Chinese space station will fall in the unknown area

Опубликованно 13.03.2018 17:42

Chinese space station will fall in the unknown area

Orbital Chinese space station Tiangong-1 was launched into orbit in 2011, that is, relatively recently. However, the lifetime was only two years. In 2013, discontinued operation of the station, and in 2016 over her lost control.

As a result, now it is reported that Tiangong-1 will enter the dense layers of Earth\'s atmosphere in the period between 29 March and 9 April. And the worst part is that nobody has the slightest idea where it will fall. And she will certainly fall, since, according to calculations, the angle of entry into the atmosphere will be that station of time to fully burn.

Of course, you crash, not the whole station, and its fragments, but it may be even worse, because the number of these fragments is clearly going to be huge, as the area which they affect.

The European space Agency only a day before the fall will be able to more accurately specify the area of falling debris, but even in this case, the data will be very approximate. Now it is reported that potentially everyone is at risk region, located between 43° North and 43° South latitude. It is hoped that we will be lucky and the remains of the station will crash somewhere in the ocean or in the mountains, and no one gets hurt.

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