Car radar detector Neoline X-COP 5500: features, description and user reviews

The Korean company Neoline to its line of radar detectors has a popular model Neoline X-COP 5500. The device detects a focal point of police radar, which can be recorded in advance in the database of the satellite navigation system GPS. Police radars and cameras are improving day by day, and, as a consequence, confront them instruments, too, are... ( подробнее )

Hamilton: "the Ferrari was quick all weekend, and we can\'t keep up with them"

Lewis Hamilton / Getty Images

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has acknowledged that in practice and qualifying races in Bahrain, Ferrari were significantly superior to his team. The words of the pilot results Аutosport.com.

"I... ( подробнее )

Tires Yokohama Advan ST V802: reviews, description, review

Model Advan ST V802 tyres from a reputable manufacturer Yokohama is designed for summer operation of the cars. Tires are recommended to be installed on crossovers and SUVs. They are designed to retain their properties at high speed. Tires presented in many sizes from R17 to R24. So they will fit many cars with the increased passability. Below will... ( подробнее )

Silicone spray for cars: an application of lubrication, types and reviews

Probably every car enthusiast has heard this expression: "the car loves affection and lubrication". As strange as it sounds, but it\'s true. A car with regular care will reward its long and smooth operation. All know for what are used oil. But not everyone has heard about the silicone spray. It is this product of chemicals today and we\'ll talk.... ( подробнее )

Rear brake caliper: a device principle of operation and diagram

Perhaps one of the most critical systems in the design of any car is the brakes. It is from their quality and condition depends the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. Still any half a century ago, all the cars are staffed drum brakes. This structure is very ancient and is gradually receding into the past. Now most cars use disc... ( подробнее )

Transmission of the VAZ-2107 (“5-mortar”): device maintenance and repair

The basic units of any car is the engine and transmission. Without these nodes, you cannot work and movement of the machine. In today\'s article, we will focus on device design and Zhigulevskaya box, namely the five-speed manual transmission from the VAZ-2107. This box is very common. Despite the discontinuation of the "Classic" on the road you can... ( подробнее )

Oka, engine: description, volume, repair

Car engines differ from each other not only technical and design features, but the models of the machines on which they actually and installed. A rather unusual motor is the engine, "Oki" - a car that is incredibly widespread and popular in both the Soviet and at the present time.


The car "Oka" is the engine on... ( подробнее )

Oxygen sensor VAZ-2114: symptoms

VAZ-2114 – very common in Russia and the CIS car. This car is loved not only for its price but also for high maintainability. Almost any node in the "Lada" can be replaced with your own hands. VAZ 14-th model is a continuation of the Soviet "nine." However, apart from appearance, the main difference was a new type of injection – injector. Such a... ( подробнее )

Chinese rubber: types and reviews

To purchase automotive rubber each driver comes with the responsibility. The choice is especially affected by the manufacturer and the cost of the tires. Some can afford to buy a set of wheels from a leading brand others try to find a budget option. In recent years, special attention many drivers pay to Chinese rubber. Let us consider, what kind... ( подробнее )

Tyres "Dunlop" winter: reviews, prices and features

Famous Dunlop brand came into this world in 1888. It all started with a Scottish veterinarian, who created the tires on a pneumatic basis. Home to the production of winter tires is Scotland, but today the leader was Japan. The model number of the company in large numbers are winter tyres Dunlop ("Dunlop"). They are very popular among Russian motorists.

What... ( подробнее )