McLaren held a 100th Grand Prix without a win

Photo /twitter.com/McLarenF1

McLaren on the results of the Grand Prix of Bahrain noted an unpleasant anniversary: this race has already become the 100th in a row for the British team in which it failed to win.

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"Skoda A7": the car of the third generation model of Octavia

"Skoda A7 Octavia" is a new passenger car of the third generation, which is due to the increased size of the cabin, use of modern management systems and security has become more comfortable for passengers, easy to control and safe. The history of the model

Compact car Octavia the ?koda company, part of Volkswagen, producing since 1996.... ( подробнее )

Engine oil Neste: overview, description, features and reviews

Oil selection is an important stage of maintenance. Depends on the motor vehicle. There are many different lubricants that have a number of options.

Demand Neste oil. This brand includes several popular lines. Before you buy you need to pay attention to what the product is, what properties it possesses. Manufacturer

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What happens if you mix antifreeze with the antifreeze in the car?

The cooling system is an integral part of any internal combustion engine. Without it, the motor simply comes to a boil. It is the cooling system takes on heat from the engine and carries it out. This maintains stable operating temperature of the internal combustion engine. An important component of this system is the coolant. It can be antifreeze... ( подробнее )

Driving school "Smolny": reviews about the instructors

Everyone dreams about their own vehicle with which you can forget about public transport. However, to buy a car, you must obtain the appropriate license for the management of ATS. Today in St. Petersburg there is a huge number of various driving schools. One of the largest organizations is the network learning the basics of driving institutions "Smolny".... ( подробнее )

Tyres Goodyear UltraGrip: overview, description, features and reviews

Winter is the season when the shoes is not only we, but also our cars. Given the huge variety of winter tires from different manufacturers, to make a choice independently very difficult. After all, every company tries to make their product more unique and quality, applying innovative technology in its production.

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Villas-Boas had an accident and stopped the performance at the "Dakar-2018"

Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Football coach andr? Villas-Boasended his speech at the rally "Dakar-2018". During the fourth day\'s play of the Portuguese competition Toyota has been in an accident.

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Rentalcars.com: reviews. Online service car rental

If you plan to travel, we offer a self organised trip. It is much cheaper than buying ready-made tour agencies. Of course, you will have to spend some time to think through all the details, but in the end you will benefit because you will be able to go beyond the standard tourist programs and facilities. This trip will certainly bring a lot of emotions... ( подробнее )

Davis opened the scoring victories. The results of the second stage WorldSBK-2018 in Thailand

Chaz Davies opened the scoring victories in the championship / Photo: press-service of the team athlete

The second race of the world Superbike championship of the 2018 season took place in Thailand. The starting positions... ( подробнее )

What is the best car in the world?

For virtually every motorist buying a car is not just a vehicle purchase, but something more – a kind of reward for the work and recognition of status. New car gives confidence in the future and is a generator of peace of mind.

But along with the advantages of shopping has its unpleasant drawbacks. Nobody wants to once again wag their nerves... ( подробнее )