Flatbed trailer: types, features, purpose

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Flatbed trailer: types, features, purpose

If you need to ship heavy, bulky goods (furniture, building materials, military equipment, etc.), the power of conventional machines is unlikely to be enough. That is why there is a special flatbed trailer for a car by which you can reduce the load and successfully transport the Luggage to the destination.

Trailer - what is it?

Flatbed trailer – a vehicle which has a platform and a drop side for loading of Luggage, but not equipped with an engine and intended for movement in structure with the vehicle. Such devices are used for transporting different goods and products weighing up to several tons. Sometimes the load capacity of trailers reaches 500 tons! These results can boast of some models of dump trucks Caterpillar and Terex.

This equipment has a fairly simple design and mostly consists of a platform Board with folding mechanism. And a trailer fifth-wheel device whereby a trailer can be connected with the machine. There are still some models equipped with special supports for safe separation from the vehicle.

Since most side trailers are quite large platforms, which greatly complicates the movement of the turns, companies are constantly trying to improve the design of equipment to maximize its maneuverability. For example, often used by the control system by turning the wheels, set multi-chassis, extended drawbar, etc. But you need to shell out to buy a trailer. The price of the improved models is quite high. The types of flatbed trailers

Classification of airborne trailers is such a broad topic, because these vehicles to transport goods has become very popular among truckers and simple drivers cars.

But conventionally such special equipment can be divided into two groups:Cars.Truck trailers and semi-trailers.

For cars include:Standard trailer with sides. This is the most common addition to a passenger car, which is used by almost all drivers to transport any small load (products, materials, furniture, etc.)."Boat" trailer. Virtually no different from the previous one, except as specifically provided for lodgement for water equipment and winches for more efficient loading of Luggage.

To the cargo are:The semi-trailer. Often many people think this device is kind of trailers, but it\'s not. This machinery is no ordinary pole, but instead used reference for the traction mechanism, which increases maneuverability. Such devices are intended for transportation of heavy and bulky Luggage.The trailer cargo. Unlike the previous version, has a drawbar and hitch. This trailer is intended for transportation of heavy, but small Luggage.

Cargo equipment there are many. There are trailers and semitrailers for special purposes, which are used in various spheres of life. For example, a two-axle trailer is used as an additional vehicle of the truck, and intended for the carriage of a tree. In addition, there are: Tent trailers.Refrigerators.The isotherm.Of the tanker.Container.Other (side and open platforms for transportation of small loads).

To find out more detailed information about this equipment below.Trailers and semi-trailers, special purpose

These include:Trailers of car transporters. Designed to transport motorcycles, cars and other vehicles. Depending on the size of the load, these specialized vehicles can accommodate five or more pieces of wheeled equipment class B length from 4 to 4.5 m.The trailer dump truck used to transport, load and unload of bulk cargo.The grain, which is designed for transportation of feeds and various agricultural crops. As in the case of a dump truck, this machine has automatic tailboard, which makes it easier to unload Luggage available. Some new models of vehicles of foreign production are also equipped with special devices to bootstrap crops.Trailers for transportation of wood, lumber and pipe metal, which is most frequently used by timber trucks. The peculiarity of such a specialized vehicle are conic – snap more effectively to put the goods and to fix it around the perimeter.The main technical characteristics of trailers special purpose

Car transporters


from 20 to 25 tons


up to 10 PCs.

The maximum length of the car

up to twenty meters



up to 40 tons



to 22 tons

The volume

up to 45 m3



up to 30 tonsAwnings

Tent semi-trailers intended for almost all shipments. They are used both for internal (within cities, between areas and regions of the country) and for international transport industrial and commercial goods.

Flatbed trailer awning type used under different conditions, at low and high temperatures. In addition, such a vehicle does not need additional protection from inclement weather, so for the integrity of the Luggage can not survive. And simultaneous download of the product from all sides allows workers to do their work much faster than when using other types of trailers.

A popular representative of the awning semitrailers "Jumbo" (Jumbo) that has a "broken" frame. The main feature of this machinery is its high capacity (up to 33 pallets of the European standard), which is possible because of a stepped l-shaped platform of the cargo compartment, the small diameter wheels.Tent trailer (side) features

Standard load

up to 25 tons


fit more standard 20 or 30 pallets of the European standard

The volume

from 60 to 125 m3Refrigerators

Those are called trailers, which has a special cooling chamber and a system for maintaining the desired temperature. Due to its characteristics, often used in trade for perishable products and other goods that must be stored in specific climatic conditions.

There is even such modifications of special equipment, the range of temperature of refrigerating chambers which can reach a maximum of -25° C. But it is very expensive to purchase such a trailer. The price recently jumped behind the growth of demand.Technical characteristics of the refrigerators

Standard load

from 20 to 25 tons


standard fit from 22 to 34 pallets of the European standard

The volume

from 60 to 90 m3Isotherms

These trailers have the same design with the refrigerated, but not equipped with refrigerating chambers. This equipment is intended for transportation of perishable goods and goods which must be protected from atmospheric effects. Each flatbed trailer holds up to 30 pallets of the European standard and has a standard load capacity of 20-25 tons.Tanker

If you need to transport any chemical or gas substances without harming the environment near and far distances, then the truckers use this trailer.

A truck with a tank can have a different design, as well as several sections for transport.Technical characteristics of tankers

Standard load

from 10 to 20 tons

The volume

40 m3Container ships

A container ship is a flatbed trailer designed for transportation of various containers. There are several types of this machinery:Universal (or pull-out container). They are used for the transportation of baggage up to a height of 14 m and a load capacity up to 30 tons.Low loader specially designed for loading tanks.Tipper container trucks.Open flatbed

Most often, an open platform is a two-axle trailer without the tent. But there are various modifications of such equipment, equipped sides.

Mostly open platforms are intended for transportation of commercial construction and industrial goods, which have large dimensions, weight and do not require special storage conditions or additional protection from inclement weather.

Standard load some models – 20-25 tons. Although there are various modifications of the open side of platforms, which can carry baggage weighing up to 40 tons.Platform for small loads

Such trailers are intended for transportation on short distances of various loads up to a length of several tens of meters. For example, they are used for transport of plastic pipes in construction sites or during the realization of repair works.

Platform for small loads have a standard capacity of up to eighty tons.

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