Features off-road truck UAZ-330365

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Features off-road truck UAZ-330365

The article describes a four-wheel drive truck UAZ-330365 reliable and proven design. It is designed for transportation of small loads, off-road, rough terrain and poor roads.Truck SUV

The UAZ-330365 - sided truck all terrain vehicle, produced by the Ulyanovsk automobile plant. The first car of this family was manufactured at the plant in 1966. That time a truck passed numerous refurbishments.

The main purpose of the truck - transportation of small consignments of various goods (up to 1.3 tonnes) on roads with poor road surfaces or off-road conditions. Therefore, the main consumers of this machine are the residents of many rural areas of our country, as well as production companies operating in difficult road conditions.

Long period of production and the demand for provide for UAZ 330365 technical characteristics and properties, namely:Sturdy and reliable frame construction.Affordable price.Permeability.Maintainability.Quality adaptation for work in the winter.The device of the truck

Truck UAZ 330365 has a simple device consisting of a double-metal cockpit, skid landing gear with two drive axles and installed a cargo platform.

The cabin has a simple appearance with smooth transitions between components, wide side doors for ease of landing (landing), round headlights and combined with repeaters of turns, a trapezoidal grille and large side mirrors.

The interior received a finish of inexpensive soft materials with sound absorbing properties in soothing colors. High seat head restraints are equipped with adjustment mechanism, and optionally provided electric heating. For confident and reliable control truck steering gear is equipped with power steering.

The design features of the car include the possibility of removing the inner cowl of the engine and, if necessary, repair the power unit from inside the cab, which is very handy in adverse weather conditions.

Cargo platform, depending on the performance of the truck and its destination can be wooden or metal option. In addition, if necessary, may be retrofitted arches and an awning that allows you to transport cargo requiring protection from rain and dust.

Off-road performance of UAZ 330365 shape all wheel drive, stock transfer case, high clearance, special tyres, small angles front and rear overhang, powerful spring suspension.Technical data

Parameters and technical characteristics of UAZ 330365 last modification:Engine – gasoline:working cycle: four-stroke;cooling – liquid;number of cylinders – 4 PCs.;location – inline;the power of 112.2 BHP;the volume of 2.70 l;weight – 165 kg;maximum speed – 115 km/h;fuel consumption at speed 60 (80) km/h and 9.6 (12,4) L.Fuel – petrol a-92.Tank volume is 50 l.Occupancy is 2 people.Dimensions:length – 4.50 m;height – 2.36 m;width – 1.99 m;wheelbase is 2.55 m;clearance – 21,5 cmGradeability – 30%.Overcome broad to 0.5 M.Capacity of 1.25 T.Transmission – mechanical, five-speed manual.Transfer case – two-stage.Total weight of 3.07 tThe size of the wheels is 225/75R16.

The reviews about the car

In his numerous reviews of the owners of the UAZ 330365 and drivers compact truck with four-wheel drive there are the following important qualities:The availability of purchase due to the price and different credit and leasing programmes.Options for the purchase of the truck in a different configuration.High permeability and good controllability, allowing to carry out cargo delivery practically in the complete absence of roads.The installation of the awning to increase the types of cargo.Reliable and sturdy frame construction.A simple device of a truck, which allows you to perform a variety of repair operations, and maintenance.Reliable operation in cold season.Cheap consumables, fluids and spare parts.

The UAZ-330365 - low-cost domestic truck with all-wheel drive, quality characteristics robust design for transportation of various cargoes on the road.

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