Grid girls will return to Formula 1 at the Monaco Grand Prix

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Grid girls is back on the Monaco Grand Prix, according to F1i. The automobile club de Monaco ACMwhich organizes the Grand Prix, specifically agreed on this issue. Information has... ( подробнее )

Grab loader: description and types

At the moment in the world of special equipment there are a number of different loaders. Today we are not talking about the classic forklift that loaded pallets. Everyone knows about them. And we pay attention to the loader with grapple. This technique looks very different. Also, she has a completely different principle of operation (compared to... ( подробнее )

Tires Kumho Sense KR26: owner reviews

Manufacturer of tyres Kumho recently developed model of tires especially for passenger cars Kumho Sense KR26. This rubber is designed for use in the summer. This company has been in the market for quite some time and has already managed to gain popularity at the expense of the latest equipment and modern production technologies. Many of them were... ( подробнее )

What good are the alarm systems are there? A comparison of popular models

A sharp increase in the number of break-ins and thefts of cars over the past year have forced many car owners to think about protecting vehicles. It is quite logical in the end, the question arises: what is the alarm auto-start is better to put?

The article presents the most popular and reliable car security system with autostart function... ( подробнее )

"Dakar". The success of science, shift leader, motorcyclists and other events of the sixth stage

The crew of Carlos Sainz won the sixth stage in the off-road class / dakar.com

The final sixth stage of the first week of the rally-RAID "Dakar"-2018 participants crossed the stage between the Arequipa and La Paz,... ( подробнее )

The knock sensor VAZ-2110: description, function, possible malfunction

In engine design there are many auxiliary systems and mechanisms. Operation of the power unit it is impossible to imagine without the crankshaft sensor, coolant temperature, throttle position and many other elements. Not the last role plays and the knock sensor. VAZ-2110 is equipped with them, too. Why the need for this element? How to check and... ( подробнее )

How to check sensor throttle position VAZ-2114?

VAZ-2114 is an advanced version of "nine". This "Lada" were installed are virtually the same motors. However, the main difference is injection. In the 14th "Lada" completely moved away from the old carburetors. However, the new system required new sensors. The motor worked fine, in the design there are dozens of sensors. They read the signals and... ( подробнее )

Creation and technical characteristics of IZH-2126

IZH-2126 compact passenger car production in Izhevsk plant, is made in five-door hatchback, with low price, adapted for operation in domestic conditions. The development of production of cars IZH

Izhevsk automobile plant (now the name of the LLC "Izhevsk Lada") was established in 1965 on the basis of production facilities belonging to the... ( подробнее )

The car "Lada Vesta CNG": the owner reviews, specifications and features

With the growing popularity of LPG equipment. This is not surprising because the cost of such fuel (this can be a propane-butane or methane) is less than that of gasoline. Invested in the installation once, you can get real savings. Usually such an installation pays for itself in a year and a half. But the trouble is that these cars don\'t come with... ( подробнее )

The indicator of the tyre\'s tread wear: the location and decoding

All motorists know that to save the life of the engine need time to change consumables. These include oil and filters. But also do not forget that, in addition to oils in the list of "consumables" includes the tires. However, if the first change clearly according to the regulations, the tyres go at everyone on a miscellaneous. Wear is influenced... ( подробнее )