Motor oil "Hyundai 5w30": description, characteristics

To protect the automotive engine from premature wear of the parts in used motor oil. One of the brightest representatives of this category is oil "Hyundai 5w30". Manufacturing and sales of this product deals with the eponymous company – "Hyundai". Manufacturer of "Hyundai" is on the automotive market quite a long time and during that time has established... ( подробнее )

Tyres "Kama-505". Customer reviews on tires "Kama-505"

Comfort and safety while driving depends on many factors. An important role is played properly selected tyres. After all, they are in contact with the road surface and provide grip. Also depends on the noise while driving. The requirements of many drivers respond tires "Kama-505" from the Russian manufacturer. What is this model? Why is so popular... ( подробнее )

Tires Dunlop Direzza DZ102: reviews and description

At first glance this may seem ridiculous, but the world-famous Dunlop came to light thanks to a three-wheeled bike. The bike was bought as a gift to the son of a veterinarian, D. B. Dunlop. The father noticed that the molded rubber wheels create ride discomfort to the child. Mr. Dunlop solved this problem by wrapping the wheels with several layers... ( подробнее )

How to choose variator: a review. Variator for "Toyota", "Mitsubishi" and "Nissan": reviews

When choosing a vehicle for many car owners one of the main criteria is the type of transmission. One of the most advanced is the variator, which reviews, features, specifications and other details given below.Features of CVT

A feature of the CVT that distinguish it from other types of transmissions — manual and automatic — is the lack... ( подробнее )

Motor oil "Ksenum": technical features, description and reviews

Today the market of special products for cars are many varieties of oils for motor. They differ in performance, functionality and cost. To select the best option, you will need to consider a number of factors.

One of the most popular products in the world is oil "Ksenum". It has certain characteristics. Before change engine oil, it is necessary... ( подробнее )

Generator "Kalina": disassembly, diagram, device and description

Cars "Kalina" is a three-phase generator, produces an alternating current. Go into too much theory is not necessary, the ordinary motorist, it is sufficient to know only how to independently perform diagnostics and repair the installation. This refers to the direct mounting of the generator and voltage regulator. The fact that the output power winding... ( подробнее )

Motor oil "the Village"

The engine is an important power unit in the car. It depends on the "health" of the machine as a whole. For effective operation, this node is affected by a complex of measures on maintenance and quality of service. And this is the primary role of engine oil used in the engine.


Company-manufacturer of motor oils "the... ( подробнее )

Sensor tire pressure: working principle

In modern cars there is a huge variety of electronic assistants for the driver. It\'s very useful in electronics helps to Park, can support the selected speed driver controls the vehicle position on the road. There are systems to aid in vehicle maintenance. One such system controls the pressure in the wheels. For this purpose, special pressure sensors... ( подробнее )

Tires Kumho I Zen KW22: reviews, test, price and photos

To ensure quality and safe driving, each driver is trying to choose the best option rubber. With special care should be taken in the choice of winter tires. Low cost and high quality Korean rubber makes it quite popular. One of the most popular models is considered the Kumho I Zen KW22. Reviews from owners of these tires are considered in detail... ( подробнее )

Repair chips on the body. Defects of coatings on the car body and their elimination

The body is the most expensive part of the vehicle, therefore, the appearance of small scratches, and especially large damage, you must eliminate them immediately. Untimely repair of paint coating defect leads to its gradual destruction. There is a rust and corrosion of metal. And if the repair cost is already ten times more expensive. How to repair... ( подробнее )