Dutch programmer created Recognizer cat

Опубликованно 11.03.2018 09:28

Dutch programmer created Recognizer cat

Dutch front-end developer Arakis Harry lives with his wife and cat Mobicom. Actually the cat is not his, and a neighbor, but as long as Harry moved into their current house, Babis became a frequent guest. Cat likes to go into the house, and makes it about the same time, so Harry and his wife sometimes in advance open the front door. But they wanted to know exactly what the cat went to visit, to inadvertently miss out on a visit, so Harry created a recognition system of the cat, according to Motherboard.

The device consists of a small video camera, motion sensor and a Raspberry Pi computer. Past the door when someone passes the sensor includes a camera, and the algorithm analyzes captured her and if the front door sits a cat, sends a notification to the smartphone of the home owners.

Harry used a free cloud pattern recognition algorithm Rekognition. The whole system cost Harry 50 dollars and a few hours time. The recognition accuracy of a cat, according to Harry, approaching 100%.

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