Chrome will block annoying ads

Опубликованно 09.03.2018 16:14

Chrome will block annoying ads

Google wants to make the ads less annoying to users.

Google intends to fight Intrusive advertising that annoys users of the sites. What is known

Tomorrow, February 15, Chrome get built-in ad blocker that will clear the web resources from annoying ads. A desktop version of the sites to lose the auto play video, "sticky" banners and popup ads.

Mobile Chrome more aggressive and will remove pop-up ads, banners that cover the content and automatic video with sound. Will also disappear "sticky" banner at the bottom of the screen is flashing with animation.

A warning shot

Before blocking, Google will send a message to site owners that they would fix everything. If the warning is ignore, then the company will shut off the annoying ads after 30 days. In the future, the owner can address this issue and to request a re-examination of the resource.

So Google want to make the ads less annoying to users. If you don\'t mind looking at popups, the blocker can be disabled. Now 42% of the sites have corrected the situation and removed the annoying video and banners.

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