Engine oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30": reviews, specifications, characteristics

A car engine requires periodic maintenance. In the process of completing this task necessarily changing used grease. For this acquire funds with a specific composition. This can significantly extend the life of the motor. The choice of lubricants must be approached responsibly. Today, the market of consumables for vehicles presents a large number... ( подробнее )

How to set the quiet castle on the VAZ-2107?

Very often the owners of classic models from AVTOVAZ remind passengers that the door can be closed only if a strong slap. And thus closes both front and rear doors. It is difficult enough to imagine a motorist who has not dreamed to remedy this disadvantage. A way out of this situation is. It is quite simple and inexpensive: you need to put a silent... ( подробнее )

Why buy a car with a manual transmission

Pros and cons there are both types of transmission, therefore, so far, manufacturers do not refuse from "mechanics", and some models of cars the automatic transmission is not as a class! So disputes about what kind of transmission is better, well, tense for many years, and each has supporters and opponents. So not so simple? Terminology

So,... ( подробнее )

"Infinity": the country-manufacturer. Who produces cars under the Infiniti brand?

One of the most popular brands that manufactures luxury cars, – infinity, producer country which is Japan. Cars under the Infiniti brand popular all over the world and sold in almost every corner of the globe: USA, Mexico, Canada, middle East, Asia. On the territory of the former Soviet Union cars of this brand went on sale in 2007. Since the Foundation... ( подробнее )

Michelin Latitude Sport 3: the owner reviews, photos, review

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of manufacturers of car tires, most drivers prefer the most famous brands. Popular rubber of the French company "Michelin". When choosing the tyres for premium SUV should pay attention to Michelin Latitude Sport 3. Let us consider what are the advantages of this model and what is it they say car owners.Information... ( подробнее )

How does the cooling system UAZ "Loaf"?

UAZ "Loaf" is a four-wheel drive all terrain vehicle. This model is produced at the Ulyanovsk automobile plant since 1957. This machine is operated not only in its purpose, after all, this is a special technique, but use it also for fans of fishing and hunting.

The main advantage of this car is its versatility and the huge potential of... ( подробнее )

Pendant "Renault Logan": the device features and reviews

"Renault Logan" this is a budget - French b-class, produced since 2004. The machine is popular not only in his homeland but also in Russia. First and foremost, this car is loved for its reliability and low maintenance. The machine has a simple resource engine and strong suspension. "Renault Logan", in addition, is one of the most affordable cars... ( подробнее )

The compact size of "Ford Transit»

"Ford Transit" is a line of commercial vans of various modifications and embodiments are intended to run year-round freight and passenger transport in the city and small suburban and intercity routes.Success story

A series of compact cars under the designation "Transit" from the company "Ford" is composed of cargo versions of minivans,... ( подробнее )

Tyres ViaMaggiore Existing: reviews, review, description and characteristics

Currently studded tires losing their popularity. This is especially noticeable in Asia, where this type of tires is prohibited because of negative impacts to the asphalt coating. In Europe, studded tires are allowed, but with strict limitations in size and number of spikes. In Russia no such requirements, so in some regions this type of tires is... ( подробнее )

Tractor tipper trailer Tonar PT-2

Tractor tipper trailer Tonar PT-2 due to the versatility, robust design, affordable cost and quick payback is sure a demand from the farmers. It is used for transportation of different products and goods. Read more about it in this article. The production of trailers "Tonar"

Multidisciplinary engineering company "Tonar" is one of the largest... ( подробнее )