‘Earthquakes 100 times bigger than we’ve seen in modern times’

About 66 million years ago a 9.5km wide asteroid smacked into Earth, creating the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatán and sparking deadly chaos. Superhot particles rained from the air causing fires across the globe and sending temperatures higher. Then it got worse.

Clouds of particles reflected the sun’s energy away, darkening... ( подробнее )

Suspected poacher ‘eaten by lions’

The remains were found at the weekend in the bush at a private game park near Hoedspruit in the northern province of Limpopo, where animals have been poached in increasing numbers over recent years.

A reported... ( подробнее )

Secrets behind the ‘Screaming Mummy’ unveiled

When archaeologists first uncovered the mummified body they were surprised to find the face of the long-dead Egyptian distorted in anguish, appearing to be silently screaming, reports The Sun.

Over the years various theories had been aired in an attempt to reveal who the man was and why he seemed to have died in agony.

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Ringmaster: ‘A lot of our staff are quite fearful for their safety’

But the flash race cars and elite professionals who drive them aren’t the only drawcards to the area this weekend.

The controversial Stardust Circus has also rolled into town, with acrobats, clowns and animals — including African lions and rhesus macaque monkeys — in tow.

It's the largest animal circus... ( подробнее )

What happened next for London’s ‘monster’ fatberg

The 250-metre long, 130-tonne mass of congealed sewage, oil, wet wipes and sanitary products shocked the world when it was discovered in September 2017 blocking the city’s narrow Victorian sewers.

The “total monster” weighed more than 11 double decker buses and stretched the length of Tower Bridge. It took a team of... ( подробнее )

Underdog’s adorable Best in Show upset

Fans who had been loudly shouting for their favourites fell into stunned silence when judge Betty-Anne Stenmark announced her decision.

No matter, the white powder puff was picked and walked off as America’s top dog. Guided by expert handler Bill McFadden, Flynn beat out Ty the giant schnauzer, Biggie the pug, Bean the Sussex spaniel,... ( подробнее )

NASA’s insane space submarine plan

In 2008 the 400,000sq km ocean was named Kraken Mare after a legendary sea monster. Not long after, scientists at NASA began dreaming up ways to explore it.

The agency’s idea — as ambitious as it may be — is to send an autonomous submarine.

Titan is the only place in our solar system where we’ve found... ( подробнее )

Fourteen worms pulled from woman’s eye in first known case

Fourteen tiny worms were removed from the left eye of the 26-year-old woman in August 2016 but scientists just reported the case this week.

The woman, Abby Beckley, was diagnosed in August 2016 with Thelazia gulosa. That’s a type of eye worm seen in cattle in the northern United States and southern Canada, but never before in humans.

They... ( подробнее )

Girl finds snake in her school bag

Terrifyingly, the student at Augusta State School in Augustine Heights, southwest of Brisbane, only realised the venomous snake was there when it slithered over her hand.

A staff member stepped in quickly to zip the snake inside and await its removal.

When licenced snake catcher Lana Field arrived, she found the two-foot juvenile... ( подробнее )

What’s next for SpaceX and the Falcon Heavy?

Elon Musk and SpaceX successfully launched the world’s most powerful — and reusable! — rocket in the world, and in doing so sent a Tesla roadster into orbit around the sun that will take the car to the edge of Mars as it floats around space.

But as we’re apt to do, the world can’t help but ask: what’s... ( подробнее )