The nanobots cleaned the blood from toxins

Engineers from the University of California San Diego have created nano-machines that can clean up the blood from bacteria and toxins. Their paper published in the journal Science Robotics.

One of the scientists worked on the bodies of the robots, and second was their shell. The fact that the basis of the design are gold nanofibers and... ( подробнее )

A new solution Trend Micro to enhance the security of containers meets the requirements of DevOps to speed the development progenitress release

Corporation Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in providing solutions for cyber security, announced the release of a new component Deep Security Smart Check for their own solutions Deep Security™. In addition to the protection of containers in a production environment that implements Deep Security, Deep Security Smart Check provides... ( подробнее )

Russian cosmonaut will fly to the moon on an American ship

The first Russian cosmonaut to fly to the moon using American spacecraft Orion. We are talking about the designed Lunar station, Deep Space Gataway. It is known that the astronaut will perform works on installation and maintenance of gateway station. Now only one scheduled flight, but, experts say, could be more.

The use of QC Orion, caused,... ( подробнее )

Called the cost of space flight for tourists from Blue Origin

That Blue Origin will start selling tickets for space tour next year, we have learned more in the last month. And if you\'re not a billionaire, not an astronaut and not one of the crazies that will go to the Big Fucking Rocket Elon musk on Mars, start to save money: this may be your only chance to visit space. Of course, there\'s the Vomit Comet,... ( подробнее )

Announced prices for the new iPhone

Became known the approximate prices on future smartphones Apple. They shared a analyst Katy Huberty (Katy Huberty) from Morgan Stanley.

According to Huberty, most likely, Apple will release a 6.5-inch iPhone with an OLED display at a price of $ 999, the 5.8-inch iPhone with an OLED display from 899 dollars and the LCD version for 599-699... ( подробнее )

Wikipedia stopped working in three countries because of the protests

Italian, Spanish and Latvian sites Wikipedia has suspended access to articles because of EU plans to introduce new copyright. This drew the attention of TechCrunch.

Representatives of online encyclopedias trying to draw attention to the bill that the European Parliament will discuss on 5 July 2018. When a user tries to open any article... ( подробнее )

At Baikonur eliminate the platform was launched Gagarin

Oldest launch site at the Baikonur cosmodrome site No. 1, aka "Gagarin\'s start" - decided to preserve it as unnecessary and expensive upgrades. With this platform, on 12 April 1961, was launched spacecraft "Vostok" with Yuri Gagarin on Board, who became the first man in space. Now, however, the commercial attractiveness of launches from Baikonur... ( подробнее )

The game is infected with a virus that kills smartphones

Experts of company Trend Micro discovered a malicious software that can lead to serious malfunctions of smartphones and their final failure.

Disable your unit can be due to continuous mining, which he runs without the knowledge of the owner, said in an official blog post by Trend Micro.

The virus called Hidden Miner was discovered... ( подробнее )

Hackers attacked millions of routers around the world

Attackers launched a cyber attack on the routers of the company Dasan, in which recently uncovered several critical security vulnerabilities. The activity of the burglars was captured by the security experts of the company Netlab 360.

According to experts, hackers launched a botnet that scans and attempts to use the affected device. A botnet... ( подробнее )

Most affordable security and telematic complex with GSMПресс release

Engineers, STARLINE has introduced a new development – the most affordable security and telematic complex with a GSM control from anywhere in the world – StarLine A63 GSM ECO!

Reliable StarLine A63 GSM ECO has all the advantages of equipment StarLine:? unscannable dialog control code? GSM-control,? high impact LCD the thumb control?128-channel... ( подробнее )