Summer tyres "Tung": the owner reviews, features and types

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Summer tyres

Manufacture tire produced using the innovative equipment to guarantee the production of excellent quality. Along with that, tires have the stylish look to positively influencing the perception of the car as a whole. What feedback on the summer tires "Tung" leave motorists? Tires TUNGA

Brand TUNGA belongs to a Russian manufacturer of car tyres JSC "Kordiant". The company products are different from other counterparts is unusual, and most importantly, functional tread patterns. This is the fruit of a collaborative effort between the developers of the tires and the masters of the advertising company. The headquarters of the Corporation JSC "Kordiant" is located in Moscow. The firm has branches. They are located in many major cities of Russia.

Tyres for summer roads

The reliability of the tyre in the process of operation depends on its basic design. It consists of metallobeta protecting from possible deformation and damage in the process of operation, and a shielding layer covering a military base tires. Together they make a combo breaker.

A stable behavior of the wheel when driving is ensured by the use in the manufacture of homogeneous rubber mixtures. Uniformity is achieved by adding to the rubber composition of shungite.

The highest possible safety performance indicators provides a special protector. Before its developers the task was: to create a surface with increased traction properties, which have been successfully solved them. At the same time the creators of the bus "Tung" have minimized the risk of aquaplaning in adverse weather conditions. To achieve the desired result at the center of the tread was made of a wide groove, and shoulders - V-shaped slots. Leaving comments about summer tyres "Tung", drivers write that the rain tires ensure safe driving.

Description tires Tunga Zodiak 2

The model is designed for summer use, the same Cordiant Comfort. At last she took a special structure of the protector. Tunga Zodiak 2 used to equip a wide range of cars both domestic and imported. The overlay is considered a new product on the market, and it\'s the end of 2016. At the moment there are 11 sizes of the model (with R13 for R16).

Bus design hard due to the layered belt. The last constructed of the two steel cord layers and one layer of nylon. This rigid structure reduces the likelihood of punctures and damage from exposure to mechanical elements, while ensuring good handling. The lifespan of this model is longer, compared to other instances of this price series.

Protector, taken by the manufacturer as a basis, has two layers of rubber. The inner layer is located under the picture is more rigid and promotes the rigidity of the Assembly. Riding on these tyres reduces fuel consumption. In numerous reviews about summer tires "Tung" from "Kordiant" it\'s confirmed.

The top layer of rubber provides good grip in dry weather and in rain. Its composition is softer than the lower layer, but the composition of the raw materials for their production has special nutrients that support the resistance. Tires operated for long time without losing its functionality. Reviews of summer tires "Tung" has information that the resource of tyres is huge.

In this model, the tires are 3 rib. Them whole is the Central rib, the other two have deep cuts that are part of drainage systems. Water surface area is given quickly, the car is well controlled in turns. Tires that allow the driver to precise suspension response to wheel movement.

The special structure of the protector is well reflected in the overall traffic safety by reducing stopping distances. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews on summer tyres "Tung zodiac 2" from motorists.

Tire Tunga PS-3

Bus this model is for summer use on trucks. Among motorists is popular because of the best ratio "quality - price". When creating a tyre, particular attention was paid to the strengthening of the frame and tread.

The selection of the structure of tire tread had spent a lot of time. As it turned out, not in vain. The new model has increased traction characteristics. At the center of the tread is a massive channel, he is responsible for directional stability and ambulance feedback. Other smaller channels and deeper divert the mud and water, provide good adhesion with road surface. Stability and maneuverability provide elongated blocks arranged in the shoulder area. They have sharp edges.

In the absence of noise in movement and good wet grip meets a lot of sipes of different depths, shapes. The tire demonstrates good control with intensive rain. They contribute to safe and comfortable driving experience that many say when I write reviews on summer tyres "Tung".

To minimize the possibility of punctures and road damage allows impact resistant frame. Manufactured using the new technology of winding. Used steel ring and reinforced cord. The mileage of the tire has improved uniformity of internal pressure. For the same reason, prevented its uneven wear.

Tire Tunga Zodiak

The model is used in summer and is suitable for small cars. From other models is an aggressive design. Impression of appearance is combined in it with good performance.

Protector model has a well-developed drainage system. Drainage grooves are positioned against the movement, have a curved shape and a variable cross-section. This allows the tire to be resistant to aquaplaning at high speeds. Motorists, when you leave reviews on summer tyres "Tung zodiac", note that in the wet grip properties remain excellent.

Elements of the tread are large in size and rigid structure. Grip in dry weather is achieved due to the large size of the contact patch. On a wet road the same characteristics are achieved through many long faces a large number of blocks on the tread. Many drivers have tested it in practice and leave reviews on summer tyres "Tung zodiac." Conclusion

Products of domestic tyre manufacturer demonstrates the good quality and low cost. Many motorists who use the tires "Tung" and recommend them as worthy products. Owner reviews on summer tyres "Tung" is confirmed.

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