Game Xiaomi smartphone Black Shark was tested in AnTuTu

It is too early to speak about a boom of gaming smartphones, but after the release of Razer Phone from Chinese manufacturers dramatically increased the interest in this segment. In the spring of Xiaomi can present its model under the brand of Black Shark, and the gadget is already noted in the results of benchmark AnTuTu.

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In the family replenishment: Samsung is testing a budget Galaxy J4

On the website benchmark Geekbench seen not yet announced a smartphone Samsung Junior bar index SM-J400F. Apparently, under this name is the new model Galaxy J4.

On the website benchmark Geekbench... ( подробнее )

Samsung Galaxy J6 spotted in Geekbench database

After the presentation of the Samsung flagships left to update only the youngest J-series. The company has introduced the most affordable smartphone the Galaxy series J2 (2018), but other models still only be seen in benchmarks. Thus, the results of the test Geekbench recently discovered the device with index SM-J600F is Galaxy J6.

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Optus to cut another 400 jobs

The layoffs are expected to come from the management, administration and the fields of the duplication of the whole of society, which was 8526 staff at the end of the last financial year.

A member of the staff of Adelaide, who wished to remain anonymous, said Optus had already started the cup with his team, has called for an urgent meeting... ( подробнее )

Telstra\'s sad excuse for cutting

Millions of Australians were left without access to voice and internet services on their mobile phones after 10 in the morning, and the services were not fully restored until shortly after 3 in the afternoon.

Despite the restoration of services, Telstra was unable to name the specific cause of the failure of yesterday, and today revealed... ( подробнее )

Telstra suffers another major break

Telstra users say their network is down in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth. The telco has confirmed the problem.

A map produced by Aussie Breaks shows the problem is affecting the majority of the major metropolitan hub of the country.

The outage started around 10:00 this morning with customers to social... ( подробнее )

Wangiri calls continue to target Aussie mobile users

A number of Australians have taken to social media recently, curious about the calls of the distant of the earth. Although it may be tempting you should probably not reply, and certainly do not call back, because it\'s going to end up costing you.

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Must know tips for your gadgets

According to Amazon, the Echo\'s Alexa voice assistant misheard a word like “Alexa” — a trigger to activate the device and interpreted in a subsequent conversation as a “send message” request. This conversation in a house in Portland, Oregon, was then recorded and sent to an acquaintance in Seattle on the family contact list.

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Wangiri calls continue, the opponent Aussie mobile users

A number of Aussies have taken to social media recently, curious about the calls from the far away land. Although it may be tempting, you should not likely to answer, and certainly not call back, because it will end up costing you.

Oooh! Call in the absence of the Central African Republic - wonder what that could be? pic.twitter.com/1eun8DKi2e—... ( подробнее )

\'Honestly makes me panic"

If you have rejected the practice and squirm at the thought of having to leave a message after the tone, you\'re not alone.

Millennials might be known as the " generation selfie, obsessed with his smartphone — but you probably don\'t want to be told about it, in a recorded message.

Invented by IBM Stehphen Boies in 1973, voice... ( подробнее )