Apple filed a patent for a stylus that draws in air

Опубликованно 12.04.2018 03:57

Apple filed a patent for a stylus that draws in air

This stylus can draw, write and create a three-dimensional image on any surface, not just touch, and even in the air.

Apple decided to patent a stylus, which is not limited to touch screen, but you can draw and write on any surface, even in the air. The patent was filed in the summer of 2016, but published only now. How it works

The title of the patent is "Creating content using the electronic input device in non-electronic surfaces". How this device will work is unknown, but, most likely, the knob will be located sensor (e.g., accelerometer or motion sensor) or camera, and the trajectory will track the camera to a computer or smartphone. Thus, the gadget can wirelessly control the movements of the stylus and projecting them on the screen.

With the help of this stylus you can draw, write and even create three-dimensional images. While the drawings provided to a variety of devices that work with this handle: laptop, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Of course, this is just a patent, and not the fact that this stylus will still be released. The company files patent applications for different styli since 2010, but so far released only a Pencil, which is limited only by the iPad Pro.

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