Tyre Tigar: reviews. Tyre Tigar: features, description of models

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Tyre Tigar: reviews. Tyre Tigar: features, description of models

Company Tigar began its existence in 1935. Her business is located in Serbia. It is also worth noting that the Serbian name means "Tiger".

Initially the company was engaged in manufacturing different rubber products. Only in 1959 it started manufacturing tyres for vehicles. At the moment, the company works closely with Michelin.

Tyre Tigar have good performance, and thus their price is quite low. This is due to the popularity of the company. The company engaged in the manufacture of tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses. What are the reviews of the tires Tigar receive from motorists? More on that below. The history of the company

Initially the company was engaged in manufacturing rubber products for different purposes. However, in 1959, the main activity was the production of automobile tires. At the moment, the company has 1.8 million employees.

In 1964 the company was able to increase production to such an extent that annually descended from the conveyor more than 1.6 million tires. Currently, this figure has increased significantly to 4 million tires per year.

In 1974, in the company\'s history was a pretty significant day. It then began production of radial tires. This innovation was made possible thanks to the cooperation with American company. Soon after that, the US has opened a branch called the TIGAR-AMERICAS. Currently, he also works in normal mode.

Another important event occurred in 1997. Then Tigar began its cooperation with famous Michelin. This cooperation continues today. Many tires are made for similar technologies. Due to this, much improved quality control of products.

In the same year, the company acquired a second company, which is located in Babusnica. It works steadily and now.In our days

At the moment, the company is also working closely with Michelin, creates new production technologies to improve product quality. The most important thing for the manufacturer – providing safe and comfortable movement. The company tries to offer the lowest possible cost for their products. This makes it possible to find positive reviews about Tigar tyres in large quantity.

Description of the Tigar Winter 1 tyre

As you can tell from the title, this model is designed for winter. It was developed together with the engineers of Michelin, so it has a good grip on any type of roads.

The manufacturer recommends installing these tires to those who live in regions with mild winters.

The tread pattern is symmetrical and directed here, so it guarantees resistance to aquaplaning and excellent grip on any type of roads. This is confirmed by reviews about the tires Tigar.Details about tyre Tigar Cargo Speed Winter

This model is designed for trucks of small size and vans. Her protector are spikes. Tires ideal for urban environments, but it is also nice they have shown themselves on icy and snow-covered road.

The tread here has a direction. On its surface are massive blocks. They are paired with spikes provide excellent traction and traversable characteristics almost any type of roads.

Exchange rate stability provides a Central longitudinal rib. It contributes to improved patency when driving on snow-covered land. On the ice, greatly helping the lamellae, which are made by special technology. It also provides the shortest possible braking distance and improved vehicle dynamics.

At the side of the blocks is pronounced, so they provide outstanding traction and passable properties.

Drainage system tires are designed in such a way that ensures effective withdrawal of moisture and snow formations from the surface of the tire. This is achieved through a variety of special grooves.

Also another advantage of the tires is their increased resource. This is achieved by the fact that the contacted portion of the tread and the road surface is maximized, so the wear is more even. It is also provided by the changed composition of the rubber. It is now part of silicon. It ensures reduced wear and makes the tires more resistant to strong frosts. It also helps to improve traction. Additional rigidity and provides a double cord with the use of steel.

Tires are perfect for those who prefer calm driving style. Feedback about the Tigar tires of this model have information on that tyre during the movement do not create additional noise. This property provides comfort to the car owner while driving.Description rubber Tigar Sigura Stud

Winter tires of this model are equipped with spikes. They fit under the passenger cars of medium size. The dimension of the tires is huge. They are presented in the diameter from R13 to R16. The greatest demand among owners of foreign cars are Tigar tyres R16.

Description of the Tigar Cargo Speed tyres

This model is an all-season. It is recommended to install in the trucks small size and mini vans. A pleasant feature of the tires is that they are able to maintain their properties at high speeds – up to 170 km/h.

The tread pattern here ensures excellent grip in all conditions. The clutch is maintained at overcoming the snow and icy roads and dry pavement. During the motion the tires are not creating additional noise, and therefore provide comfortable driving.Description of the Tigar rubber SUV Summer

Tigar Summer tyres designed for SUVs crossovers and SUVs during the summer. On the development of models worked the engineers of Michelin, so it has excellent performance and thus its value is relatively low.

The tread has many sipes and blocks. They form a set of grip edges. Due to the special arrangement of the blocks between them form a groove. They ensure perfect gripping properties in the case of movement of the wet coating. Tires resistant to aquaplaning.

On the side of the tread there are many wide tread blocks. They provide more confident cornering. They also improve vehicle dynamics and significantly reduce stopping distance.Description of the Tigar Prima tyres

Tigar Prima tyre designed for passenger cars in the summer time. When developing this model was applied modern equipment and the latest production technology. Before the beginning of mass production of tires, there were numerous scrutiny.

Tigar Prima tyres are able to maintain their properties until until the car will accelerate more than 240 kilometers per hour.

The cost of tires is relatively low. However, they have excellent grip properties, stability, short braking distances and other characteristics.Description of the Tigar Sigura tyre

These tires are designed for passenger cars. This model is very popular among motorists in Europe. With popularity came relatively recently. Before sending each copy is carefully checked, so the risk of buying defective tires completely eliminated.

Tigar Sigura tires have excellent traction properties on any type of coverage. It is saved as on dry pavement and wet. Tires resistant to aquaplaning. This is achieved by changing the rubber compound and its tread.Description of the Tigar Syneris tyres

Tyre Tigar Syneris recommended to install on passenger cars with a powerful motor. Operation of such tires is permitted only during the summer. This model contributes to the preservation of all properties at high speed. Tires are manufactured using modern equipment, so the quality is high. Tigar Syneris tyres are low cost, but their properties are surprising.


Company Tigar produces fairly high quality products for many types of transport and for different operating conditions. The model number can be found summer tyres Tigar winter. The company also manufactures all-season tires. The products are in great demand due to the high quality and low cost. These tyres have long captured the car owners for its quality, reliability and durability. Most of the comments about the tyres is positive, they often report that the tires had two seasons of operation, and almost all spikes still in place, there is no hernia and the wear is almost imperceptible. We hope the material was useful for you and helped to form an opinion on these tires.

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