Trailer SZAP: photos, specifications

A modern and robust trailer SZAP of different purpose and capacity improve the efficiency of freight transportation due to the formation of trains for various applications.The definition of a trailer

In accordance with the definition adopted in the Russian standard for qualifying vehicles, to the category of trailer is a vehicle with the... ( подробнее )

Tyres "Tung": reviews. Tires winter "Tung Nordvey": reviews

Safety on the roads in winter depends on the quality of the tires. A common problem for all motorists with the onset of cold weather is to buy winter tires at a reasonable price. Among consumers there is a perception that is not produced in Russia a good tire for vehicles. Therefore, many people prefer to buy expensive imported analogues.

Despite... ( подробнее )

Chapter Ferrari guarantees a fight for the title in 2018

Photo / thisisf1.com

The President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionnecalled the cause of the loss of the Mercedes championship in 2017 year and I am confident that the team will fight for the title next season. The President... ( подробнее )

The owners of Formula 1 may lose the rights to the new logo

Photos PlanetF1

The owners of Formula 1 may lose the rights to use the new logo for the race series, reports The Telegraph. As it turned out, the final version developed by Wieden + Kennedy is very similar to the sign... ( подробнее )

Tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523: customer reviews

The company produces Viatti tires for a long time. Some time began to gain popularity in Russia, collecting positive reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523 R17. What is this company? This will be discussed in this article.

About the manufacturer

The company has existed for a long time, but her appearance was only in 2010 at... ( подробнее )

Baby car seat group 1: description

Modern car manufacturers are paying increased attention to safety. However, all the measures of effective adult occupant and a child who is in the cabin, it remains vulnerable. Conventional means of vehicle to ensure adequate protection of the baby impossible.

To journey with the baby held in safety and with comfort, you need a special... ( подробнее )

Tires Pirelli: country of origin, description and reviews

The company "Pirelli & Co" is in the top five producers of tires. Currently, power companies bring the company huge profits, much higher than the other. Tyres Pirelli and country of origin will be discussed below.

The company today

The tire manufacturer "Pirelli" (Italy) has been manufacturing tires for passenger cars, trucks,... ( подробнее )

Summer tyres "Tung": the owner reviews, features and types

Manufacture tire produced using the innovative equipment to guarantee the production of excellent quality. Along with that, tires have the stylish look to positively influencing the perception of the car as a whole. What feedback on the summer tires "Tung" leave motorists? Tires TUNGA

Brand TUNGA belongs to a Russian manufacturer of car... ( подробнее )

Flatbed trailer: types, features, purpose

If you need to ship heavy, bulky goods (furniture, building materials, military equipment, etc.), the power of conventional machines is unlikely to be enough. That is why there is a special flatbed trailer for a car by which you can reduce the load and successfully transport the Luggage to the destination.

Trailer - what is it?

Flatbed... ( подробнее )

Dead racing driver, who invented an integral tradition of Formula 1

Dan Henry / Motorsport.com

At the age of 86 years died an American racing driver Dan Henry. The cause of death of the former pilot of Formula 1 steel caused by pneumonia complications, according to Reuters.

The... ( подробнее )