Lockheed Martin has revealed a new carrier-based drone to refuel in the sky

Skunk Works division of the American company Lockheed Martin has presented the project perspective deck unmanned aerial vehicle — tanker MQ-25A Stingray. As USNI reports, the new drone is planned to develop according to the scheme "flying wing", and it is the only such device among MQ-25A, provided by other companies — Boeing and General Atomics.... ( подробнее )

Adelaide man jailed over dog fights

In the first prosecution of its kind in South Australia, Benn Hamilton pleaded guilty to 12 charges, including multiple counts of taking part in prohibited activities.

The court was told RSPCA inspectors found six American pit bull terriers chained up in the backyard of Hamilton’s home when they responded to a complaint in 2016.

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First glimpse at centre of our galaxy

For decades, scientists theorised that circling in the centre of galaxies, including ours, were lots of stellar black holes, collapsed giant stars where the gravity is so strong even light doesn’t get out.

But they hadn’t seen evidence of them in the Milky Way core until now.

Astronomers poring over old x-ray observations... ( подробнее )

A hole in Earth’s magnetic field has been growing for 1000 years

We’ve known for more than a century that our planet’s magnetic field has been weakening.

It’s what gives us our north and south poles.

This powers our compasses.

It’s also a vital shield that protects us from harmful radiation constantly bombarding us from the Sun or deep space.

This... ( подробнее )

Cat hurler’s bizarre explanation

Earlier this week, RSPCA Queensland asked for help to track down the person in the video, who was filmed hurling the black cat over a fence before it smashed into a neighbour’s house.

Samuel Conroy, 19, says he is the person in the viral video and contacted 9News today to apologise for his behaviour.

“I’m... ( подробнее )

Corezoid successful Ukrainian stateprov

The host of Attack whale (UFO TV) Serge Kunitsyn picks the most interesting Ukrainian startups and talks about them. Today we will talk about the project Corezoid, which took second place at the prestigious event, the Money 20/20 Hackathon in Las Vegas in 2016.

Corezoid system is an open modular design with cloud storage, based on the theory... ( подробнее )

So what’s a medieval Chinese coin doing in 11th Century England?

An 11th Century Chinese coin has been unearthed in Cheshire.

No other Chinese coin from that era has ever been found in Britain.

The idea that there was some form of link between Medieval Britain and China’s Song dynasty at some point after 1068AD seems extraordinary.

So Britain’s Portable Antiquities Scheme... ( подробнее )

NASA to launch a planet-hunting satellite on Tuesday morning

At 8:30am AEST, Tess spacecraft — short for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite — will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral air force Station in Florida.

Technicians... ( подробнее )

Facebook removed nearly 300 pages of Russian Troll factory

Social network Facebook has removed more than 270 pages and accounts associated with the Russian Agency Internet research.

As the head of the social network mark Zuckerberg, the deleted pages were aimed at Russian users and Russian-speaking audience in Russia\'s neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Some... ( подробнее )

A Windows 7 update broke computer

Problems with the patch for "CPU" vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre haunting the manufacturers of January 2018. For example, Microsoft essentially has released a fix for the Meltdown vulnerability (CVE-2017-5754) twice. The fact that initially it was found that the Microsoft hotfix is incompatible with many anti-virus solutions, as well as... ( подробнее )