Fresh evidence of water gives hope of finding life

Europa’s frozen surface has long been thought to cover a salty ocean about twice the size of our planet’s.

Given the suspected abundance of warm, liquid water under its kilometres-thick ice shell, the moon is considered a “top candidate” by NASA for life on a Solar System body other than Earth.

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In a cruel move tourists have killed a kangaroo at a Chinese zoo

A 12-year-old female kangaroo suffered a severely injured foot when it was struck by bricks and concrete chunks on February 28 at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province, China Central Television reported.

The kangaroo died days later and an examination by a veterinarian revealed that the cause of death was likely a ruptured kidney caused by... ( подробнее )

The pleasure of viewing: Samsung TV models QLED 2018 of hodanbosi companies

Samsung Electronics in new York, introduced the TVs-the flagship 2018 - QLED TV. This new design simplifies access to content and allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening.

During the presentation, the President of the direction of displays in Samsung Electronics Enghi Khan explained the features of the new line of televisions.

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In the U.S. smartphone burned the car

In Detroit a woman was driving when the cabin lit up one of her Samsung smartphone (either Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S8). The woman jumped out of the car, according to ABC. And soon it was engulfed in flames.

"I thought I was gonna die when I saw sparks and a flame," said the victim.

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Should you make your dog a vegan?

That’s according to a first-of-its-kind study last year by UCLA professor Gregory Okin which looked at the environmental impacts of food consumption by dogs and cats. Meat consumption takes a serious toll on the environment — and our furry companions aren’t without blame.

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The humble beginnings of Earth’s most dominant species

These iconic dinosaurs have become synonymous with the species that dominated the planet for about 150 million years — but they weren’t always the force of nature they grew to be.

“We used to have little idea about how animals like T-rex and brontosaurus rose up to dominance,” palaeontologist Dr Steve Brusatte... ( подробнее )

Fox battles eagle in incredible photo series

After spending the day photographing a group of young foxes playing in the grass, Mr Ebi said he continued to observe the scene as the sun began to set and the animals turned their attention to hunting.

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Fresh clues uncovered in Ancient biblical text

The technology, which was originally developed for NASA, has identified new letters and words, giving experts fresh insight into the historic texts. One of the fragments may even indicate the existence of a previously unknown manuscript, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority, which is conducting the research.

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Dead Sea Scroll hidden texts revealed

But these previously unreadable remnants of the Dead Sea Scrolls are now giving up their secrets.

Israel’s Antiquities Authority says new imaging technology is being applied to read these fragments. And it’s beginning to bear fruit.

Some 1000 different parchment and papyrus documents were recovered from Dead Sea... ( подробнее )

Cryptic burrows have left these spiders undetected ... until now

Dozens of new species of secretive trapdoor spider are being discovered across the country for exactly that reason — they’re so elusive.

A group of southwestern Australian trapdoor spiders have been listed as threatened species, despite only just being formally named.

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