictions... ( подробнее )