There is a secret of the Apple iPhone won\'t let you buy them

Although it may not seem the most tasty snack, there\'s something fun about the mystery of a hidden menu.

It is this love of clandestine product that is the latest news on secrets of Apple\'s iPhone model so exciting.

Yes, you read that correct. Apple has a secret iPhone, although you will not be able to buy as many as you can... ( подробнее )

The announcement of a Sharp Pi: a cheap smartphone with a 16:9 screen and dual camera

Sharp has released a new budget smartphone series called Sharp Pi.

Sharp has released a new budget smartphone series called Sharp Pi. What\'s inside

New provided HD screen to 5.2 inches... ( подробнее )

Nokia 6 started to upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo

At the end of last year on Nokia 6, beta Android 8.0 Oreo, and now HMD Global began distributing the final version of the update.

At the end of last year on Nokia 6, beta Android 8.0 Oreo, and now... ( подробнее )

Vodafone is the unlimited plan, "the end of excess data charges"

The operators of mobile telephony in markets such as the united states have offered unlimited data plans as a standard product for some time, but the telecommunications companies in Australia have been slow to follow his example.

But all this is changing — starting from today.

Two of the main mobile telephone operators fell over... ( подробнее )

These socks could take the pain away

Developed by the University of Melbourne, Phd, Deepti Aggarwal, the socks, and send the information on the weight distribution, foot orientation, and range of motion for physical therapists that treat patients through video consultations. “Of the movements of the lower limb are difficult to understand on video, the movements are so subtle,” said... ( подробнее )

Exciting new iPhone on the way

The iPhone, which starts at a dirt-cheap — at least by Apple standards price of $A460 is refresh in the near future, according to several reports over the last few weeks. One of the strongest pieces of evidence in support of the application is in regulatory filings that point to a new phone.

The iPhone is Apple\'s smallest phone, with a... ( подробнее )

Student discount on Apple Music available in 82 new regions

To get a 50% discount on Apple Music, the student must prove that he, in fact, a student.

Apple has expanded the list of countries eligible for student discounts on Apple Music. What is known

Student... ( подробнее )

Announced release date of frameless smartphone Sharp Aquos S3

Yesterday we wrote that the frameless Sharp Aquos S3 has been certified in Taiwan, and today the company Sharp has published a teaser invitation to the presentation apparatus.

Yesterday we wrote... ( подробнее )

How to know if your affected by the Telstra scandal of billing

The practice was exposed yesterday when Telstra was hit with a $10 million fine for misleading its customers.

The telecommunications company has played for the signing of the Australians to the third part of the Premium Direct Billing service, which was set as default in the Telstra accounts and automatically charged customers for the ongoing... ( подробнее )

GoPro takes a gamble with cheap Hero camera

The more affordable range — launched last week — is a simplified, streamlined model from the company classic camera simply as a Hero.

It looks very similar to the previous generations of GoPro cameras, such as the Hero5 and Hero6 Black, but cost about half the price at only $299.

It comes in the same durable rubber-like casing,... ( подробнее )