NASA launches Insight spacecraft to Mars

In a twist, NASA launched the Mars Insight lander from California rather than Florida’s Cape Canaveral.

It was the first interplanetary mission ever to depart from the West Coast, drawing pre-dawn crowds to fog-socked Vandenberg air force Base and rocket watchers down the California coast into Baja.

“This is a big... ( подробнее )

Jeff Bezos wants to save civilisation

And he’s aiming high.

So high, in fact, it’s his ambition to save civilisation itself.

The Amazon founder has opened up in a new interview with Mathias Dopfner, the CEO of German media company Axel Springer.

It casts fresh light on why Bezos is so willing to sink billions into his space technology company... ( подробнее )

Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach

According to The Sun, the 1.52 metre long carcass found on Rhossili Beach, Swansea, has a long head, giant jawline and slender tail.

Beth Jannetta, 41, who discovered the monster while walking her dogs, sent a photo of the creature to experts, hoping they would identify it.

But boffins are not sure if it is a type of whale, dolphin... ( подробнее )

Photo’s shock disqualification

Marcio Cabral won the ­Animals in their Environment ­category for his photo last year.

But an inquiry began after a ­whistleblower tipped off judges at London’s Natural History Museum, reports The Sun.

The informant claimed the anteater was the same taxidermy animal as the one displayed at the ­visitor... ( подробнее )

The hacker launched Windows 10 on phone

A hacker by the name Ben has managed to write your own UEFI boot loader for the Lumia 950 XL. This was the last obstacle to the launch of Windows 10 on the smartphone, as the system requires a secure boot environment. Ben had to write a minimum recommended drivers in order to run UEFI on the smartphone. Now he demonstrates regular progress in porting... ( подробнее )

Jeff Bezos: We need to leave the planet

“We must go back to the moon, and this time to stay,” he said.

Speaking at the Space Development Conference in Los Angeles over the weekend, Mr Bezos made the argument that in order to protect Earth and allow the human species to continue growing, we need to move much of our industrial activity to the moon, or even asteroids.

The... ( подробнее )

Contents of whale’s stomach shocks wildlife authorities

After finding out what was inside the whale’s stomach, they now think they know — and it points to a harrowing problem facing today’s marine life.

Inside the belly of the juvenile sperm whale was nearly 30kg of plastic.

The 10-metre-long whale washed up on the beach of Cabo de Palos in the Spanish region of... ( подробнее )

Google will force manufacturers to update Android monthly

In addition to the announcement of the Android P, updates of brand services and new features for developers at the I/O 2018 Google has paid attention to the problem of operating system security. For anybody not a secret that Android manufacturers are updating them very reluctantly and with considerable delay. The search giant intends to fix this... ( подробнее )

Windows found a serious vulnerability

An expert in the field of cybersecurity Nabil Ahmed (Nabeel Ahmed) found the vulnerability that allows you to refuse the owner of the art of service. His find specialist shared in your blog.

Found vulnerability allows the attacker one action to cause a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death, so-called "blue screen of death") — the message about a critical... ( подробнее )

The three words that solved an 800-year-old shipwreck mystery

The wooden hull of the ship, which sank in the Java Sea, has long since disintegrated, but its cargo offers vital clues about the vessel.

Fishermen discovered the wreck site in the 1980s and archaeologists have spent decades analysing objects found on the seabed. Salvage company Pacific Sea Resources recovered the artefacts in the 1990s... ( подробнее )