VAZ-2107, thrust: purpose, repair, replacement

VAZ-2107 is the latest model of the classics. This car was created on the basis of the Soviet "five". The latter, in turn, originates from 2106, and the one with the "Troika" and "penny". What is it? Despite various improvements, many elements of these machines were similar (if not identical). All the VAZ classical models have the same suspension... ( подробнее )

ZMZ-505: basic data

In the Soviet era Zavolzhsky plant was the sole supplier of engines for different cars GAZ factory. Based on the standard eight-cylinder engine ZMZ-53 produced many different versions of engines, differing working volume, size and type of attachments. The photo is of a typical "eight" GAS.

General data

The engine ZMZ-505 is... ( подробнее )

Tyre Tigar: reviews. Tyre Tigar: features, description of models

Company Tigar began its existence in 1935. Her business is located in Serbia. It is also worth noting that the Serbian name means "Tiger".

Initially the company was engaged in manufacturing different rubber products. Only in 1959 it started manufacturing tyres for vehicles. At the moment, the company works closely with Michelin.

Tyre... ( подробнее )

Features off-road truck UAZ-330365

The article describes a four-wheel drive truck UAZ-330365 reliable and proven design. It is designed for transportation of small loads, off-road, rough terrain and poor roads.Truck SUV

The UAZ-330365 - sided truck all terrain vehicle, produced by the Ulyanovsk automobile plant. The first car of this family was manufactured at the plant... ( подробнее )

New "Renault Sandero": owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages

"Renault-Sandero" – budget car lineup Renault. Recently released its second generation. The company did a thorough job on the interior and exterior of the public sector, and the second "Sandero" was much more interesting, both inside and outside. Well, let\'s take a closer look at the car and examine the owner reviews "Renault Sandero". That helped... ( подробнее )

Tosol A-40: specifications, manufacturer

During operation of the internal combustion engine allocates a tremendous amount not only of useful energy and heat. For this reason, the design of each motor is provided the cooling system. It allows you to maintain an optimal temperature range of the internal combustion engine. If you take into account most cars, they use a liquid cooling system.... ( подробнее )

"Dakar-2018". Nikolaev lost the lead Villagra, Barreda Bort fell out of the race

Photo: official website of the race

The Toyota driver Bernhard ten Brink won the 11th stage of the rally-marathon "Dakar" in the standings SUVs. Finished second to Cyril despres, the third time proved the first number... ( подробнее )

The winner of the Rally of Sweden: "We do not expect to be so fast here"

The occasion for the whole team / Photo: Twitter Thierry Neuville

Thierry Neuvillewas second in this year\'s winner of the world rally championship stages and topped the leaderboard stone-2018. The Belgian managed to more than 19 seconds ahead of nearest rival and earn a comfortable 11 points... ( подробнее )

Tyres "Salon": reviews, overview, manufacturer. Tire Sailun

Car tyre is a very important component. They shall be manufactured efficiently and have excellent grip in any conditions. Therefore, motorists are so carefully choose the tires. They often give preference to those manufacturers who have received a good reputation. One such company is Sailun. In the Russian conditions the most severe, because of what... ( подробнее )

Toyota electric cars: overview, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

This term, as the electric car today is no surprise. These vehicles are driven with one or more engines, not electricity. And since they don\'t need the internal combustion engine (ice), it is possible to create a compact car due to the vacant space. Recently, this direction is actively developed and several foreign firms already have produced a... ( подробнее )