Samsung completes beta testing Android for the Galaxy S8 Oreo

In the coming days, users of smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ will begin to receive a stable Android version 8.0 Oreo

In November 2017, the company Samsung has opened beta testing Android 8.0 Oreo for... ( подробнее )

The largest Apple phone that never was

Steve Jobs had actually called dreamed up something that MacPhone 23 years before the iPhone changed the world, but, unfortunately, the groovy looking device, never on the shelves.

According to former Apple marketer, John Sculley, who Jobs lured Pepsi, Apple co-founder, dreamed up the MacPhone in 1984.

In fact, he was commissioned... ( подробнее )

Samsung patented technology built into the camera screen and fingerprint scanner

Recently, the company Vivo introduced the world\'s first technology built-in display, fingerprint scanner. But Koreans from Samsung had planned to surpass their Chinese competitors. They have patented at the world intellectual property organization screen with built-in fingerprint sensor and camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 on Exynos Galaxy 9810 powerful S9+ on the Snapdragon 845

Judging by the tests in the well-known benchmark Geekbench, the Galaxy S9 with the native Exynos chip 9810 scored better than its big brother Galaxy S9+ on the top-end Qualcomm processor. And individual tests with other flagships (Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Google Pixel 2XL, Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 5T) Snapdragon 845 proved to be much more powerful competitors.

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The announcement of the Lenovo K320t: newfangled full-screen, budget processor Spreadtrum

The Chinese company Lenovo quietly and without fuss has released a budget smartphone Lenovo K320t.

The Chinese company Lenovo quietly and without fuss has released a budget smartphone Lenovo K320t. What\'s... ( подробнее )

Mother, daughter spied on for 30 minutes

Morgaine Halligan and his mother Melissa Ray have been soaking up the sun in the evening in their Mt Wellington back yard when a drone started hovering above them, the New Zealand Herald has reported.

“I was in the process of change in a fenced garden; when I finished, I looked up and saw a drone,” Ms Halligan, 23, said.

“My mother... ( подробнее )

The official announcement of the HTC U11 EYEs: full screen middling unnecessary price

The company HTC has introduced its first smartphone in 2018

The company HTC has introduced its first smartphone in 2018. HTC U11 EYEs — this device the average level with two front cameras, facial... ( подробнее )

Boss arrested more phones linked to bikie murder

Chief executive of Phantom Safe, Vincent Ramos, has been charged by the FBI for racketeering activity that involves the gambling, money laundering and drug trafficking, after a joint operation between the police forces of the UNITED states, Australia, and other countries.

The company supposedly installed the encryption software and removed... ( подробнее )

Rumor: Apple to gather iPhone SE 2 in India

Some experts doubt that Apple will update the iPhone SE this year, as the company is busy developing three flagship models with the design of the iPhone X. If heir compact smartphone still appears with high probability the Assembly of the device will be manufactured in India, according to sources of publication Tekz24.

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The camera that will change everything

The flight over the Great Barrier Reef in a helicopter, I could not help thinking: "if only my mother could see me."

Luckily, I had the perfect medium to capture the moment and make her think her son was a big shot, or at least alleviate her many thoughts to the contrary.

In my hands was that GoPro the new Fusion camera.

The... ( подробнее )