Vettel "the Struggle in the qualification of Grand Prix of Spain will be tight"

Sebastian Vettel / Getty Images

The Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said that in the qualification of Grand Prix of Spain will not be a clear leader, and the competition is very tight. The words of the pilot results... ( подробнее )

Raikkonen would like to try their hand at rally-cross

Kimi Raikkonen / Getty Images

Finnish Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen has expressed a desire to participate in rally cross. The words of the pilot results in F1 Racing.

"The 500-mile race in Indianapolis is... ( подробнее )

The shock absorbers on the Gazelle: what to choose, how to install

"Gazelle" - one of the cheapest and easy to maintain car. The car is built on the basis of "Volga", it is not surprising that the suspension scheme is the same (except some moments). In today\'s article, we will focus on one of these elements – attenuator "Gazelle". Feature

What is it? The shock absorber is a suspension member which serves... ( подробнее )

In the leadership of the Formula 1 doubt bright prospects for the Formula-E

Chase Carey / Photo - Autoweek

The Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Careyquestioned the prospects are good, Formula-E Motorsport, considering that the new series can never take the place of the "Royal races".... ( подробнее )

The series of trailers "Stalker" to transport a variety of motorcycles

Series of domestic trailer "Stalker" is designed for transportation of cars a variety of vehicles (up to 3.5 m) and is characterized by a modern design, compact size, rugged design and affordable cost. The company, which manufactures trailers

Trade-manufacturing company "Technology movement" was organized in 2005. Started as a repair and... ( подробнее )

Prestigio Roadrunner 330i: feedback about the model

Current trends, unfortunately, are such that without a good DVR to go on the road can be dangerous. Every driver knows the value of high quality video that can be presented to resolve the conflict. One of the most common and affordable models is the Prestigio Roadrunner 330i reviews, which will help to understand whether to buy him in the car and... ( подробнее )

Booster with Isofix: characteristics, choices, manufacturers and reviews

A booster is car seat without backrest that allows to raise a child to a higher level in order to fasten its built-in belt. Most often, car seats, boosters used for children weighing 15-40 kg.

Isofix - mounting system booster or car seats to the car body. In addition, this international standard rigid mounting for manufacturers and child... ( подробнее )

Pneumatic tyres: types, design, application

One of the main components of any car wheels are pneumatic tyres. They are mounted on wheel and provide a good contact with the road. When the car moves, the tire absorbs vibrations and oscillations from the passage of the irregularities of the road. Thus, the tire provides comfort and security. Produces different types of tires. They differ in the... ( подробнее )

Racer Enduro 150: specifications and reviews

Motorcycles Enduro is a universal "monsters" to not only riding on dirt roads and sand, but also on the pavement. They have two pairs of turn signals, headlights front and rear view, and also provided the framework for road signs. Due to the low weight and small size Racer Enduro 150 is more suitable for people of low growth. Ease of operation and... ( подробнее )

Winter tires with "Tung": reviews, description, features and reviews

In Russia winter in most regions, the coldest. Because of this, the condition of roads in this period is much worse. In order to safely and comfortably travel by car, you need to choose quality tires. When choosing often pay attention to the cost of tires. Products from Russian manufacturers is much cheaper than foreign. So many motorists think that... ( подробнее )