Of artificial intelligence made of a psychopath

Experts in machine learning from mit created a Norman – a neural network inspired by kichkovskyy a psychopath with a split personality Norman Bates, a character in a novel by Robert Bloch and the eponymous Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Fortunately, the only function of nereusite is the analysis of stains of Rorschach. The developers claim that the... ( подробнее )

Mozilla introduced the browser to virtual reality

According to the developers, it is cross-platform, is open source and can work with the offline virtual sets and augmented reality, according to the project\'s blog. In addition, there is a video walkthrough of the new browser with the HTC Vive headset Focus.

Judging by technodance published by Mozilla, we can say that Firefox Reality is... ( подробнее )

Russia asks the US money for the lunar module

Russian rocket and space Corporation Energia proposed to create an airlock module for the international lunar orbital station LOP — Gateway (Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway) due to the US or the EU, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

"The Federal space program until 2025 funds for the creation airlock module for the international... ( подробнее )

In the Bank of Switzerland people replaced by robots

The management of one of banks of Switzerland has replaced the seven staff members on five specially designed robots. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the creators of the banking robots, they will be able to successfully complete most of the challenges facing the banking clerks. However, their work will be faster, more efficient,... ( подробнее )

Testing the long-winged plane scheduled for summer

The long-winged aircraft in the world, developed by Stratolaunch Systems, can get in the air this summer, reports Space News. The company confirmed this at the 34th Symposium for Space (Space Symposium) in Colorado springs, noting that first it is necessary to conduct three series of test runs.

Recently we wrote that in the course of the... ( подробнее )

Expanding super black hole could ‘gobble up our Sun’

The astronomers from the Australian National University (ANU) described it as a monster that devours a mass equivalent to our sun every two days.

The astronomers have looked back more than 12 billion years to the early dark ages of the universe, when this supermassive black hole was estimated to be the size of about 20 billion suns with... ( подробнее )

Stranded kangaroo rescued by quick-thinking workers

Bundaberg Regional Council’s waste and recycling team used heavy construction equipment to tackle the delicate operation yesterday, the News Mail reports.

As the mud set hard, the animal might have had no way to save himself, had he not been rescued.

The team didn’t muck around as they called in the big guns to... ( подробнее )

SpaceX decided with the launch of the latest rocket

The last and final version of the heavy carrier rocket Falcon 9 Block 5 of the American company SpaceX starts on April 24, 2018 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, according to Twitter news site AmericaSpace.

The rocket is supposed to geosynchronous transfer orbit first for Bangladesh communication satellite Bangabandhu-1. This spacecraft... ( подробнее )

Microsoft released antivirus plugin for Chrome

Microsoft has released a Chrome browser extension Windows Defender Browser Protection. It checks the sites that you visit, on the list of dangerous links and match blocks show a red screen with a warning.

According to the description, the extension protects you from such online threats as link-bait in letters and websites which trick a... ( подробнее )

Sony stops production of PlayStation Vita

Portable Sony PlayStation Vita was announced in 2011. She and his best years were not particularly popular, and now even more so.

There is therefore nothing surprising in the information that says that Sony decided to cease production of this device. Officially, the Japanese company has not yet announced it, but sources claim that production... ( подробнее )