Speed sensor "Gazelle", the device and replace the

Cars "Gazelle" issued in 1994, and during that time has undergone many changes. At various times they used different ways of determining the speed.First variant

Early machines was fitted with a mechanical speedometer driven by a flexible shaft model GW 310. The flexible shaft is mounted at one end on the transmission housing, the second... ( подробнее )

Water-repellent agent "Aquapel": reviews, manual, price

Today, probably every car enthusiast interested in feedback on the "Aquapel" – water-repellent remedy that is gaining popularity all over the world. Aquapel Glass Treatment, as stated by the manufacturer, is the strongest "enemy" of water, excellent coping with rain drops, which in turn improves visibility and enhances driving safety. Is it really,... ( подробнее )

TagAZ Accent, basic configuration

In the early 2000-ies the Korean automaker Hyundai was rapidly expanding its presence in many world markets. Did not remain deprived of attention and the Russian Federation. For the release of South Korean cars was a specialized factory in the city of Taganrog (Rostov oblast). The first model of the plant began in TagAZ Accent, which was gathered... ( подробнее )

VAZ-2328 - the first pickup VAZ

In the early 90s many car factories of the former Soviet Union are faced with the problem of car sales. Trying to find more customers, businesses are beginning to frantically enter in the model new modifications. So there are cars with a body a pickup truck or convertible, based on the production car.Development of a pickup truck

Not remained... ( подробнее )

Renault Lodgy review, features and reviews

Family car Renault Lodgy was presented at the exhibition in Geneva (2012). The new model is another confirmation of price direction of a joint Franco-Romanian company in creating the highest quality budget car for a minimal cost. On the European market the car was caught in 2012 with a guide on the replacement procedure old counterparts. The production... ( подробнее )

2T-oil: characteristics and properties

During maintenance of equipment that operates on a two stroke engine, there are often issues on the correct use of lubricants, oils, etc. the Correct application, choice, and principles for the use of 2T oil will be considered further.General characteristic

When purchased the unit with a two-stroke engine requires to provide him with proper... ( подробнее )

Racconsole "Laurus": reviews. How to use a "Laurel"?

In the process, the vehicle power unit in the combustion chamber is part of the fuel-air mixture, which is deposited in the oil and compression rings and pistons and cylinders. Over time, this leads to the fact that the rings lie and do not fulfill their function. There is an increased fuel consumption and reduction of dynamic characteristics of... ( подробнее )

Cadillac BLS: specifications, reviews

American cars – a rarity for our open spaces. In Russia their units. This applies to all brands, including Cadillac. Most motorists prefer to drive European, Japanese and Korean production. Take the "American" Russian motorists are simply afraid. It is not known as for him to get the parts and how to fix. Many mind the high fuel consumption. After... ( подробнее )

Tuning "Gazelle the Farmer" with his own hands,

As upgrading any car tuning "Gazelle the Farmer" covers body parts, interior to the engine and other components of the vehicle. Consider the most popular ways to improve this small truck.


Mounting the fairing to the roof of the car – one of the most popular tuning "Gazelle Farmer". In addition, the spoiler performs... ( подробнее )

Car "Ford galaxy": owner reviews, specifications and features

"Ford galaxy" is a family minivan capacity. Built on a front-drive platform and is focused on the European market. This machine is not very popular in Russia. But many speak positively about it. Whether to take the "Ford galaxy"? Reviews on Ford Galaxy, features and specifications – later in our article.Design

The car has a modern, dynamic... ( подробнее )