Motorcycles Kawasaki: model number and specifications

The Japanese firm Kawasaki, specializing in motorcycles, has a rich history. Over the 121 years of its existence the company has released models of motorcycles of all types – from travel to cross. In its assortment you can find two-wheeled transport to move around the city, for long rides and high-speed racing. All Kawasaki products are of high quality... ( подробнее )

Winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02": reviews, photo

The choice of winter tires for the car most drivers are looking with the utmost responsibility, because the cold time of year is replete with various hazards on the road. Good tires should possess a number of factors that allow them to behave confidently on any surface, whether asphalt or dirt road irrespective of weather conditions. In this article... ( подробнее )

Toyota: error codes and decoding

Periodically in any vehicle detects certain faults. The vehicle\'s equipment on-Board computer complex allows you to identify these problems at an early stage, making it easier to repair and does not lead to further destruction of other systems. Consider next, what are the error codes "Toyota", their interpretation, methods of diagnosis and Troubleshooting.

Petrol... ( подробнее )

Tire Kumho Solus KH25: reviews, description

To ensure safe driving, the important role played by several factors. One of them is the choice of proper rubber with good traction properties and other indicators. Most often, when choosing tires motorists pay attention to the cost, features and performance. They must comply with the requirements of the buyer. Kumho KH25 tires have excellent performance... ( подробнее )

The best sealant for the exhaust system of the car

The work of the exhaust system is accompanied by high mechanical and thermal loads. The muffler is one of the most important components in the structure, directly providing the output gases from the combustion chamber. And after a small operation on its surface formed burnouts, gaps and cracks. These and other defects require appropriate treatment,... ( подробнее )

Cars LUAZ: owner reviews

The history of utilitarian SUV LUAZ originates in 1967. It was then published by order of the Ministry of automotive industry of the USSR about the organization of production of cars in the squares of the Lutsk automobile factory (Lums), soon renamed the factory. Over the years of its existence the company has assembled several models of civilian... ( подробнее )

Tires Dunlop Graspic DS3: description, features and reviews

In our country, the winter often comes unexpectedly. In this case, do not have time to prepare not only motorists, but road service. So often we have to drive on snowy and obedinennyi coatings. On summer tires make it almost impossible. Therefore, motorists are very careful about the choice of winter tires. Some models have excellent grip, but quickly... ( подробнее )

Where is the oil pressure sensor and how to change it?

The oil pressure switch is a device that converts mechanical forces into electrical signals of different characteristics. After decoding of these signals the ECU of the vehicle judges the pressure in the lubricating system in real time. It is quite a robust device, but sometimes it can give a lot of problems to car owners. For the correct permissions... ( подробнее )

Car "Jeep Renegade": the owner reviews, specifications and features

"Jeep Renegade", which will be discussed further, is a compact SUV (crossover). Oddly enough, it slightly does not fit the standards of the American automobile in this class. Translated from the English Renegade is a "heretic", "traitor". It fully characterizes the parameters of the vehicle, including its parameters and appearance. Learn the features... ( подробнее )

The sequence of adjusting the valves on the "Moskvich-412»

Cars "Moskvich-412" was produced in Moscow (AZLK) and Izhevsk (IZH) and the car was equipped with four-cylinder carburetor engine UZAM-412. The motor was in production until 2001 and currently is still very common.The signs of needing adjustment

The characteristic feature of the necessary adjustment of the valves are knocking when working... ( подробнее )