Pillow engine VAZ-2109: description, replacement

On cars VAZ-2109 pillow engine is only one, the other two are installed on the transmission. Using these simple devices, made of metal and rubber, the elimination of vibration, a significant reduction in their level. These vibrations originate from the engine and transmitted to the body.

Their hands to replace any motorist. There were no... ( подробнее )

Cooling system "Grants": description and characterization

"Lada Granta" - a very popular Russian car. It was originally marketed as the most affordable car in the lineup. This machine is constructed on platform Lada Kalina. So the car has simple structure and high maintainability. In today\'s article we will talk about such important component as the engine cooling system. Information about its structure... ( подробнее )

DVR PlayMe Tetra P300: specifications, reviews

Markets automotive gadgets DVRs are available in wide range, and among such a variety of isolated hybrid devices that combine the functionality of a radar detector. Advanced devices allow to solve several problems at once, to save a lot of money on purchase and a free place on the dashboard or windshield. Car DVR PlayMe P300 Tetra has received considerable... ( подробнее )

PCD – what is it? Transcript of marking autodeskew

When buying new footwear for your car many people faced with strange symbols on the rim of the disk. Standard parameters all understand: the radius of the wheels, the width of the profile, seasonality. But apart from them when buying you need to consider and much more: the bore, the flight of the disc, the location of the mounting holes. All these... ( подробнее )

History and specifications of the ZMZ-41

Heavy military vehicles of the post-Soviet space, you can often find the engine ZMZ-41. For the sixties – high-tech product with quite good performance. This engine proved itself in action, for which he received positive reviews. History of creation

By the middle of the last century, the linear series production Zavolzhsky engine plant... ( подробнее )

Generator "gazelles": the scheme, the defects and malfunction

Modern car it is impossible to imagine without the battery. It is a vital element in each machine. It allows you to launch the engine, and to provide the necessary voltage to maintain its operation. Without the battery it is banal would not work lighting. But AKB is one thing which tends to discharge. Without charging the car can travel one hundred... ( подробнее )

The heater for the interior of the vehicle powered by cigarette lighter: reviews. Heater of salon of the car from the cigarette lighter ceramic, air: photo

As show reviews, a heater of salon of the car from the cigarette lighter is an effective way to create comfort and warmth in the vehicle. Especially the work of such equipment is noticeable when you rush into a cold winter\'s morning, when every minute counts. The heater allows you to start the car for a few minutes, allowing normal visibility, which... ( подробнее )

"Daewoo Nexia": tuning with your hands,

Many motorists prefer not only the domestic low-cost cars, but foreign cars — for example, affordable and reliable "Daewoo Nexia", interior tuning, and other items which you can make with your own hands. Many owners are starting the changes with the exterior and finish the technical part that allows you to not only give the car an original appearance,... ( подробнее )

Kawasaki KX 125: technical data and the opinion of the owners

One of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers from Japan is the company "Kawasaki", which produces a wide range of metproduktsii. All equipment is equipped with power units of its own design and manufacture. One of the key directions of company\'s activity is the production motocross bikes of different cubic. One of such motorcycles car models... ( подробнее )

Air filter VAZ-2110 - description, setting their hands and the reviews

Operation of any internal combustion engine is not possible without air and fuel. Now the engines use a different injection system and oxygen supply. But regardless of the kind, they always apply the filter. Are going to clean the fuel and air. In today\'s article we will talk about the air filter VAZ-2110. Where is this element how to replace it... ( подробнее )