Replacement front struts for VAZ-2110 with his own hands: the features of the works

When replacing front struts on VAZ-2110 should follow a clear sequence of actions. The correct repair depends not only on the comfort of people in the car, but the extent of their security. In case of failure of the spring strut, front and rear – body when driving over an uneven surface starts to wobble and stop it becomes difficult. Resource-pillars... ( подробнее )

Steps of overhaul of diesel engine

Unlike gasoline engine repair, overhaul of the diesel engine is much more complicated. The main difficulties - further adjustments fuel system and equipment. The fuel system on diesel engines is a primer pump that takes fuel from the tank and injection pump to raise the fuel pressure in the supply line and nozzle are involved in the process of direct... ( подробнее )

Car subwoofer under seat

Among car enthusiasts-audiophiles recently popular active car subwoofer under the seat. For car owners the actual topic is the practicality and economy of space in the cabin. Active subwoofer under the seat takes up little space and does not attract attention, it frees up the trunk of a car and not clutter it.The advantages of compact subwoofers

Car... ( подробнее )

"Subaru Forester": owner reviews

Review owners "Subaru-Forester", all the disadvantages of ageing and fierce competition from other brands is unable to shake its status as one of the best compact crossovers you can buy. Although it is not as stylish as the Kia Sportage, and not as technologically advanced as the Ford Escape or Jeep Cherokee, but has more than enough points to stay... ( подробнее )

What\'s the difference? And a quadricycle ATV: compare vehicles

Over the last few years ATV of popular entertainment became a full-fledged sport. In selling a wide range of four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles for extreme races on rough terrain and for a relaxing family holiday. Of course, for this pleasure will have to pay a large sum - from 450 to 750 thousand rubles, but no specific skills to manage such a motorcycle... ( подробнее )

Tyre Tigar Syneris: reviews

Often motorists to the choice of winter tires are much more carefully than to the choice of summer tires. This is a very serious mistake. Of course, winter conditions are much harder, but summer has its own difficulties. To choose a summer tire it is as well as the winter. Often motorists pay attention to tyre Tigar Syneris. They will be discussed... ( подробнее )

Cars "Volkswagen" brand and model

A wide model range of produced cars of "Volkswagen" company allows you to choose the most appropriate model for the particular application with the required technical characteristics, equipment and comfort. More about that in this article.The appearance of the German automaker

The company "Volkswagen" began its story in 1933, and originally... ( подробнее )

Tyres Matador MP 16 Stella 2 (reviews)

Every driver tries to choose for your car the best tires. It affects not only driving comfort, but also safety of all participants of road traffic. Demand of tyres Matador MP 16 Stella 2. Customer reviews and experts on this model will be discussed in the article.The history of the company

Manufacturer Matador MP 16 Stella 2 - the company... ( подробнее )

New Russian cars "Tuple": photo, characteristics

As a rule, the heads of the world\'s major States move in vehicles, especially for them, made to order. Usually this is the armored model of the Executive class, equipped with special tools for safety. It is interesting that some information about these cars is classified, so the accuracy of the call cost and complete set available in options is... ( подробнее )

The window lift mechanism - a device features and reviews

From time to time every car owner has to drop the glass in the car. No matter what it is connected with the need to smoke behind the wheel, to transmit any documents or just to ventilate the cabin. At first glance, the job window seems to be very simple – I pressed the button and waited until the window opens. But not so simple. Well, now let\'s... ( подробнее )