Mysterious interstellar object is spinning out of control

Sometimes examples come along that remind us jus throw much.

Such as ‘Oumuamua.

Given the Hawaiian name for ‘pathfinder’ or ‘scout’, it was first detected in September.

The PanSTARRS1 telescope found a new pinprick of light crossing our skies.

It was coming from a strange... ( подробнее )

Giant boar’s garbage feast caught on camera

Shocked parents taking their kids to school in Hong Kong spotted the huge animal standing on the tips of his trotters to get his head in the bin, while two piglets stand next to him.

The terrifying video, posted to Facebook by Tu Dong, has since gone viral.

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Monster snake ‘still attached’ after bike crash

The man was riding a motorbike on a property about 50km south-west of Clermont, west of Mackay when he rode over the top of the seven-foot long brown snake at about 8am.

The highly-venomous snake reared up and bit the man on his lower right leg, penetrating the skin through his pants.

A Mackay-based rescue helicopter responded... ( подробнее )

Mysterious horse deaths: ‘My worst nightmare’

The horses had competed in the Barnbougle Polo tournament on the ‘Apple Isle’ before being shipped back to mainland and found dead soon after.

The horses disembarked on January 29 and were found dead within the hour but an Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokeswoman said it was unclear exactly when the deaths occurred.... ( подробнее )

Woman, unborn baby die from suspected snake bite

Ms Martin, known as Nita, managed to call out to relatives for help but started having seizures not long after she was likely bitten outside the house.

Emergency services rushed to the home, 775 kilometres northeast of Perth, and began CPR on the 27-year-old woman before taking her to Meekatharra Hospital.

Despite the best efforts... ( подробнее )

The rocket launch you missed

It might be a truth well known to humankind already, but for those who prefer to live life in a tin foil hat, the launch of monster rocket the Falcon Heavy may have provided some much-needed clues.

This morning, Musk’s rocket company SpaceX launched the craft on a historical test flight, sending a Tesla roadster into orbit around... ( подробнее )

Archaeologists discover 4,400-year-old tomb near Cairo

Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Enany told reporters Saturday that the tomb was built for Hetpet, a priestess to Hathor, the goddess of fertility, who assisted women in childbirth, Ireland’s RTE reported.The tomb was discovered during excavation work in Giza’s western cemetery by a team of Egyptian archaeologists led by Mostafa Al-Waziri,... ( подробнее )

Sad fate for ‘thirsty koala’

But the general public needs to be careful of the wild animals that are potentially dangerous.

Jane Brister from Fauna Rescue SA says if a koala is allowing you to pat it, get very close or even pick it up, something is not right.

“That’s not normal behaviour,” the Koala Rescue Team co-ordinator said.

“Koalas... ( подробнее )

Space car cruises further than expected towards asteroid belt

Mr Musk pulled off a coup yesterday when he successfully fired the privately funded Falcon Heavy rocket into space from Florida and proved that it was the world’s most powerful.

The rocket released a red electric convertible sports car, the Tesla Roadster, carrying a mannequin in a space suit dubbed “Starman”, after... ( подробнее )

Monster crocs caught in NT station dam

The two crocs were so big they had to moved around by a tractor. The beasts were caught by Triple C, Crocodile Catching Contractors owners Roger Matthews and Michael Phillips.

Triple C, Crocodile Catching... ( подробнее )