Created battery power Bank for smartphone charging in 30 seconds

Опубликованно 10.03.2018 14:21

Created battery power Bank for smartphone charging in 30 seconds

Researchers at the Korea advanced Institute of science and technology created a new type of battery, water-based. According to experts, their design is superior to existing analogs in hundreds of times for all the basic parameters. These batteries have significantly greater capacity, are charged in 30 seconds, have high safety and are much longer.

Especially for new batteries Korean researchers have developed an efficient design of the anode and cathode, working in the environment of a water-based electrolyte. During the experiments, experts produced two plates from a mixture of polymer with graphene having the entire surface of the plurality of micropores. In the anode, these pores empty, whereas the cathode is filled with nanoparticles of Nickel oxide. This structure allows to increase the battery capacity by 100 times.

Researchers have only begun to explore a new technology, so the capacity of the finished prototype is very small, and their power is sufficient except that the power led.

Experts claim that in addition to all these advantages, their batteries are extremely cheap to implement. This will allow in the future to run them in mass production.

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