Tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523: customer reviews

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Tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523: customer reviews

The company produces Viatti tires for a long time. Some time began to gain popularity in Russia, collecting positive reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523 R17. What is this company? This will be discussed in this article.

About the manufacturer

The company has existed for a long time, but her appearance was only in 2010 at the exhibition in Moscow, where it presented products of the manufacturer. The development of most models of German and Italian engineers, but the tires are produced not only in Germany and Italy. Production is established in Russia at the plant in Nizhnekamsk. Immediately after the presentation, the company began selling its products via many stores. One of the first models on the Russian market was tyre with an asymmetrical tread pattern.

"Nizhnekamskshina" manufactures tires not only from the manufacturer Viatti, but also from others. However, the cooperation with this company has allowed the company to gain experience and learn new technology tires. Tires Viatti tailored to operating conditions in Russia, and also Russian style of driving. The composition of the rubber changes, also based on these factors.

Viatti tires are already able to compete with many budget models, but the company aims to become a benchmark in its segment.

The company has its own slogan, and from Italian it is translated as "standard of comfort". Products comply with this slogan, because a huge consideration when designing tyres is paid exactly comfortable driving and safety. This involved foreign engineers.

Winter tires

As to the Russian market the company came recently, in its range it has only one model for winter operation is Brina. With the Italian name translates as "frost". Tires are in many standards and quality norms. The rubber compound was designed specifically so that it would not start to harden in the frost. Lateral tread is designed so that significantly increases the throughput and grip. Each coating begin to dominate the different properties of tyres that are needed.

The tires are relatively quiet operation. During the movement they do not create additional noise, therefore, contribute not only safe, but also comfortable driving.

Between the blocks there are special grooves required to remove moisture and snow from the surface of the tyre. Judging by the reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523, they do it as quickly as possible.

Now the tyre can compete with many models from other manufacturers.Summer tires

Most models of the company are designed for summer operation of the cars. Many drivers prefer tires series Strada Asimmetrico for their machines.

These tires are designed with all the characteristics of climate and operating conditions. Manufacturer daily gaining positive feedback on the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523. "Nizhnekamskshina" is valued by motorists for the very attractive characteristics of the product, which can not always boast other well-known companies. Tires are in great demand due to the fact that excellent road holding and responsive to the steering, so the driver can assess the whole situation on the track. The cost of rubber is relatively small. Tires are competing with many other models. Dignity

In Russia drivers use different tires. Often choose a model range of Viatti. For example, the tyres of Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523. Why is this happening? The fact is that tires are important advantages, namely:Reinforced sidewall. Outwardly almost imperceptible, so as not evident, but the manufacturer has devoted a lot of attention. Therefore, significantly reduced the risk of cuts or hernias.Fairly quiet operation. Buyers leave feedback about Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523 and note that, compared to competitors, these tires do not create additional noise and contribute to comfortable driving.Resistance to aquaplaning. On the tread of the tire has special grooves, through which water is excreted. When hitting a wet section of the road will not loss adhesion.

These advantages are the tyres because the company refers to the development of new models very seriously, working through all the nuances. For this you need to pick up a quality rubber compound, which will improve its properties and increase wear resistance. On research and development the company takes a lot of time and money, but despite this, tires are still offered at competitive prices.

Bosco Nordico

This model is recommended for installation on passenger cars and is designed for winter use. Tires produced in Russia, but their development was conducted abroad. Despite this, they are suitable for Russian conditions. How to prove comparative reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523, rubber does not differ radically change from the other winter models. The manufacturer has decided to follow the proven path. The tires have great grip with any road surface and retain their properties even at low temperatures. Protection from snow and ice

At the side of the tyre are fairly large blocks, each with a recess. This will substantially improve the properties passable, and the car ceases to skid. The unit is located and in the center. They guarantee improved traction when driving on snow, ice or wet roads. The outer layer of the protector is made of a soft rubber, which also helps to improve traction. Thanks to this rubber can withstand lower temperatures, which is confirmed by the positive reviews about the tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523.

The presence of spines also plays an important role. They significantly improve the grip on the track obledenenie, allowing you to move around in that terrain at a higher speed than usual. Because of the special shape of the spikes they create less noise.

The output of the snow and moisture

On the tread of the tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523 215 65 R16 are many blocks, and between them a special groove. They contribute to a prompt withdrawal of moisture and snow from the surface of the tire without compromising traction. Thanks to this tyres provide a more confident performing various maneuvers.Directional stability

At the center of the tread is located a longitudinal edge that are not interrupted. It helps to improve directional stability. Also this help and longitudinal checkers. They ensure improved responsiveness of the wheels on the steering, but also improve the stiffness of the tires.Features

The main feature tires – excellent grip on any surface. Reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523, the spikes do not interfere with the persistence of grip even on dry pavement. Development of the composition of tires lasted quite a long time because the manufacturer has achieved the ideal result. The composition enables the tyre does not harden at sub-zero temperature and at zero – not to melt.

Excellent grip is maintained when driving in the snow. Often when hitting the snow, it remains on the surface of the rubber, but not in this case. These tires feature a tread that has a special groove. Through them as quickly as possible appears the snow, and gripping properties do not deteriorate. When driving on a wet road occurs a similar process and the risk of getting into a skid is greatly reduced. This was confirmed with numerous tests, studies, and grateful feedback from buyers of tires Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523.


Many drivers set a tires from this manufacturer. Some of them leave then the reviews of the Viatti Bosco Nordico V-523 , and not only. Most often, the responses are positive.

Since these tires are from the budget segment, most often they become the owners of budget cars. Most of them install the tires yourself. Make it easy, about the same as other models. All the tire it can also do will cost this procedure is inexpensive. Unfortunately, self-balancing cannot be performed, but it can be done efficiently in the tire. Also often reviews drivers say that the tires have excellent traction on any surface. The permeability of the rubber. She is able to travel through the small snow drifts with no problems. Motorists also often mention some other advantages, namely:Quiet operation. While driving the tires do not create additional noise, which contributes to the enjoyment of the trip.Improving vehicle dynamics. Of course, winter is not aggressive to travel, so improving the speakers are not gives a great result. However, in case of need for a dramatic rebuild or similar action, this advantage will greatly help.Confident cornering. Now you can do this a little faster.Perfect grip with the road surface. Tires showed their best on any surface.

In the reviews often found only one bad point – the design of the tires. Many people do not like it, as the sidewall is too flashy. This is done in order to improve grip and traversed the properties of rubber.Lineup Viatti

In addition to the above discussed models of tires, the company has many others. Demand series tires with Bosco. There are models for both winter and summer operation of the vehicle.

The tires are able to overcome any obstacles. They are suitable for operation in urban environments, on the road and on light off-road. And all this is available for relatively little money. Tire set of 16 radius will cost about 14 thousand rubles. The quality fully matches the price.

Winter tires also have good characteristics and fine hold grip. The cost of the same bundle will be about 15 thousand rubles.Conclusion

Tires Viatti is a great choice for those who have a limited budget for buying tires for your car. For a relatively small amount to get a quality product.

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