Baby car seat group 1: description

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Baby car seat group 1: description

Modern car manufacturers are paying increased attention to safety. However, all the measures of effective adult occupant and a child who is in the cabin, it remains vulnerable. Conventional means of vehicle to ensure adequate protection of the baby impossible.

To journey with the baby held in safety and with comfort, you need a special child restraint device as in everyday use, car seat.

Today there are many popular, proven and reliable manufacturers of such devices. In this article, let\'s talk about chairs for children in the first age group, most popular brands and make a ranking of group 1 car seats.

How to choose?

The starting point in the choice should be the weight of your child: he will define the group car seats. It is important that the baby\'s head was above the back seat. Specify the weight limits of the children for whom fit a particular seat are included on the label together with information on the certification standards.

Formally, the panel 1 is provided for children who weigh from 9 to 18 kg weight is not the main and only indicator, which requires a transplant in the next age group. Age is also important.

To use the group 1 seat is required for children weighing over 9 kg and aged at least 9 months and is much better with 11-12 months.

This chair is usually set in the direction of motion. The baby that is fixed by the built-in five-point belts. And in some models, the child is fixed with special belts, and child safety special table. The back of the car seat group 1 usually has variation of regulation small passenger during wakefulness or sleep, and some models are designed with 3-5 provisions for rest. Car seat Britax-Romer King II LS

Chair innovative King II LS has received from its creators unique light and sound indicator that helps to choose the right belt tension for the child. With improved protection from frontal and side collisions never so simple had not ensured the safety of the child.

Features of this model:

a special indicator will determine the level of belt tension; installed in the car on the built in seat belt; with one hand you can adjust point harness; easy height-adjustable harness and headrest; soft deep sidewalls provide optimum protection. shoulder pads on the straps ensure maximum comfort; several provisions of the inclination angle; removable washable cover. Brand is Chicco

Car seat Chicco X-Pace Isofix is designed and manufactured in accordance with the growing requirements for the safety of the baby in the car.

Chair installed as a system ISOFIX, and fastened seat belts. The upholstery cover is made of high quality soft and breathable fabrics. In addition, it has inserts made of microfiber, which are located in areas where the child\'s body touches the chair. Shockproof design with absorbing the force of impact layer and a self belt which is adjustable for growing children and has a single tensioning system, ensure the safety.

This model of car seat group 1 Isofix complies with ECE R44/04 - safety standard in Europe. Designed for children weighing 9 - 18 kg. Chicco guarantees ease of use for parents seat cover is easily removed for washing or cleaning without the use of straps; the child\'s safety and comfort secured exclusive headrest can be easily installed in one of 6 positions; superkrepkoe the shoulder straps are not twisted and provide young passengers with the necessary comfort. Baby car seat group 1

Another brand of car - Happy Baby. Model Taurus Deluxe Grey provided for 1 and 2 age group (9 to 25 kg). Leading experts in automotive safety in the production of Taurus was used only high-strength modern materials. Finishing the inside is quilted, breathable and soft finish. Cover is easily removable and can be cleaned at a temperature of 30 degrees.

This car seat for children 1 – 2 groups equipped with a convenient mechanism to change the angle of and adjustment. Soft pads on the five point belts, which are height adjustable and make it easy to place baby in the chair and be absolutely sure it is safe. The Taurus chair is set so that the child sitting face forward. German pedantry and innovation

The brand Cybex is a recognized leader among manufacturers of child seats.

Group 1 car seat the Cybex Pallas M Fix guarantees maximum safety and comfort of young passengers in the car. This model is an improved version of the Cybex Pallas 2 Fix. From his distinguished predecessor, changed the table safety and security system L. S. P. Plus side impact.

Car seat Pallas M Fix new design can be used with shorter seat belts of the car.

Description Pallas M Fix: adjusting the backrest; more freedom the child – with the improved shield; the function of air circulation gives maximum comfort to the little passenger; it\'s possible to install the IsoFix system, and without it; telescopic individually adjustable linear side-impact protection; 12 provisions regulation of backrest height; patented, three-position headrest; cover of breathable material, easy to remove and wash. In 1 group - the best choice

If you need to purchase high-quality and safe car seat that will provide protection and comfort to the child while traveling, the best choice in the group 1 car seat is Maxi-Cosi Tobi.

This model has the latest security system in the car. Baby car seat group 1 Maxi Cosi Tobi is an innovative level of safety for children weighing less than 18 kg. Body seat made of high impact material that will allow the seat to withstand the impact of any outside forces. Maxi-Cosi Tobi corresponds to the strictest and most recent European safety standard.

Point harness reliable and will never allow a child to slip or fall out of the chair.

For additional security and protection provided for exposed side with rigid inserts, which provide optimal protection in a side impact. And thanks to the led indicator, you can determine the correct belt tension, which allows the baby to feel comfortable.

With the help of adjustable headrest with seven fixed provisions Maxi Cosi car seat will "grow" with your child, adjusting to his size. Car seat group 1 reviews

Maxi-Cosi Tobi is very easy to install. Convenient system of straps when the opening and closing of "scatter" in the parties themselves, do not interfere with Seating the child. Comfortable headrest - the head is not loose, adjustable height. The kid in the chair sits deep and high. While independently looking around. Straps are tightened with one hand, and the red/green indicator will show how well the child sits. The disadvantages include the high cost, but say the chair is worth it.

Cybex Pallas M Fix is a great chair. Good test results, side protectors, protective table, the status "sleep" (rarely in the chairs group 1), comfortable height adjustment (adjustable by one hand, not back and front), looks stylish. Very easy to get and seat and child. Deterioration - in some models the car safety belt to secure the seat too short.

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