The car "Lada-Vesta-Cross": owner reviews, specifications and features

"Lada Vesta" - the new car of the entire range of vases. Debuted this car in 2014. The first version was not without drawbacks. The car is "finished" and refined in the factory. Today\'s version of "Vesta" is much more reliable and smarter than the originals. But that\'s not all. Two years ago, in 2016, to market a new version of "Vesta". It was... ( подробнее )

How to check starter on performance?

The starter is one of the main components of any car. Without him to start the car is quite difficult. Overall this is a reliable device, but there are situations when after turning the key in the ignition the starter does not react. But yesterday the engine started in just a few seconds. If this has caught you on the road, you can quickly learn... ( подробнее )

Tires Pirelli Formula Energy: reviews

Selection of summer tires is very important. Some buy the first available model, and some choose tires carefully, paying attention to any detail. For fans of aggressive driving style of the Pirelli has published a model Energy Formula. What motorists think about this rubber? General information about Pirelli Formula Energy and feedback will be presented... ( подробнее )

Tires "Rosava": reviews, models. Car tires Rosava: manufacturer

The company "Rosava", one of the main manufacturers of a variety of car tires in Ukraine, founded in 1972 and works to the present. Production does not stand still, constantly introduced advanced technology, developed the newest equipment, allowing to produce improved products.

Tire manufacturer "Rosava" has its own company, which is... ( подробнее )

Tires Yokohama Ice Guard IG50 plus owner reviews

The choice of winter tires, need to be approached with more responsibility than the summer. Because weather conditions during the cold period is very tough. This is no ice and plenty of snow – these factors are not an obstacle for the vehicle on which mounted quality friction or studded tires.

Let\'s try to consider in detail the new Japanese... ( подробнее )

Bus "Amtel": drivers

The right choice of tyre is an important component for safe operation of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining machines is very high, so many drivers try to save money on buying tires. Not always they get to buy quality products this way. How to choose the right tyre?

It is best if you select start from the reviews on... ( подробнее )

How to remove injectors from the engine: instructions. How to clean the injectors without removing

In Russia, as in other former CIS countries, there is a huge number of gas stations. But not each of them sell high-quality fuel, which meets all norms and standards. Most often in the gasoline and there is not only dirt, but also different impurities and substances. Is phenols, sulfur, various acids lead. In addition, low-quality fuel has low octane... ( подробнее )

VAZ-2110: owner reviews, specifications and features

No matter how stacked the legends about AVTOVAZ, his cars have always been and remain relevant. These machines have gained popularity due to its price. To find an analogue from a foreign manufacturer, which would cost the same, is simply impossible. Today we will look at is quite popular in Russia car. This is VAZ-2110, which was mass-produced from... ( подробнее )

"Salute", oil filter: description, tests, reviews

Replacement of consumables — the process faced by every motorist. The market offers a wide range of oil filters from different manufacturers, which complicates the choice: not every owner can choose a filter that will guarantee long and reliable operation of the engine.

Efficient and prolonged operation of the motor vehicle is possible... ( подробнее )

Which is better - "Audi" or "BMW"? Which car to choose?

The conditions of competition among the car manufacturers forced the designers to use the most popular solutions that attracts new clients, but it also contributes to the loss of individuality of the end product. Allow yourself some deviation from the set of trends can only major auto giants, which include the company "Audi" and "BMW". In families... ( подробнее )