Samsung has patented a hybrid tablet and smartphone

Опубликованно 14.03.2018 02:00

Samsung has patented a hybrid tablet and smartphone

The South Korean manufacturer is already designing an innovative device for mass use.

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) has published another patent of Samsung electronics company, associated with the development of mobile devices.

Registration announcement on the latest development with the working title "Device display" (Display device) have already been filed in the patent office.

The document is a concise name Display device ("display Device").

The document is called "Device display", and the claim for the patent was filed in late nineteenth 2016, but the product itself was registered just now.

The South Korean company describes the design of a portable device with a foldable design. As planned by Samsung, users will be able to work with the gadget in phone mode and in the mini-tablet. In addition, he will be equipped with camera and Micro-USB port.

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