A hernia on the wheel: can you ride and why is it dangerous?

Traffic is sometimes unpredictable. No one is safe from chips on the front, and also from damages drives. But today we will talk about several different, but equally common problem. This lateral hernia on the wheel. Can I drive with this problem? How to repair? The answers to these and other questions, we find out right now. Feature

That... ( подробнее )

Replacement seal gearbox rear axle VAZ 2107 with his own hands

"Lada seven" – the last rear-drive model VAZ. The hallmark of any classic Vase model is the presence of a reducer. To it fit the propeller shaft, transmitting the torque load. Further, this point is on the axis and, consequently, of the wheel. The scheme is quite simple, and, at first glance, there is nothing to break. But leaking rear gear is one... ( подробнее )

Fork oil for motorcycle

For many motorcycle owners change the fork oil is one of those things they will ever face. Neglecting this service can lead to reduced ride quality, premature wear and abrasion fork fork seals, which allow oil to get on the front brakes. Functions of a lubricant. What is?

Fork oil is exploited in the system of shock absorbers, provides... ( подробнее )

Installation of gas diesel engine

With the constant rise in fuel prices, installation of LPG equipment on the vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising. Spending a few thousand on LPG, you can drive on the fuel price which is twice lower than gasoline. Usually the installation of LPG equipment is carried out on petrol cars. Their motor suitable for operation... ( подробнее )

Overview of the scooter "Suzuki Let\'s 2": the characteristics, features and reviews

For several decades a popular means of transport in urban environments is a scooter or moped. The so-called small lightweight motorcycle that is easy to manage. Scooter "Suzuki Let\'s 2" is a fast and maneuverable vehicle for today\'s youth. This model is from the famous Japanese company quickly gained popularity. "Suzuki Let\'s 2" has many advantages... ( подробнее )

Reviews of VAZ-2114: advantages and disadvantages

Notwithstanding the termination of serial production of the car VAZ-2114 still in high demand in the market. Often such machines buys youth. Also, many people suggest to buy a "Lada" as the first training car. Some of VAZ-2114 performs the function of the second car in the family for travel to the country or even anywhere. But should you buy the... ( подробнее )

Seagull named Fletcher. The only African Formula 1 world champion

Jody Schecter in the days of performances for Ferrari in the company Gilles Villeneuve / espn.co.uk

In 2000, the year Michael Schumacherhis third title of the champion of Formula 1 brought the Ferrari team first trophy... ( подробнее )

What is the cylinder head in the car. After replacing the cylinder head gaskets the car will not start, what to do?

Many people call the engine the heart of the car. In fact, it is. It is the motor drives the car. The engine is the most expensive unit in any machine. This node consists of several components. In addition to the attachments, there is the block and cylinder head. Each detail has its own structure and purpose. Today we will look at what the cylinder... ( подробнее )

Fascinating autographica: logo "Volvo"

Even if you are far from the world, it is still aware of the fact that each automaker has its own emblem which adorns the radiator of cars coming off its lines. It\'s not just a picture-contrast, and the symbol with its meaning and sometimes quite exciting story. Offer you in that spirit to become better acquainted with the logo "Volvo", which has... ( подробнее )

Alex Kuklin will participate in the series Winter Euroformula Open

Russian Alexey Chuklinrepresenting Ukraine, will participate in the second round of the Winter series of the Euroformula Open, which takes place on the legendary track Paul Ricard on 2-3 March. Alex will go behind... ( подробнее )