VAZ-2107, thrust: purpose, repair, replacement

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VAZ-2107, thrust: purpose, repair, replacement

VAZ-2107 is the latest model of the classics. This car was created on the basis of the Soviet "five". The latter, in turn, originates from 2106, and the one with the "Troika" and "penny". What is it? Despite various improvements, many elements of these machines were similar (if not identical). All the VAZ classical models have the same suspension scheme. Front – independent with coil springs, rear – dependent axle with Panhard rod. It is also called reactive. This is what we will talk today. Appointment

It should be noted that the thrust was used by the automakers before the classics. So, the item used on cars with the leaf spring suspension. Pull design not changed over the years. On the "seven" this element is a long metal tube mounted under the bottom near the rear axle.

Detail is attached to the body via rubber bushes. What is needed on the car VAZ-2107 thrust? This element prevents transverse rocking of the car. Because back on the "Lada" was dependent suspension, this machine strongly heels in the turns. To stabilize her body and to increase safety the machine is equipped with jet thrust. VAZ-2107 is completed by an element of elastic steels. This material is able to withstand high loads for a long time and work great in compression and tensile. Malfunction

In fact, the thrust is not subjected to wear. Major deficiencies relate to the joints of her eye. Usually pull breaks on welded joints and bushings. This happens for several reasons: First, the plot is the weakest in design and poorly withstands the load. As the suspension constantly suffers shock and vibration, over time the bushings wear out and can cause noises. Secondly, the thrust is underneath. For anybody not a secret that this place is constantly exposed to salt, dirt and other reagents. As a result, the surface traction and its fasteners appear corroded. After a while it corrodes metal so that its strength is not enough for damping and traction simply breaks.

Below such problems were not caught the owner off guard, you need to periodically monitor the status of this element. The presence of cracks and other deformations it is necessary to replace the jet linkage on a VAZ-2107. Signs

What to say about replacing this item? If you do not take into account external examination, to determine the fault thrust can the behavior of the car. Over time, the bushings get loose, and thrust no longer performs its function.

The car lurches stronger on the turns in the audible thuds. It says failed silentblock. Well, if the draft is rusted and broken, part of it just dragging on the ground. It is hardly possible not to notice such a fault. But how to get home if traction broke down on the way? You can hang part of it on any of the items underneath (e.g., silencer) with wire and gently move to the Parking and repair. Jet thrust VAZ-2107 - price

Note that these elements are interchangeable with other models of VAZ family classic. The average price of jet set of rods VAZ-2107 is from one to two thousand rubles. Among the quality products reviews note thrust from the manufacturer "Phenox". What is the jet thrust for the VAZ-2107 price? Kit price is 1400 rubles. This price includes: Transverse thrust. Longitudinal left and right. Longitudinal short.

Additionally the set includes bushings torque rod. How to replace the element? This will cover below. Tools

So to replace we need to prepare a standard set of tools (heads, crank), a hammer, an Assembly shovel, as well as the universal lubricant WD-40. If not, you can apply any equivalent manufacturer "LIQUI Moly", "Mannol" and "Laurel".

These products are not worse to cope with soured bolts. Still, we need brush on metal. It we cleaned the head bolts from any accumulated dirt. Start to work

Thoroughly cleaning the brush the joints treated them liberally with multi-purpose grease. You need to wait until it completely penetrates. Next, select a die of the desired size (19) and Unscrew the nut that holds the rod on the free side. If it is tight, you can re-splash the lubricant onto the threaded connection. When the end of the bolt head with a nut, take a hammer in hand. You need to apply several blows to the bolt and to extract the last out. After this, proceed to the second side. For its removal you need to spin the lower shock mount.

Next, get a spacer sleeve of an elastic element. So we get access to the second bolt thrust VAZ-2107. If the nuts get loose is bad, does not help even a lubricant, you can cut the bolt with a grinder. Please note: do not dislodge the item with a hammer because it\'s close to the gearbox. The next step is to get the remains of the most thrust to the outside. Installation

If you have used an angle grinder, it is important to remove all traces of fixings mounting blade. As next is replacement of the reactive rods VAZ-2107? Then installed a new element to their former places of anchorage. But installation can be difficult. As the old craving has not coped with their task, the bridge could "leave" a few degrees to the side.

To new pull properly anchored, abut mounting the blade to the bracket and remove the axle to until holes are aligned. Further tighten all bolts and nuts. The same procedure is produced and on the other side. To tighten use the same ratchet and hex head 19. In conclusion

So we found out what is on the car VAZ-2107 thrust and how it can be replaced. As you can see, the element is easily changed in the garage environment without the involvement of assistants. The cost of a new thrust is small, so if there is a fault to delay its replacement is not necessary. It will only create additional difficulties for the subsequent installation of the new thrust.

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