Car radar detector Neoline X-COP 5500: features, description and user reviews

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Car radar detector Neoline X-COP 5500: features, description and user reviews

The Korean company Neoline to its line of radar detectors has a popular model Neoline X-COP 5500. The device detects a focal point of police radar, which can be recorded in advance in the database of the satellite navigation system GPS. Police radars and cameras are improving day by day, and, as a consequence, confront them instruments, too, are not static in its evolution. Device Neoline has a stylish design, a powerful stuffing and the detector scans the huge number of devices controlling the speed of vehicles on the roads. Radar has several types of fasteners (supplied) in the car. Price Neoline X-COP 5500 is a bit high compared to other analogues, but it honestly justified it. Therefore he earned great popularity among their own kind and will be a faithful helper for any demanding owner. Instructions for the user

Device for detection of police radar and cameras should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the instructions for use. This will help to avoid unwanted negative effects during work with the device.

To connect to the mains supply only need the cable provided by the manufacturer, which is present in the kit. If you use non-original charger, there is a high probability of a malfunction of the radar.

To hold and operate the detector must defined with the specified temperature parameters. It is strongly recommended not to expose the device overheating from direct sunlight. It may affect the case and electronics of the apparatus, which lead to the destabilization of health.

When setting the vehicle in long term Parking should ensure that the radar is turned off. Otherwise, it could lead to the discharge of the car battery and shorten the service life of the radar detector Neoline X-COP 5500.

Is to take care of the device during operation, as it has anti-shock characteristics: do not quit and do not squeeze! Terms of use

When driving a vehicle during control it is strongly recommended not to get distracted by any tampering with the detector. This can lead to tragic consequences in the form of an accident. Some cases such consequences are irreversible!

Avoid installing the unit in places where laid the Foundation of the airbags!

Voltage to power the radar must comply with 12 V. to Use the detector outside the vehicle is prohibited.

During the feature scan of the roadway no foreign object should prevent the operation of the apparatus, and it is not recommended to cover it from above.

A radar blip Neoline X-COP 5500 can have different error scan. This is due to various extraneous radiation. In addition, more powerful sources are known to cause interference in the working operation of the apparatus. On the data displayed by the radar can impact cross the landscape.

The scanning device Neoline was designed to determine only the sources of radio emissions. As measuring devices, issuing a radio signal, including police radar, periodically usovershenstvuetsya, the manufacturer does not guarantee the discovery of all existing sources of monitoring traffic situation.

Device description Neoline

Neoline X-COP 5500 in the first place was created to ensure the safe movement and operation of the vehicle. If a motorist missed the sign about the speed limit or he is absent on country roads (due to negligence of road services), the detector-radar pre-warned the owner about ahead of the police radar systems. Thereby will not violate the rules of the road, forcing him to follow them.

A built-in unit satellite navigation system allows to determine the location of police radar coordinates, which were previously prescribed in the base of the unit and provide the driver with safe movement.

The block module is available in Neoline X-COP 5500, to detect radar systems and police "the Arrow" and high sensitive threshold of the detector give the device owner the maximum degree designation emitting devices. Provides information about the fixed current frequency. Designed and built a system for determining unauthorized detector signals on the basis of the latest achievements of intelligent technologies and like the police will not distract the driver from driving the vehicle.

Technical data

Car radar Neoline X-COP 5500 is characterized by the following parameters and has the following built-ins: a database of police radar in Russia and Europe-based global positioning system; block MK-100 J satellite navigation system, manufactured by Korean manufacturer; unit with signals for scanning and determining police complexes "the Arrow"; the ability to define a variety of police radar, for example, such as "Vizir", "Chris", "rapier", "spark", "Arrow", "eagle", "Robot" and many others; specialized system "Route/City/X-SOR"; display with LED backlight; voice information in Russian language; easy to use control keys; eight volume levels; update your device is via a standard connector MiniUSB; scanning distance extends to about 2 km.

Radar detector Neoline X-COP 5500 receives a signal at Ultra-X/K bands, as well as in the usual X-, K - and KA-spectra.

The satellite search occurs in two variants: "Cold" start – detection occurs within 50-90 sec. "Warm" start on the same task requires about 5-10 seconds.

The input voltage is equal to 12/24 V. the Temperature operation is from -20 to +70 ?. Dimensions of detector: height 33.5 mm, width 63 mm, length – 103 mm.

The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free performance for 2 years.

Completeness of the device

In marketed kits is: The original detector X-COP 5500, made by Neoline. A fastening device for mounting on a car windshield. The holding fixture based on a magnet (in some models). A fastening device on the basis of the adhesive pad (on some models). Original USB cable. Charger for use in vehicle with voltage of 12V and key on/off.

Price Neoline X-COP 5500 in the various outlets is in the range of 4500-5000 rubles.


The detector has a stylish look and is shaped like a truncated front rectangle of black color. On the front side, in the upper left corner is a speaker. The Central place in the middle of the apparatus is an electronic display with LED-backlit. Him messages about the type of signal, power, and distance to GPS and the current time, the speed of the vehicle.

Under the scoreboard in left corner located button/menu in the middle two keys for navigation device - Down/Up. The lower right corner of the front side takes the system key Set/Mute.

On the left side Neoline X-COP 5500 has two connectors: 12V power connector and Mini USB for software updates device.

At the front end side of the mounted lens. Installation

The device can be mounted on the windshield, magnet or adhesive pad. It is worth to note that magnetic and adhesive fasteners not included in all complete packages.

When mounting detector on the windshield, you should select the fasteners for the windshield. One end of the fastener is inserted into the device, on which there is a hole in the front. Then the resulting design attached to the windshield using the suction cups located at the other end of the fastener. Detector Neoline X-COP 5500 is recommended to mount at the top of the base of the windshield. The maximum of the radiation police radar falls on this area of the car. The final step is to connect the radar to the power supply with a voltage of 12 V. the Most commonly used the cigarette lighter plug.

Mount the magnet and pad

Installation of the device Neoline on the magnet occurs by gluing magnetic bases on a flat surface torpedo. Glues on top of the unit itself. You should pay attention to the installed device nothing was blocking the direct view of the roadway. This directly affects the ability of devices to detect police radar.

The same way and with the same requirements, similar to the magnetic fastening, fixed by the adhesive pad. Reviews about the radar Neoline X-COP 5500

Many motorists have noted a number of positive qualities in this device. They appreciate high-quality Assembly, reliable mounting structure of a detector. Many liked the original style radar, pleasant to look at information display, great functionality. The only negative in the reviews was a little high on the price of the device.

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