Verstappen: "I fell asleep during the race in Abu Dhabi, if in car pillow"

Max Verstappen / Getty Images

The Red Bull racer Max Verstappenhas criticized the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, saying that he was bored during the race. The words of the Dutchman, reports the press service of "red... ( подробнее )

Oil "Kiks 5W40": reviews and features

Today, different makes of cars represented a huge amount of money for motors. They need to be able to choose the right. Depends on the durability and stability of the engine. One of the famous brands is "Kicks". Its lubrication products are in demand among domestic consumers.

Before you make the purchase, you need to learn what a butter... ( подробнее )

Temperature sensor coolant "Priora" of the device, and reviews

In Russia very fond of the car "Lada Priora". It is a reliable, simple and affordable machine. As the engine uses modern injector Assembly from "AVTOVAZ". For this important engine sensor condition engine coolant temperature. “Priora” rarely fails due to breakage of the element. But if this happens, motorists should know what to do. The principle... ( подробнее )

Wolff: "If Bottas will not be able to challenge Hamilton, he will understand that he has no more excuses"

Toto Wolff / YouTube

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolffsaid that this season the team driver Valtteri Bottascould be one of the best racers of Formula 1. To do this he must challenge the partner of the British stables Lewis... ( подробнее )

Commercial vehicles model range "GAZelle"

Commercial trucks range "GAZelle" is a highly effective vehicle for internal city transportation and transportation of small shipments on the regional and intercity routes.

Compact carriers

The model number of "GAZelle" has been developed by the Gorky automobile plant and put into production in 1994. A key advantage of cars... ( подробнее )

Mercedes E500 W124 "Top": specifications, manual

The company "Mercedes" has already shown the world what can be of high quality, stylish and reliable car. There are many models in the lineup that still enjoy high popularity. Some of them are worthy of the title legend. One of these we will now discuss. So, meet: Mercedes W124 E500 "Top". Photos, review and specifications consider right now. Design

Exterior... ( подробнее )

Formula E has introduced an innovative car, which has been dubbed the Batmobile

Gen2 – the new Formula-E / fiaformulae.com

Formula E has introduced a futuristic race car Gen2, which should be the beginning of a new era in racing electric cars.

The machine is designed for the next three... ( подробнее )

Auto dealers, car dealerships in Penza, reviews

A man comes to buying a car responsibly. When choosing the main criterion is the reliability of the iron horse, as the movement in the streets must be safe. As a rule, each driver uses the vehicle for several hours a day, so you need to ensure that it worked properly and had frequent breakdowns. Next will be presented in the showrooms of the city... ( подробнее )

The polymer for the repair of windshields. The crack on the windshield: how to remove

Sometimes on the road result in unpredictable situation. No one is immune from various injuries, whether it\'s a scratch on the body, dent or anything else. Very often, motorists are faced with the problem of a crack on the windshield. Such damage can arise for various reasons: due to incorrect operation of the stove in the winter or by flying stones... ( подробнее )

"VW Golf Country", design features

In 1983, Volkswagen has released the first car of the second generation of the popular hatchback Golf. The car was offered with bodywork with three or five doors, a range of powertrains and drive type.Austrian Golf

In 1988, buyers began offering "Golf Sinkro", equipped with all-wheel drive system. This machine was the basis for very rare... ( подробнее )