IZH 2126 "ODA", the creation and design features

Izhevsk automobile plant was created in 1965 to expand the production of cars "Moskvich 412". Soon, the factory has formed a design office that started project development of perspective vehicles with front-wheel drive. These projects resulted in the creation of several prototypes built in the 70-ies. But the plant was limited in supplies, so the... ( подробнее )

Car tires Hankook W616 - owner reviews, specifications and features

In anticipation of the winter season, the drivers try to buy quality and functional tires for your car. Depends on the ride comfort and safety on a slippery, snowy road.

Popular winter tires Hankook W616. Reviews about the model, its characteristics need to be considered in detail before going to the store. Today, customers are presented... ( подробнее )

Replacement automatic gearbox oil "Renault Megane 2" - step by step instructions and recommendations

Engineers Renault produce reliable cars. Even the oil in the automatic box is filled with such high quality that change was not necessary – it will last for the entire life of the vehicle. But in the case of ATF fluid, it\'s not exactly as the manufacturer says. This was confirmed by employees of care centers that have opened and repaired not just... ( подробнее )

Motor oil "shell helix Ultra 5W30": reviews, specifications, characteristics

Engine oil quality is an important factor when selecting lubricants. Depends on the length of the engine. Today on the market there are many varieties of the presented tools. Therefore, choosing the right kind of lubricant for the motor can be complicated.

One of the acceptable options is oil "shell helix Ultra 5W30". Reviews, specifications,... ( подробнее )

Engine oil is "Mobil 5W40"

Today to oil for motors requires high demands. This was due to higher environmental production standards of motor vehicles. In the market of special products for cars large selection of tools for motors that are designed to extend the life.

Demand in our country, the oil "Mobil 5w40". This high-tech tool that will allow to prolong term... ( подробнее )

The auto Obrucheva, 23, page 1: reviews, how to get

Currently, plenty of dealers. All of them have different quality of service. How do you determine where it is better? For this it is best to read reviews from real people. In this article, we present the motor show at Obrucheva, 23, page 1 and comments about it.About the car show

Initially called the dealership on Obrucheva, 23, page 1... ( подробнее )

Hub rear: features and instructions for replacing

Rear hub designed to connect the movable wheel and the suspension – beam. The design of the hub can be compared to a small Cup made of metal. In the inner part of pressed special design bearing. A very simple device, but it can bring a lot of trouble to the motorist – with wear the bearings begins to buzz. But if not timely replacement, the bulbs... ( подробнее )

Oil "LUKOIL Genesis": reviews, specifications, instructions

Now on the market of motor oils sold by a number of quality products. Inexperienced buyer so much choice can be confusing and even vexing. However, a quality product will not only good customer reviews, but passed on "hurrah" tests from the experts. Such are the characteristics of the new line of oils "LUKOIL Genesis". Below you will find information... ( подробнее )

How to open a hood if the cable broke or the lock is broken?

Under the hood is hiding the most important components and assemblies. In this regard, the drivers sometimes it is necessary to open the hood. It can be oil change, filters, spark plugs, or repairs. But sometimes it happens that after pulling the lever the hood doesn\'t open. It\'s an unpleasant situation, especially if a few hours you need to go.... ( подробнее )

Powder coating disks. NAYADA: services, rates, reviews

Many motorists after some time thinking about painting the wheels of his car. Someone wants to give your vehicle an original look, someone thinks about protection against external influences for the metal, someone who wants to combine both.

There are different types of paints, and also invented many ways of coating them with metal. This... ( подробнее )