Wangiri calls continue to target Aussie mobile users

A number of Australians have taken to social media recently, curious about the calls of the distant of the earth. Although it may be tempting you should probably not reply, and certainly do not call back, because it\'s going to end up costing you.

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Must know tips for your gadgets

According to Amazon, the Echo\'s Alexa voice assistant misheard a word like “Alexa” — a trigger to activate the device and interpreted in a subsequent conversation as a “send message” request. This conversation in a house in Portland, Oregon, was then recorded and sent to an acquaintance in Seattle on the family contact list.

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Wangiri calls continue, the opponent Aussie mobile users

A number of Aussies have taken to social media recently, curious about the calls from the far away land. Although it may be tempting, you should not likely to answer, and certainly not call back, because it will end up costing you.

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\'Honestly makes me panic"

If you have rejected the practice and squirm at the thought of having to leave a message after the tone, you\'re not alone.

Millennials might be known as the " generation selfie, obsessed with his smartphone — but you probably don\'t want to be told about it, in a recorded message.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ scored in tests AnTuTu 265,257 points

In the database the well-known AnTuTu benchmark showed the results of the tests are unannounced Samsung SM-G9650. It is believed that the flagship Galaxy S9+. If you believe the information, the indicators of the future of the smartphone is impressive.

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Huawei promises a revolutionary technology in the new smartphone Honor

It would seem that Huawei has already introduced the flagship smartphone of the new season, and in the next six months, anything interesting we see. But all of a sudden the head of consumer business Richard Yu said that in June they will present the unit with Honor "scary technology". Competitors are already beginning to be afraid (but not sure)... ( подробнее )

Amazon Alexa shares private conversation

The woman, identified as Danielle from Oregon, received a phone call from one of her husband employees in Seattle, who received a recording of the conversation.

In a TV interview, Danielle has a number of Echo Points — a line of smart speakers developed for Amazon — claiming that "it was one of these that sent you."

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No need to worry next time you forget your driving licence

Bill will be tabled in parliament within the next two weeks in order to allow the progressivity of the overall state of deployment of the digital driving licence — the first of its kind in Australia, new south wales, Services Minister Victor Dominello said in a statement Sunday.

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The announcement of Lenovo S5: competitor Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with dual camera

It seems that Lenovo has grossly exaggerated the popularity of the brand Motorola on the Chinese market. Not having significant sales of Moto devices at home, the company again made a 180-degree turn and started to produce devices under its own brand. First came the simple Lenovo K320t and interesting patterns began with the new Lenovo S5.

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Here\'s what you can expect from the next iPhone

It is reported that Apple has started to produce the powerful processor that is configured to appear in the 2018 iPhone.

The good news is that the mystery chip could boast of a revolutionary new design that improves the performance and life of the battery.

Each year, Apple launches a brand new processor for its smartphones.

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