‘This should strike fear into the heart of every parent’

The party’s leader Richard Di Natale unveiled a new drug law reform policy yesterday to decriminalise the drug for adults in Australia, saying those convicted of drug use had to live with a criminal record that hurt their ability to get jobs.

In an interview this afternoon, Senator Di Natale told news.com.au the current approach... ( подробнее )

A geyser above Yellowstone super volcano is unusually active

It’s the biggest, most powerful natural geyser in the world.

The Yellowstone National Park natural wonder can shoot jets of hot water as high as 90 meters into the air.

It’s done so three times in the past six weeks.

Prior to that, it hadn’t erupted since 2014.

But scientists are saying... ( подробнее )

Instagram will allow you to download photos and videos

The team of photo service Instagram is preparing to launch an analogue of the function Load Your data (Download Your Information) on the social network Facebook. This was told to the resource TechCrunch, with reference to the representative of the Instagram.

According to the source, users of Instagram will soon be able to download a copy... ( подробнее )

The Hubble telescope celebrated a birthday with the death stars

This colorful picture taken by the space telescope NASA Hubble ("Hubble") was issued in connection with the 28th anniversary of the Observatory in orbit around the Earth. In the picture reflected fantastic space patterns, the presence of which is associated with the processes of birth and destruction of stars.

In the center of this photograph,... ( подробнее )

Falling birthrates: Handmaids may not be a not-so distant dystopia

It’s clearly an issue lingering at the back of our minds.

Dystopian movies and television shows such as Children of Men and Handmaid’s Tale show a fearful future where economic collapse and social turmoil has resulted in the rise of fascist governments.

Fewer people buy homes, cars and other household items. More... ( подробнее )

When our Sun dies, it’s going to be spectacular

A dramatic death is predicted for the Sun in 10 billion years time. An international team of astronomers predicts it will puff out in an enormous orb of luminous interstellar gas.

It’s the kind of explosion that produces what’s known as a planetary nebula.

According to the study in the science journal Nature Astronomy... ( подробнее )

This map will ‘revolutionise astronomy’

The eagerly-anticipated catalogue, published Wednesday, was compiled from data Gaia gathered on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in space, about 1.5 million kilometres from Earth.

“The dataset is very rich and we believe it will revolutionise astronomy and our understanding of the Milky Way,” Gaia’s... ( подробнее )

‘No one saw it sneak in but it was found in the dairy section’

The furry intruder swung by Dernancourt Coles just outside Adelaide this morning and amazed customers stopped to take pictures. Staff even nicknamed the unexpected visitor, Caramello.

Shoppers whipped out... ( подробнее )

Facebook creates its own processors

Social network Facebook has a team of specialists to develop their own microchips. It is reported Bloomberg, citing information obtained from knowledgeable persons, as well as a list of vacancies Facebook.

It is noted that engineers have to focus on creating "systems on a chip" (SoC) and "integrated circuits for special purposes" (ASIC).... ( подробнее )

Biologists ‘transfer’ a memory from one snail to another

The idea has been a mainstay of science fiction for years, but scientists have carried out research that could provide new clues in the search for the physical basis of memory.

In a new study, published in the journal eNeuro, scientists from the University of California Los Angeles claim to have succeeded in taking a simple form of memory... ( подробнее )