Tires Pirelli: country of origin, description and reviews

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Tires Pirelli: country of origin, description and reviews

The company "Pirelli & Co" is in the top five producers of tires. Currently, power companies bring the company huge profits, much higher than the other. Tyres Pirelli and country of origin will be discussed below.

The company today

The tire manufacturer "Pirelli" (Italy) has been manufacturing tires for passenger cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, farm equipment and other modes of transport. Also often comes the development of new models of tyres and technologies of production. The company manufactures and raw materials for the manufacture of tires, which many organizations acquire wholesale. The tyre producer was able to develop an almost perfect tires that are in great demand. Importantly for the company is to provide reliable, safe and comfortable drive.

Before the country of tyre manufacturer Pirelli were Italy, currently it produces only 15% of the total volume of the company\'s products. The remaining 85% are produced in 20 countries where the company branches. All tyres are supplied Pirelli Tyre in 120 countries. From the country-manufacturer of tyres Pirelli quality is not affected.

Worldwide there are 23 enterprises of the company. About 21 thousand employees. And Russia is a country-manufacturer of tyres Pirelli. Products are certified in 120 countries. The number of produced tires per year company surpasses many others. Some manufacturers of cars bought Pirelli tires for installation on models in different trim levels. Among the assortment you will find tires for various vehicles and equipment. The quality of production is superior to many others. Established technology used by other tire manufacturers.


An important task for the company is to remain competitive. This it achieves by improving production and creating new technological solutions. On the solution of this problem every day works more than 2 thousand specialists in research centres, which are located in France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA and Brazil. A lot of money the company spends to accomplish this goal. Just a contribution to the development and improvement of production is 3 % of annual profits. Thanks to this attitude the company cooperates with many manufacturers. Some models of tires designed specifically for certain vehicles. All employees of the Pirelli facilities and highly qualified work in the field for one year. This helped to establish the production of quality products and become a worthy competitor to other companies.Pirelli Winter Ice Zero

Data winter tyres developed by engineers recently. This was done taking into account all the wishes of the motorists. Tyre designed for passenger cars, SUV and with a powerful motor. The cost of tires is high enough, but this is because they guarantee good traction in all conditions, while retaining the properties and characteristics at high speed. Because of these qualities, they are popular not only in those countries where tyres are Pirelli.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Data winter tyres Pirelli not studded. Company recommends you to install them on cars from the premium segment. At the moment the model comes in 28 dimensions: from R16 to R21. Soon this list will be expanded.

They can also be installed on cars with the increased passability. Tires due to the set of coupling edges leave the car steady on any surface, from snow and obledenenie the track to dry asphalt. The creation bus has occurred recently, so the model meets all modern standards and requirements. Superior grip is achieved through the development of tread pattern, changes in the composition of the rubber and additional rigidity.

Before the mass production of tires passed multiple testing. As a result, they were better than many of its competitors. This is especially noticeable when measuring braking distance, it is very small.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero II

Winter tyres are designed specifically for motorists who prefer an aggressive style of driving and comfort. Tires allow to make sudden maneuvers and eliminate the risk of skidding. Also, due to the tread pattern ensures good driving stability and traction on any type of roads. Tires retain their properties as in the cold, and slightly above air temperature. Because of this, they become universal for the regions of operation.Pirelli Winter Sottozero III

Data winter tyres Pirelli designed for vehicles from the premium segment. They contribute to improving the vehicle dynamics. Also bus allow you to make sudden maneuvers with maintaining traction. To pick up these tires can almost any car. They are presented in a variety of dimensions: from R16 to R21. Pirelli Winter Carving Edge

The word Edge in the title means that this is a modified version of the tires. Characteristics of the tyres Pirelli has changed and become better. Tires are available in different dimensions. Now they can be installed both on passenger cars and crossovers and SUVs. You can choose from studded and non-studded versions. In any case, the grip is as close to perfect.

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Friction

This model is also a novelty. Tires presented in a variety of sizes, so you can install them on almost any passenger car. The tire was designed for regions where cold winters. Therefore, in the cold tyre does not harden and retain their properties, including coupling.Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow

These winter tires are designed for crossover vehicles, SUVs and pickups. Their peculiarity is the absence of spikes, but the grip is always preserved.

To pick up tires can be at any crossover, SUV and pickup truck. This allows you to make a variety of dimensions: from R15 to R22.Pirelli Winter Chrono

These tires are all-season. The company, which produces tyres Pirelli, these models a bit. These tires are designed for installation on commercial vehicles of small size. They can withstand huge loads and is able to maintain traction.

The protector is represented as a set of directional arrows. The Central rib provides directional stability and side – sharp maneuvering.Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol III

Tires designed for winter. However, they are not fitted with spikes. The manufacturer recommends their installation on vehicles of small size. Grip is always preserved. So tyres contribute to safe driving.Pirelli Winter Carving

These tyres designed for the harsh operating conditions in winter. They are popular in Scandinavia. The tires were created by the joint work of engineers Pirelli and Volvo. Tyres have different sizes: from R13 to R17.Pirelli Winter Sottozero

These tires are designed for winter operation of the vehicle, but not fitted with spikes. They are specially designed for cars with powerful motor, which requires excellent grip. Tires can provide.Pirelli Winter Carving

The manufacturer positions this model as tyres for premium cars. They are intended for regions where winters are the coldest and lots of snow. So their protector located spikes.Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

The manufacturer has created these tires are specially designed for crossovers, SUVs and pickups with a powerful motor. If you believe the reviews, they provide excellent grip only when driving on particulate type coatings. The tread lines are arranged to form the letter Z.Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

These tires can be installed in the car at any time of the year as they are all-season. The manufacturer recommends installing their crossovers, SUVs and pickups.Pirelli Cinturato P1 Eco

A distinctive feature of these tyres is that they are designed for compact cars. They, according to the reviews, provide a safe and comfortable driving.Pirelli PZero

The tires were created specifically for supercars with powerful engines. Their advantage is that at high speed all the properties are preserved, as noted by the reviews.Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Tyres recommended for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. According to reviews, they are perfectly cope with obstacles on off-road and almost do not pollute the environment.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue

Tires for passenger cars of this model reviews recommended to install in the summer. They retain grip both on dry and on wet asphalt. Also, the owners say they help reduce fuel consumption and have increased resource.Pirelli Carrier

These tires are designed for trucks of small size. They must withstand enormous loads, therefore, before mass production was tested in many research centers.

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