Force India may cease to exist

Photo / forceindiaf1.com

Team Force India may disappear from Formula 1 in the coming weeks, reports Auto Bild.

Deputy team leader Robert Fearnleyturned to Liberty Media with a request to pre-pay the prize... ( подробнее )

Heavy dump truck BelAZ-7522: specifications

Heavy dump truck BelAZ-7522, capable of carrying up to 30 tons of various bulk cargoes thanks to its design and technical parameters, is widespread in various operational areas. The development of the company

Belarusian automobile plant, located in the city of Zhodino, specializiruetsya in the manufacture of powerful trucks and machinery... ( подробнее )

Tyres "Dunlop SJ6 Grandtrek": overview, description, specifications and owner reviews

Tyre friction type are in great demand among residents of large cities. This is due to the fact that tires of this type are much better behaved on wet and snow-covered road surface. It produces much less noise than studded tires, provide a comfortable handling of the vehicle. Bus friction type cause minimal damage to the road surface compared to... ( подробнее )

Peterhansel: "My car was broken into smithereens"

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The loser of the seventh stage of the rally-RAID "Dakar"-2018st?phane Peterhansel (Peugeot) said that happened to his car on the track. The Frenchman who is the most successful driver in the history... ( подробнее )

Vettel – on collision with Verstappen, which cost him his result at the Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel in the race Grand Prix of China / Photo: press-service of the Ferrari

The overall leader of the Formula 1 Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettelspoke out about the incident in which the Red Bull racer Max... ( подробнее )

Nexen Winguard Winspike WH62: feedback and review

The choice of winter tires, many motorists are much more carefully than to the choice of summer. This happens due to the fact that in winter the quality of the road deteriorates significantly due to precipitation. In addition, the situation is more complicated in regions where winters are cold and accompanied by huge amounts of snow. In such circumstances,... ( подробнее )

Engine oil 5w30 Kiks: reviews, descriptions, specifications and features

Motor oil today must meet the requirements of the strictest standards. It depends on their compatibility with vehicle systems. Properly selected composition may not only not benefit, but harm the motor. Its repair is very expensive. Therefore, the choice of the oil should be approached with great responsibility.

Well-established in the... ( подробнее )

Trailers low loader: application, advantages and device

To transport large structures, for example, containers from the docks or military equipment, it is necessary to use a low bed trailer. Such trailers can easily carry any cargo with non-standard dimensions over long distances. The usual trawls to do so is almost impossible, because they have no such capacity. For this there are sweepers with a special... ( подробнее )

Kubica could become a reserve pilot Williams

Robert Kubica / Autosport

The Polish pilot Robert Kubicawith high probability will be the reserve pilot Williams, reports L\'equipe. According to the source, the Russian Sergey Sirotkinwill be the main pilot, thanks... ( подробнее )

Most reliable used cars. Reliability rating

There is nothing better than a new car. This statement is hard to disagree. However, the problem is that not every motorist can afford to buy such a car. Due to the limited budget, a cast of the eye for used cars. Buy a car easier, but will the purchase be justified? In order not to bite your elbows after the transaction, you need to know which car... ( подробнее )