New feature of iOS kill iPhone 8s

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New feature of iOS kill iPhone 8s

Apple released iOS 11.3 at the end of March, and the update is reported that the slaughter of touch functionality in the iPhone 8s that have been repaired with third-party screens.

So people who have managed to already break your iPhone 8 screen and it was the cheapest route to get it fixed by a not verified Apple repair shop are now at risk of having a useless phone.

The update was pushed out on the 29th of March, the introduction of the Tim Cook promised iPhone battery health information that gives users more control over Apple\'s controversial phone of limitation measure.

But, whether intentional or not, the iOS 11.3 update has caused major problems for the touch functionality in some iPhone 8 devices.

Publishing technology of the Motherboard first informed of the issue and the CEO of a repair company in the united states, Injured Gadgets, said the departure was already hurting the company.

"The customers are upset, and it seems that Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing third-party repairs," said Aakshay Kripalani, who said that the issue had already cost his business more than 2000 forwarding.

According to the report, each screen of the iPhone is powered by a small microchip and that the chip is what the repair of the community believes that is causing the problem. Fixing the busted phones mean to re-open the phone and update the chip.

This is not the first time that this issue has arisen in the subtle tug-of-war between Apple and non-sanctioned repair services. A previous update of iOS dead touch functionality in the iPhone 7 with third-party screens, but a later update fixes the problem.

Apple was also taken to court last year by Australia\'s top consumer watchdog on the "error 53", which brick iPhones if they had their home button replaced by a third-party repair shop.

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Every time Apple is pressed on your repair policy, constantly says that the policies that are about protecting the client and the promotion of the longevity of their products.

A cynic might think that Apple does not want to lose control of its highly lucrative repair market, but the company claims their devices are increasingly more sophisticated, they are hesitant to open up to non-qualified third-party repairers.

When the news asked Apple executive Lisa Jackson in November about why the company is actively fighting the "right to repair" legislation in the united states, reiterated the stance.

"We have our own programs of repair and, then, authorize and certify to the repairers. The question is on a device that is becoming more and more complex, what is best for the client?

"And third-party, unauthorized repairs are exactly what they sound like," she said, suggesting that could make the device less secure and even put in danger its longevity.

"We want to make sure that the repairs are done correctly."

Has this iPhone 8 problem happened since the download of iOS 11.3?

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