Anxiety cells identified in the brain

The research, published in science journal Neuron, found that scientists could control the activity of the brains cells of anxious mice.

The brain cells, which were the source of the anxious behaviour could be turned on and off.

It is hoped the breakthrough could lead to more effective treatment for many of the one in four Australians... ( подробнее )

Stone tools in India stun archaeologists

Homo sapiens arose in Africa at least 300,000 years ago and left to colonise the globe. Scientists think there were several dispersals from Africa, not all equally successful. Last week’s report of a human jaw showed some members of our species had reached Israel by 177,000 to 194,000 years ago.

Now comes a discovery in India of... ( подробнее )

‘Super blue blood moon’ stuns stargazers

The celestial show is the result of the Sun, Earth, and Moon lining up perfectly for a lunar eclipse just as the Moon is near its closest orbit point to Earth, making it appear “super” large.

It is the second full Moon within the same month, a phenomenon called a “blue” Moon which has nothing to due with its... ( подробнее )

Pentagon report raises renewed concerns on China, Russia

The Joint Staff intelligence directorate, or J-2, warned in an internal report that the two rivals are developing technology which could destroy and disrupt US satellites.

The report concludes that “China and Russia will be capable of severely disrupting or destroying US satellites in low-Earth orbit” in the next several years,... ( подробнее )

Jack the Ripper letter mystery solved?

Over 200 letters were received by police, media and officials relating to the spate of gruesome murders attributed to so-called Jack the Ripper, who was never caught. The notorious murderer is thought to have killed at least five young women in the Whitechapel area of London between August and November 1888.

Dr Andrea Nini, a lecturer in... ( подробнее )

‘When I first saw the fossils, my jaw hit the floor’

Given a dearth of dinosaur skeletons from Africa, palaeontologists have battled to reconstruct a map of how the animals spread across the world after the “supercontinent” Pangaea broke up into different land masses some 200 million years ago.

Many believed Africa’s dinosaurs were completely isolated from cousins on... ( подробнее )

Human-chimpanzee hybrid killed by panicked doctors

Evolutionary psychologist and University of Albany professor Gordon Gallup coined the term “humanzee” which refers to a human-chimp crossbreed — a scientifically possible hybridisation which was attempted throughout the 20th century, reports The Sun.

Dr Gallup, who developed the famous mirror “self-recognition”... ( подробнее )

Ancient manuscript decoded by artificial intelligence

But now a computer scientist says the mysterious document is actually written in ancient Hebrew and he knows how to decipher the riddle.

A page from the Voynich manuscript an indecipherable text from the... ( подробнее )

‘It’s faster than growing tomatoes or potatoes’

Scientists have just developed the method which uses microbes to break down solid and liquid waste.

What’s left behind is a “microbial goo” that’s high in protein and fat — essential qualities for food sources needed for long space voyages.

According to The Independent, Pennsylvania State University... ( подробнее )

Israeli fossil rethinks human history

Scientists say that an ancient upper jawbone and associated stone tools could also mean that Homo sapiens — modern humans — arose in Africa far earlier than fossils now show. And it may cause rethinking about how we evolved and interacted with now-extinct cousin species, such as Neanderthals.

“When they start moving... ( подробнее )