Williams FW41 – the first car for the British team built Paddy Lowe

Photo – press-service of Williams

Williams presented their new car, which for the British team built converted Mercedes Paddy Lowe. According to 55-year-old specialist the main difference of the new machine was an... ( подробнее )

Jorge Lorenzo: "every year we improved and become faster"

Jorge Lorenzo / Photo: official website of MotoGP

The Spanish rider of team Ducati Jorge Lorenzoin third and final day of testing of MotoGP on the track "Sepang" has shown a record for the Malaysian track time 1:58.830,... ( подробнее )

Formula 1 wants to opt out of DRS three years

Photo / gtplanet.net

Formula 1\'s plans to abandon the use of the DRS system in 2021. This told the technical Director of the FIA Nicholasin an interview with Autosport.

"I share the dissatisfaction with... ( подробнее )

All about the IZH "Jupiter 6"

In Soviet times, IZH "Jupiter-6" was considered one of the best quality two wheelers. All the previous options had their drawbacks. Sixth "Jupiter" combines many good qualities of the previous bikes and found something new, so it can safely be called the best product of the Izhevsk plant.

But for our time IZH "Jupiter-6" can be called rare.... ( подробнее )

"Octavia": the shortcomings, owner reviews, description

"Octavia" is perhaps the most popular car in the Czech Republic. Thanks to "Octavia" ?koda company acquired its share in the European market. This model is a bestseller not only in Europe but also in the CIS. The machine first gained popularity due to its reliability and efficiency. But like any other car, the Octavia has its drawbacks. So good is... ( подробнее )

Engine start in the cold: tips for motorists

The winter is a real test for drivers. After all, to run a cold engine at cold temperatures is much more difficult than in the summer. In such circumstances, changing the viscosity of the oil, and if we talk about diesel cars, and the viscosity of the fuel. The starter needs more power to spin the engine flywheel ring. Therefore, increasing the load... ( подробнее )

Tyre Nexen Winguard Winspike: reviews, description, specifications, characteristics

When choosing winter tires, motorists often give preference to those models that have advised them. Also a lot of drivers pay attention to the reviews. Depends on the popularity of a particular model of tires. What do motorists think about the tires Nexen Winguard WinSpike? If they fit for winter use? What are the reviews on Nexen Winguard WinSpike... ( подробнее )

Vettel "the Struggle in the qualification of Grand Prix of Spain will be tight"

Sebastian Vettel / Getty Images

The Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said that in the qualification of Grand Prix of Spain will not be a clear leader, and the competition is very tight. The words of the pilot results... ( подробнее )

Raikkonen would like to try their hand at rally-cross

Kimi Raikkonen / Getty Images

Finnish Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen has expressed a desire to participate in rally cross. The words of the pilot results in F1 Racing.

"The 500-mile race in Indianapolis is... ( подробнее )

The shock absorbers on the Gazelle: what to choose, how to install

"Gazelle" - one of the cheapest and easy to maintain car. The car is built on the basis of "Volga", it is not surprising that the suspension scheme is the same (except some moments). In today\'s article, we will focus on one of these elements – attenuator "Gazelle". Feature

What is it? The shock absorber is a suspension member which serves... ( подробнее )