Reviews on Nexen Winguard Ice: description, characteristics, test

Quality winter tires is safety when driving in poor weather conditions. If you are worried that the car was always completely obedient and controlled, his choice should be approached with great care. One of the models that can in this case be of interest, is the Nexen WinGuard Ice reviews, which will help to ensure its quality and reliability. We... ( подробнее )

The ratio of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines. A mixture of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines

The main type of fuel for engines of two-stroke type is a mixture of oil and gasoline. One of the reasons for the damage mechanism may be the wrong manufacturer presents mix. Also backfire situation when the oil in the gasoline is not at all. For the preparation of mixtures of this kind used a special oil with a special marking. It means, what it... ( подробнее )

Toro Rosso showed the car for the new season

Team "Formula 1" Toro Rosso have revealed the first photo of the new car for the upcoming season. The official Twitter of the stables made an appropriate note:

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Moped "the alpha" 110 cubes: specifications and reviews

In the post-Soviet space moped today is a very popular vehicle. The reasons for this are many: first of all, this is due to its low price and economy of the operation. Moreover, in terms of hours of traffic jams, this vehicle is incredibly comfortable. Mopeds have a long history. Even released in the Soviet years, the model currently can be seen... ( подробнее )

"Mitsubishi 3000 GT": specifications and reviews

Many people in Russia associate the brand "Mitsubishi" "Lancer". These machines are often found on the streets of our cities. The Japanese manufacturer produced not only budget sedans, but without exaggeration a real sports car. Along with the "Eclipso", a legend of the 90s, can be called "Mitsubishi 3000 GT".

For the first time this "gun"... ( подробнее )

Ecclestone: "Hamilton is not the same pilot he was before"

Photo / Sky Sports

The former owner of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestonein an interview with Sky Sports admitted that they did not expect that Lewis Hamiltonwill not win the first two races of the season and hopes that this... ( подробнее )

What is MAZ? Kinds of trucks of the Minsk automobile plant

Minsk automobile plant is a large plant for the development and production of a variety of vehicles, including trucks, dump trucks, truck tractors, and also buses and trolleybuses. In this article we will talk about producing here trucks. The establishment of automobile production

The date of establishment of the Minsk automobile plant... ( подробнее )

Consultant to Red Bull: "the Question is how serious will be the advantage of Mercedes in the new season"

Helmut Marko / Auto Motor Sport

Consultant to Red Bull Helmut Markoadmitted that the new season is still not counting on brbu his team for the championship, however, expects progress in the performances. The words... ( подробнее )

Universal "Renault Megane 3" comfortable car for travel

Car "Megan 3" in the back of station wagons from the French company - it\'s convenient, reliable and comfortable family option car for long trips and travel. The main advantages provided models of the third generation of significant interest among buyers. The creation of the car "Megan"

Compact cars "Megan" the French company Renault released... ( подробнее )

Honda motorcycle NTV 650 review, specifications and reviews

Two-wheeled high-speed Assembly Honda NTV 650 refers to the unique combination of pleasure "Enduro", an SUV and a dirt bike. Simply put, this device combines all the best qualities of two-wheeled machines.


This kind of motorcycle, such as Honda NTV 650, has a great powertrain, good control, dynamic movement and... ( подробнее )