New "live" photos of the Asus Zenfone 5 Lite

A couple of days ago we published the first photo unannounced smartphone Asus Zenfone 5 Lite. Now, the popular service Instagram appeared "live" the device in black color.

A couple of days ago we... ( подробнее )

Why do you have to have a mandatory test prior to the flight of your drone

The binding test, created by DJI, in conjunction with Australia\'s Civil aviation and Safety Authority, they appear to be used automatically in the app, in order to fly its drones, and follows a risky year for the Australian drone users in the 32 were issued, fines, and "the hundreds" written safety instructions for flying the devices in a dangerous... ( подробнее )

Leaked memo shows Apple is annoying iPhone X problem

In some cases, the problem cannot be fixed, with the company recommending the flagship phone to be replaced by a new one, according to 9to5Mac.

The tech giant quietly admitted the problem — which is with the fan at the back of the camera in a confidential document to inform its stores and its authorized partners what to do when someone... ( подробнее )

Motorola is preparing to release new music Moto Mod

According to the relevant portal AndroidHeadlines, Motorola is developing a music module called Stereo Speaker Mod.

According to the relevant portal AndroidHeadlines, Motorola is developing a music... ( подробнее )

What is to come with the new Android operating system

If you have dodged the iPhone and opted for an Android phone instead, you will certainly want to read our overview of the hot new features coming to your phone in the next major update, reports The Sun.

Android is the software that most phones in the world — except if you have an iPhone, that is.

So, if you have a Google account,... ( подробнее )

Tiny gadget that is prohibited by the u.s. Army

The products have been removed from the exchange service stores and exchange dealers in the world, following warnings from top U.S. intelligence officials and politicians that the Chinese mobile phones could follow the movements of the army.

In a statement, the Pentagon said, “Huawei and ZTE, the device may present an unacceptable risk... ( подробнее )

Moviphone — 2018 at CES showed a new smartphone projector

At CES 2018 presented unusual smartphone Moviphone. It looks like a normal gadget with a pleasant appearance and average characteristics, but filling hides a surprise.

At CES 2018 presented unusual... ( подробнее )

iPhone X brutally ridiculed by the competition

The company\'s mobile design chief told The Sun that the Apple portable, unique design, influenced negatively the “user interface”.

When the iPhone X launched last year, has divided opinion.

Apple has gone for a new approach to design, which meant that the entire front of the phone was filled with the screen.

The only... ( подробнее )

In the Internet appeared promotional video Alcatel 3V

Company TCL at MWC, Alcatel 5 in addition, a budget smartphone Alcatel 3V

Company TCL needs to provide a few models of new smartphones at MWC 2018. Previously it was known about Alcatel 5, and now... ( подробнее )

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro officially introduced

Company Xioami has officially unveiled two new models of Redmi Note in India 5

A few moments ago in India ended the presentation of Xiaomi, which introduced the Redmi Note and Redmi Note 5 5 Pro. Characteristics... ( подробнее )