LG has introduced a smartphone with the audio chip LG X4+

LG X4+: Snapdragon 425, defense standard MIL-STD-810G, a dedicated DAC and a price tag of $280

Korean manufacturer LG has introduced a smartphone with the audio chip — LG X4+. Specifications

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The new Apple iPad makes learning more fun

Instead of holding the event in a original, glass, auditorium, chief executive Tim Cook, a historic Chicago high school chose.

And instead of to show off his new iPad on white marble slabs, which it handed out schedules to the participants and asked them to participate in coding, music and video-classes with the new product.

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What smartphones will look like by 2023

So, when the news.com.au was offered the chance to sit down with the tech, icon, we, of course, wanted to know what consumers can expect from a smartphone in the next five to 10 years.

Although the majority of Australians to update their devices about every 2.7 years, the majority of smartphone manufactures in the world to release a minimum... ( подробнее )

$649 iPhone killer you deserve

There Is no need to spend $1079 on the Apple iPhone 8 when you can buy a Chinese clone for almost half the price.

I know that you are thinking of buying a Chinese iPhone clone sounds dodgy as hell and there is no way you are going to get a quality for the price.

But I can tell you that is not the case, Oppo is R11s to provide... ( подробнее )

Moto X4 is updated to Android 8.0 Oreo

Motorola has released a stable version of Android 8.0 Oreo for Moto X4, and a beta version for Moto Z2 Play.

Motorola is one of the few companies that already updating their smartphones to Android... ( подробнее )

OnePlus, the company started to profit from sales of smartphones

OnePlus started to receive profit from sales of smartphones

OnePlus is a young company in the smartphone market. And since the announcement of the first device to "stay afloat" it was very difficult... ( подробнее )

As our tech obsession is making us fat

Among the 2000 people surveyed by SWNS news service, one in three admitted they are distracted when you eat, and 29 percent said their phone accompanies every meal you eat, according to Fox News.

The american study was commissioned by Nutrisystem, the weight loss of the company, which also has revealed that 72% of respondents watch television... ( подробнее )

Samsung display is considering a fingerprint scanner to Galaxy Note 9

Recently KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that due to "technical difficulties" Samsung will postpone the implementation of the built-in screen fingerprint scanner until next year. As reported by the Korean edition, in fact, the company has not taken a decision, but make a choice before the end of the month.

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The blood was everywhere and my tooth was in my hand"

The Sydneysider suffered a brutal surprise when the iPhone landed corner-first on her mouth — a devastating blow which knocked out half of one of his front teeth.

She is not the only one to suffer at the hands of their mobile phone, as new research shows thousands of Australians are making the same mistake every day.

“I was half... ( подробнее )

Google+ for Android receives major update

Engineering Manager of Google+ has promised that users will receive the updated interface and navigation.

Many forgotten social network Google+ will get the update for the Android app in the coming... ( подробнее )