Screw suspension: types, installation and adjustment

Today, there are many types of suspensions is dependent, independent, single lever, multi. They are also divided according to the type of elastic elements – spring, spring, pneumatic. But that\'s not all. Today we look at one of the rare and less common types of suspension – screw. Installing it is usually not carried out at the factory and by the... ( подробнее )

Vettel showed the best speed in the final practice of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Sebastian Vettel / Photo: press-service of the Ferrari

The pilot Ferrari and current championship leader Sebastian Vettelshowed the best speed in the third practice of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The second... ( подробнее )

Leasing: pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages of leasing

Knowing the pros and cons of leasing to legal persons, it is possible to approach the design of your business and equipment with the necessary technical capacity. As can be seen from the extensive practice, in recent years businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to such possible to obtain expensive equipment at their disposal. The benefits... ( подробнее )

VAZ-2112: owner reviews and photos

Many first car was exactly WHA. These machines choose, not only because of their low cost. These cars have a high maintainability. Finding the spare parts problem is also available. Today, we examine one of the representatives of the Volga automobile plant – a five-door donasco. This machine is no longer available commercially, but you can find a... ( подробнее )

Hamilton will get a penalty of five positions on the starting grid Grand Prix of Bahrain

Lewis Hamilton / Photo by Charles Coates/Getty Images

Four-time world champion and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamiltonwill get a penalty of five positions on the starting grid Grand Prix of Bahrain, according to the official... ( подробнее )

Passenger wagon "Toyota-Vista Ardeo": features

The car "Vista Ardeo" – a passenger wagon that was released by "Toyota" company only for domestic sales. The car had a roomy comfortable interior, good technical parameters, but was unable to obtain recognition at home. The creation of universal

Passenger car "Toyota-Vista Ardeo" is a mid-size front-wheel-drive wagon that became a separate... ( подробнее )

What is the heat exchanger: working principle

In this article we will talk about what a heat exchanger. This will be the definition of considered questions about the role of these devices in human life, species diversity and provides some comparative data. Attention will also be paid to the value of the heat exchanger in vehicles, and methods for its replacement. Introduction

What... ( подробнее )

Flatbed trailer SZAP-8357 production company "Avtopritsep-KAMAZ"

Side two-axle trailer SZAP-8357 high capacity having simple and reliable design, good technical parameters, most effective when operating in conjunction with trucks "KAMAZ". The purpose of the trailer

Car trailer is a self-propelled vehicle designed for carrying of different loads in conjunction with a motor vehicle-a tractor. This combined... ( подробнее )

Can I drive on summer tires? Legal rules and tips drivers

Many motorists are interested in questions about whether the operation of the vehicle on the tires are not in season and whether you can drive on summer tires in General. With the mindset in our country, this situation is not uncommon. Explain the summer driving on winter tires in the following way – the difference is in the increased noise level... ( подробнее )

NORD (antifreeze): description, specifications, reviews

We have long been accustomed to treat the products of the domestic manufacturers as something second-rate, in advance preparing themselves for mediocre quality. This rule applies especially to the automotive market. One of the most attractive bonuses for Patriotic consumers is an affordable price tag.

But in any rule there are always... ( подробнее )