Impulse charger for car battery: scheme, manual

Wide popularity was received impulse charger for motor batteries. Schemes such devices quite a lot – some people prefer to collect them from scrap items, while others use ready-made blocks, such as computers. The power supply of the personal computer can be easily redone in very high quality charger for car battery. Just a couple of hours can make... ( подробнее )

"Skoda superb": owner reviews

In Russia huge popularity of the car brand "Skoda" (specifically the model "superb"). Many believe that this machine is a budget equivalent of "Volkswagen". Some say about its reliability, others say that the machine will make a huge hole in the wallet of the owner (say, expensive parts and maintenance). But what is it in operation really should... ( подробнее )

Engine D-144: technical specifications

In the USSR there was a number of major manufacturers of tractor equipment, which are independently developed and produced engines for their products. One of such enterprises was Vladimir motor-tractor plant, built in 1945. The first cars were assembled from kits of parts sent from Leningrad with the Kirov factory.Universal motor

In 1959,... ( подробнее )

Car battery bars: owner reviews

Today the market of equipment for electrical vehicles presents a large number of batteries of domestic and foreign production. They differ in quality, functionality and cost. To choose a suitable option, you should consider the advice of experts.

Among the visible variety on offer on the automobile market of batteries impossible not to... ( подробнее )

Halogen lamps under xenon. Automotive halogen lamp: reviews

Many experienced motorists know that using in car bulbs high brightness for main light, that is, xenon, leads to big trouble. To the standard lighting, the traffic police will not find fault, but to more – easily. That is why the question of what is better, xenon or halogen, more relevant than ever.

The whole point here is that... ( подробнее )

The Russian-made tricycles with a cabin (photo)

Since the domestic market is getting increasingly popular small trucks, the company intensified its production. Some of the practical and efficient modifications in this direction are the tricycles of the Russian production. Look at some popular models. Overview let\'s start with the company "Alternative commercial technology", which produces several... ( подробнее )

What is the heater for the car from the cigarette lighter and what is it for?

The heater for the car is not only in order to provide cabin hot air, but for quick defrosting of the windshield. Such heaters are especially appreciated in winter. For example, in the early morning with temperatures below zero need to quickly start the car and get to work. But what if the windshield is very cold and can not see anything? To go in... ( подробнее )

Trucks ZIL 130: cars with a rich history

Trucks ZIL 130 are the true veterans of the domestic automotive industry. These cars were off the line almost half a century in the period from 1962 to 2010. Originally the place of Assembly of these trucks were, but at the dawn of the 1990s they were produced in Novouralsk. About these unique vehicles and will be discussed in this article.

Historical... ( подробнее )

UAZ Patriot: dimensions. UAZ Patriot: technical characteristics and photos

UAZ Patriot - classic Patriotic all-terrain vehicle with high off-road performance, affordable cost, with economical operation and low-cost maintenance.The production of Russian vehicles

Ulyanovsk automobile plant was founded in 1941 on the basis evacuated Assembly plant Moscow plant ZIS. So the first car released by the company, is a ZIS... ( подробнее )

Scheme characteristics and decoding of the manual transmission

If you have a license, then with high probability you are faced with the concept of a manual transmission and know what it stands for. If you are planning to obtain an official permit, then this article is for you. You learn from it the transcript of the manual transmission, the principle of "mechanics". Look at some tricks that will help make life... ( подробнее )