Android 8.0 for OnePlus 5 released betas

Company OnePlus has released a stable firmware version 5.0 Oxygen OS based on Android 8.0 5 Oreo for OnePlus.

Company OnePlus has decided to make a Christmas gift to his fans and has released a stable... ( подробнее )

Motorola sends out invitations for April 19: the expected announcement of a series of smartphones Moto G6

Lenovo, which owns the brand Motorola sent out invitations for the official presentation. The event will take place on April 19 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is believed that it will show a series of smartphones Moto G6. But according to another source, the announcement of the series is scheduled for mid-may.

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Published press renders of the new smartphone Moto E5 Play

Known insider Evan Blass posted on his Twitter page in the renders of the unannounced smartphone Moto E5 Play. Before the announcement, the device is codenamed E5 Cruise.

Known insider Evan Blass... ( подробнее )

Aussie citizen application could respond to terror plots

Now, a new australian-developed national platform of public safety and the application that is currently being built by the software solutions company Citadel Group aims to radically change the way the police respond to crime events that take place.

The platform will use Microsoft\'s Azure Central Australia secure cloud region has been... ( подробнее )

Smartphone Energizer Power Max P16K Pro battery 16000 mAh live at MWC 2018

Energizer threatened to introduce in Barcelona a monstrous smartphone P16K Power Max Pro with a battery capacity of as much as 16 000 mAh, but our colleagues from GSMArena found on the company\'s stand only an early prototype. The unit was not even included, though that did not stop to consider it from all sides.

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Early speculation about the Google Pixel 3

Google\'s latest Pixel smartphones were a great success — and in fact even our best Android phones of the list, so it\'s no surprise fans are already hyped for a sequel. Here\'s what we know.

Google Pixel 3 release date — when is the next Google phone?

Google has been pretty consistent with its Pixel smartphone of the press, which... ( подробнее )

Samsung is thinking about renaming the series flagships Galaxy S, Galaxy X

According to the Chinese portal GizChina, the next flagship after the future of the Galaxy S9 will be called Galaxy X.

According to the Chinese portal GizChina, the next flagship after the future... ( подробнее )

The weapon uses the technology instead of bullets to kill the drones

The police will have guns capable of firing drones in the air, produced by Sydney-based security firm DroneShield. The weapon uses the technology instead of bullets to disable the drones and go down by the cut of the signal between the drone and its operator.

The weapons may seem to target drones within a radius of 2 km and you can also... ( подробнее )

Play Moto G6 was certified in Taiwan

Budget smartphone Moto G6 Play certified National Communications Commission in Taiwan

New Motorola smartphone certified NCC (equivalent of the American FCC) in Taiwan. The smartphone has a code name... ( подробнее )

Apple is working on a foldable phone, says the Wall Street bank

Remember the good old days of the flip phone? Also, Apple could take things back with a "foldable" mobile phone.

That is, in the opinion of the analysts of the Wall Street bank Merrill Lynch, said that Apple is striving to produce the devices by 2020.

While it could maybe double as a flip-phone, the foldable handset as a tablet... ( подробнее )