Mysterious ‘werewolf’ creature baffles experts

The beast had oddly long grey fur, oversized claws and an extra-large head — but its ears are too big and its legs are too short to be a common wolf or dog, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials, the New York Post reported.

“We will have no idea what this is until we get a DNA report back,” Bruce Auchly... ( подробнее )

Strange ‘star bursts’ unlike anything astronomers have seen

Dark matter. Dark energy.

Essentially, it’s the 80 per cent of the universe we know should be there — but we can’t see.

Instead, they found something bright.

Some 72 intense bursts of light.

Not the bright sustained flare of a star going nova over the course of several months.

But... ( подробнее )

NSW teens rescue kangaroo trapped in mud

Nick Heath and Jack Donnelly, both 19, were riding their motorbikes in the bush outside Sydney on Sunday when they came across a distressed kangaroo stuck in the mud.

The boys were lucky enough to spot the head of the animal peeking out of mudflats at Agnes Banks near the Nepean River in southwest Sydney.

The animal was clearly... ( подробнее )

‘You name it, I have pretty much found them there’

While most of us are aware they are around, it can still be a nasty surprise to find them in your home — especially if it is hiding in your child’s room.

Professional snake catcher Andrew Smedley was called out to a home at Peak Crossing, near Ipswich, Queensland after a dad spotted an unwanted visitor sitting among his daughter’s... ( подробнее )

Musk’s insane Earth travel plan ‘definitely going to happen’

If all goes according to plan it would rely on the same rocket the company is currently building to take humans to Mars. It would turn a nearly 15-hour flight from Shanghai to New York on a conventional airliner into just a 39-minute trip.

It sounds crazy, but it is “definitely happening,” according to the President and Chief... ( подробнее )

Found a way to kill any computer sound

The combined group of Chinese and American experts from the universities of Zhejiang and Michigan have demonstrated an attack that destroys hard disk by using sound waves. Audible and ultradistance impact able to physically damage your drives and the files reported in the study.

The peculiarity of the experiment is that the sound can be... ( подробнее )

Mysterious ‘force’ hints at alien life

Previous theories suggested our universe has the perfect amount of dark energy, which acts against gravity and is making the cosmos expand at an accelerated rate, reports The Sun.

It was understood that any more would create such rapid expansion that stars and planets wouldn’t have time to form.

The multiverse theory was... ( подробнее )

The archaeology of Solo: a driving force behind Star Wars

Han Solo is about to make a pivotal decision. He’s tense. He’s talking to his mentor. Together, they stand amid a group of ancient, inscribed standing stones.

It’s just a glimpse from the trailer of the latest movie instalment of Star Wars.

But the ruins are not just some random background set design decision.

It’s... ( подробнее )

In Indonesia, a girl named in honor of Xiaomi

Freddie Jaan and Divisible, a married couple from Indonesia, he decided to name his first daughter Saomi in honor of the Chinese company Xiaomi. As specified in the published online birth certificate, Saami Fradella Nautalis (Xiaomi Fradella Naufalyn) was born 15 Aug 2017.

This fact in his account on the social network Weibo boasted Vice-President... ( подробнее )

ZTE announced a full-screen budget smartphone

Company ZTE has announced a new budget smartphone ZTE A530 with full-screen design and 5.45" display with a resolution of 1440х720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18:9, which occupies 82% of its front panel.

ZTE A530 based on a 1.5 GHz MediaTek processor complemented by 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. The smartphone is set to a weak... ( подробнее )