How quiet signals of your phone recording and tracking, you can

My phone sends out an ultrasonic signal to my blu-ray player via acoustic side channel, beyond the range of human hearing.

The channel networks of the two devices used in a similar way as a dial-up connection to our Computer online, before the days of the NBN. The same technology that is behind Google in the proximity API, through your... ( подробнее )

The official Samsung website has confirmed the upcoming release of the smartphone Galaxy A6

The unannounced smartphone Samsung Galaxy A6 already certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, showed up in the Geekbench database and approved by the Federal communications Commission of the United States. Now, this machine appeared in the Polish official Samsung website on the support model SM-A605F. The same page appeared on the website of the company... ( подробнее )

$1099 smartphone you should buy

The smartphone manufacturer denies, it creates backdoors for espionage, with many experts to take the side of Huawei.

Fortunately, you can always purchase Huawei devices in Australia, which is great news, because the company has just released the world\'s best smartphone camera in a package that could be considered as a candidate for product... ( подробнее )

Published photos of the new fully-frameless smartphone Vivo

At the February exhibition MWC 2018, the Chinese company Vivo has shown absolutely frameless smartphone Vivo Apex. Later, in early March, the manufacturer held an official presentation of novelties, but almost nothing is said about him. Now, on the portal Slashleaks there is a new photo of an unknown bezrabotnykh Vivo.

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New iOS update comes with a friendly reminder

The update — iOS11.3.1 — was rolled out to solve a problem with the iPhone 8 touch screen not responding. Many users reported the problem recently, according to the Download iOS11.3, especially if you have previously replaced your iPhone screen, by a third party workshop.

The update was pushed, on March 29, introducing the Tim Cook iPhone... ( подробнее )

Apple is as much missed iPhone feature?

The step came as the tech giant spruiked the future of wireless technology in the form of its very popular AirPods, who claimed some people "changed their lives".

But not everyone was ready to say goodbye to your headphones with a cable, in particular, those music lovers who believe that wired headphones incomparably better in terms of... ( подробнее )

Seven reasons why your iPhone battery keeps dying

So, before you panic about finding available outlets or stock up on portable power banks, take a look at this list and see if you really are the cause of your iPhone\'s battery problems.

Here are seven ways you\'re destroying your smartphone\'s battery life.

1. The use of the battery-burning applications

You may have... ( подробнее )

Do not open the iPhone message

The opening of the virus — said to be more harmful than the WhatsApp-text-bomb — on an iPhone or iPad will wipe your iOS messages app, reports The sun.

It works in a similar way as the WhatsApp error and overload the phone with thousands of pieces of unicode text.

What makes it worse, however, is that there is a simple way to... ( подробнее )

Custom OnePlus 5 with battery 8000 mAh

One Chinese artist has installed a battery of 8000 mAh to your OnePlus 5

There are companies that make special covers with built-in batteries. They are mostly created for major manufacturers like... ( подробнее )

Press photo of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9+ in blue color

The king of leaks Evan Blass did not stop at a purple version of the new flagships of Samsung and has posted a picture of blue Galaxy S9+ (Coral Blue).

The king of leaks Evan Blass did not stop at... ( подробнее )