Force India called the name of the backup pilot for the next season

Nicholas Latifi / twitter.com/ForceIndiaF1

Canadian racer Nicholas Latifibecame a reserve pilot Force India for the season in 2018, according to the team\'s official website.

22-year-old racer will take part... ( подробнее )

Replacement automatic gearbox oil "Kia Sportage 3" with their hands, features and recommendations

"Kia Sportage" 3 – one of Russia\'s most popular crossovers. Machine famous for its reliability and low maintenance. But the units were long (meaning the engine and transmission) should be conducted periodically prevention, namely the oil change. About the engine, any car owner knows – this operation must be performed every 10 thousand kilometers.... ( подробнее )

"Chery-Tiggo T11": owner reviews

Many motorists are afraid to take Chinese cars. Rumor has it that these machines are not distinguished for their reliability and often rot. On the other hand, these cars attract its price. In terms of the cost of such machines apart from the competition. The new "Chinese" can sometimes cost less than a used Japanese. But is the game worth the candle?... ( подробнее )

The head of McLaren: "Already in Australia will be among the leaders"

Fernando Alonso and Zach brown / XPB

The head of McLaren Zac brownbelieves that in the upcoming season the team will fight for the highest places, and also said that the 2017-th year was the worst in team history.... ( подробнее )

On rally "Dakar" the car was almost washed into the ocean

Photos motorsport.com

On rally "Dakar-2018" the car of Yazeed al-Rajhialmost washed away into the ocean. In the race the racer has lost a lot of time because of car repair and decided to catch up by choosing a dangerous... ( подробнее )

Economical fuel Fuelfree: reviews

Content vehicles today costs owners in large amount. Despite the relatively high costs, few people decide to abandon a comfortable and fast means of transportation and trying to find ways to save. Foreign markets of automotive accessories offer drivers the fuel economical FuelFree, reviews which have positioned it as the instrument of the magnetic... ( подробнее )

How to open the car if the key\'s inside: step by step instructions

Sooner or later every motorist is a situation where the keys stay in the car and closed the door. The reasons for this are several. It could be a faulty alarm system, frozen locks or trivial human mistake. But in any case the result will be – a closed car with the keys inside. This is quite an unpleasant situation in which few people want to be.... ( подробнее )

Familiarity with the car: marking icons on the dashboard

With the familiar phrase of Ostap Bender: "the Car is not a luxury but a means of transportation". This thesis is gaining increasing importance especially in our days. Personal car (unlike public transport) helps to catch all the planned meetings, with the comfort to go on a long trip or just to organize daily homework. In the management of "Lada"... ( подробнее )

Auxiliary air suspension "Mercedes-Sprinter": reviews

"Mercedes Sprinter" - one of Europe\'s most famous commercial vehicles. Based on this model created a lot of modifications. This vans, passenger and cargo vans, flatbed and so on. But all of these machines are single – leaf suspension. It is very easy to device. But when it comes to increasing capacity, the question arises about the installation... ( подробнее )

Porsche 911 Classic - bright sports car

Porsche 911 Classic - one of the first and most prominent representatives of the sports class cars with a recognizable appearance, high technical parameters and good design.The manufacturer of the car

Car company Porsche, the manufacturer of the legendary sports car Porsche 911 Classic was founded 1931. The founder is a German engineer... ( подробнее )