How to disable the alarm on the car?

In this article you will learn about how to disable the alarm on the car. At any time you may need to disable the system to start the engine and drive to your home or place of repair. For this there are a lot of ways. One of them is a software, when activated a secret button or power off. But need to pay attention to the fact that some models of... ( подробнее )

"Mitsubishi Lancer 10": reviews, descriptions, specifications. Mitsubishi Lancer X

Very often on the streets of our cities you can find such a car as a "Mitsubishi Lancer". The model is very popular not only in Russia but also in CIS. Special recognition using the ninth and tenth generation sedans. The difference between them is large, and many motorists are unable to decide. But most suggest to buy it even to the tenth generation... ( подробнее )

UAZ "Patriot" machine: advantages and disadvantages

The most famous Russian SUV production has long promised to start releasing automatic transmission. This news has interested a lot of motorists, but there automatic transmissions in "the Patriot" still is a lot of controversy. On the one hand, it\'s convenient and reliable, and with another – quite expensive. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages... ( подробнее )

Bottas will lose five places before the start of the Grand Prix of Australia

Valtteri Bottas / BBC

The Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottaswill get a penalty before the start of the Grand Prix of Australia.

In the third segment of qualifying, Bottas crashed his car. The team decided to... ( подробнее )

Tires Nitto SN2 Winter: reviews, description, features, manufacturer

Winter car tires can be characterized on several parameters. This resistance in different weather conditions, and the ability to overcome deposits of loose snow, and behavior by reducing or increasing the temperature. Their combination allows to make a choice in favor of a particular model. Today\'s review is devoted to the model of Nitto SN2 Winter.... ( подробнее )

The instrument panel, "Gazelle": a device principle of operation and reviews

"Gazelle" - a very popular Russian truck. On the basis of GAZ-3302 produce a lot of machines for other purposes. It\'s like public transport and passenger vans. What unites all these models? What unites them is not only the General frame design, but a single dashboard. "Gazelle" different years of release were equipped with different instrument panels.... ( подробнее )

What to fill in the battery: step by step instructions, features and recommendations

The battery is one of the most important elements in any car. He takes the starting current to the starter, which further turns the crankshaft and starts the engine. Batteries can be in different places – under the hood, in the trunk, and on the trucks at all on the frame. But, regardless of the type of car battery tends to age. And one of the most... ( подробнее )

Reviews on Nexen Winguard Ice: description, characteristics, test

Quality winter tires is safety when driving in poor weather conditions. If you are worried that the car was always completely obedient and controlled, his choice should be approached with great care. One of the models that can in this case be of interest, is the Nexen WinGuard Ice reviews, which will help to ensure its quality and reliability. We... ( подробнее )

The ratio of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines. A mixture of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines

The main type of fuel for engines of two-stroke type is a mixture of oil and gasoline. One of the reasons for the damage mechanism may be the wrong manufacturer presents mix. Also backfire situation when the oil in the gasoline is not at all. For the preparation of mixtures of this kind used a special oil with a special marking. It means, what it... ( подробнее )

Toro Rosso showed the car for the new season

Team "Formula 1" Toro Rosso have revealed the first photo of the new car for the upcoming season. The official Twitter of the stables made an appropriate note:

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