Bike Stels Navigator 830

For Cycling people devote more and more time, because thanks to this sport, you can easily forget about everyday problems and plunge into the picturesque world of nature. You can also have fun with the whole family, to raise your spirit and distract from the city bustle. But you need to buy a bike. Stels Navigator 830

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How to put oil in the box of "priors"?

"Lada Priora" is one of the most popular cars of production of VAZ. This machine is supplied with a 1.6-liter engine and manual transmission. Every car enthusiast knows that to save the important resource nodes, you need time to replace consumables. These include oil and filters. And if they have to replace the engine oil says the first one, something... ( подробнее )

Engine YAMZ-536: description, specifications, user manual

Diesel engine YAMZ-536 and its modifications on the database are high-quality modern power units, designed primarily for the equipment trucks. These motors allow you to create, produce and operate trucks of various purposes. Engine-building enterprise of Yaroslavl

The Yaroslavl refinery was established as a company producing cars in 1916... ( подробнее )

Toyota (minivan), all models: overview, description, features and reviews

The company “Toyota” is the largest manufacturer of cars. Its headquarters are located in Japan. At the moment it is one of the few creators who produce a huge amount of cars per year. Spetsializiruyutsya cars at work in urban environments. It should be noted that if we consider the official data, this company creates a vehicle for any buyer.

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Ferrari: "Best wishes to all of you. With the upcoming holidays!"

Ferrari greets fans / Twitter Ferrari

In the New year\'s eve Ferrari on its official websitecongratulated the fans around the world with the Christmas holidays:

"Special for Ferrari the year is coming to... ( подробнее )

Mercedes said, had the fastest pit stop in the modern history of Formula 1

Mercedes chief strategist James Volzsaid that the team during the Grand Prix Beijing was spent with a quick pit-stop from the moment of occurrence in the Formula-1 of a wider tire. So, according to the stopwatch,... ( подробнее )

The paddy wagon is the vehicle for the transfer of suspects and defendants. A special vehicle on the basis of the lorry, bus or minibus

The car is one of the most versatile vehicles. Can serve as a personal carrier and a freighter, to perform specific tasks, to be the official car. Amid all the above is quite interesting to become acquainted with one of the special purposes of this TS: to know what it is - a paddy wagon. Let\'s move on to the definition of. Paddy is...

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VAZ-1119: compact runabout of the family "Kalina"

Small car of the family "Kalina", VAZ-1119 - production of the Volga automobile plant due to the interesting design, good design, good technical parameters and budgetary cost earned a well-deserved interest from domestic buyers. Creating compact cars "Kalina"

For the first time the company "AVTOVAZ" has presented the initial version of... ( подробнее )

Passenger side trailer MZSA-817711

SSA-811771 is a flatbed trailer, the main purpose of which - the safe transportation of a passenger car different motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, scooters. Additionally, platform trailer allows you to transport and a variety of other goods. Manufacturer of passenger trailers

The company "MZSA" (Moscow factory of special vehicles) founded:... ( подробнее )

Alonso did not rule out the performance in NASCAR

Fernando Alonso / twitter.com/RACERmag

Racer Formula 1 Fernando Alonsoadmitted that he is interested in NASCAR races, but to participate in them, he would have needed to practice before the start. The words of the... ( подробнее )