What is the best car in the world?

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What is the best car in the world?

For virtually every motorist buying a car is not just a vehicle purchase, but something more – a kind of reward for the work and recognition of status. New car gives confidence in the future and is a generator of peace of mind.

But along with the advantages of shopping has its unpleasant drawbacks. Nobody wants to once again wag their nerves because of another failure, especially if you are planning a long journey or need a car every day and every hour. One more far not the last factor – the technical equipment. Modern technologies allow to fully feel the comfort of control and even a simple stay in the car.

Car manufacturers are well aware of the weaknesses of consumers, so trying to please them, releasing from year to year new and comfortable car. Some of them succeed only partially, while others cope well with the task. About the product-as will be discussed in our article.

So, try to figure out what the best car in the world and why. When compiling the list, consideration was taken of the tops, ratings, statistics, popular car magazines, information from the specialized forums and resources.

To sound top of the best machines is very difficult, because to sweep away all the cars with the same brush would be wrong. Some people like the small class (budget) equipment, some people prefer crossovers or business model, so choose the best car we will be in a particular class. Therefore, the cumulative rating of the best machines not relevant here. Small class Chevrolet Aveo. Lada Granta. ZAZ Vida.

This class is represented by three cars: Chevrolet Aveo, "Type" from ZAZ and Lada Granta. The first two models are assembled at the same factory in Ukraine on the equipment and under the supervision of the Polish group Chevrolet. But "Grant" is long-suffering, but in the end it our car of "AVTOVAZ".

"Type" fought with "Aveo", but the authority of the latter was simply replaced it with the market, and quite a nice brainchild of ZAZ and stood for the entire year in the shadow of Chevrolet with very small sales.

One of the best Russian cars "Grant" bypassed "mean" for almost all items, except losing to her in comfort. As for the exterior, both models are approximately on the same level.

Many Russian motorists consider it "a Grant" the best car in Russia, even after the presentation of the "West". "Lada" managed to overtake Aveo for indicators of practicality and price appeal, but lost on other items. So the winner in this class was the Chevrolet. Compact-class Honda Civic. Hyudai i30. Peugeot 408.

It involved four best brands of cars from different manufacturers: Kia CEE\'d, Peugeot 408, Hyudai i30 and Honda Civic. Japanese cars have always been considered among the best. In this class did not disappoint and the Civic: excellent driving characteristics, modern and high-tech "stuffing" along with the comfort brought the car into the lead.

Despite the remarkable characteristics of the winner, domestic consumers prefer more affordable Kia, which has overtaken the other two participants with a good margin. Peugeot ranked third, and in the end settled Hyundai. The latter is more adapted to Russian roads, but the manufacturer is, alas, have not paid due attention to the comfort of their models, so the French car failed to overtake the i30. The middle class Toyota Camry. The Peugeot 508. Kia Optima. The Hyundai i40.

In this class will compete with the Toyota Camry, Peugeot 508, Kia Optima and Hyundai i40. Some of the car magazines tried to include in the list of the best cars of the middle class Chevrolet Malibu, but the model though, and deserves to be in it, she, alas, had to leave quietly from the race under pressure from the venerable competitors.

First place went to the legendary "Toyota", which went to all participants for all categories. Behind her confident is the pride of the French automotive industry Peugeot 508. The model is particularly distinguished by high level of comfort.

Behind them is cute Kia Optima, which over the appearance and creation of identity worked for months best Korean automotive design conference. The rating closes the Hyundai its the best car of middle class – "indestructible" model i40 that domestic producers plus special. A prestige class The Volkswagen Passat CC. The BMW 3 Series. The Citroen DS5.

Are fighting models from top brands: BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Passat and Citroen DS5. By and large, a loser or a winner here. All participants can be described as: the best machines in its class.

Brand new Volkswagen Passat was in the lead due to its practicality and the ideal ratio of price to quality. Behind him is the legendary BMW as always been characterized by excellent driving characteristics and the presence of the most advanced technologies. And the design of the BMW is slightly ahead of Volkswagen. Business class The BMW 6 Series. Mercedes-Benz SL. The Lexus GS. Hyundai Grandeur.

In this class compete BMW 6 Series, Mercedes-Benz SL, Lexus GS and new Hyundai Grandeur. South Korean car much less venerable competitors, but steadily holds the third place, offering the consumer the best ratio of price to quality.

The best cars in the world began at that time representatives of BMW, Mercedes-Benz SL and Lexus. The Germans solidly in first place with only a slight separation of the noble bronze went to the Japanese company. All three machines is standards of reliability, comfort and design. They, in fact, equal to other car manufacturers. Multifunctional class (Vans/Van) Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Toyota Alphard. Opel Zafira.

Participants matched quite colorful. Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Opel Zafira and the Toyota Alphard. Despite the fact that the Japanese concern Toyota will pay special attention to the comfort in their cars, B-Class from Mercedes quietly went about a series of Alphard.

"Japanese" turned out to be more practical than both "German", but Mercedes was still ahead of everyone and took his well-deserved gold. Vans the B-Class proved to be the most comfortable, reliable and multifunctional, that is, the best cars in its class.

The domestic car enthusiasts prefer the Opel because of the ideal ratio of price to quality, but other brands considered too expensive, although they are more adapted to Russian realities. Compact crossovers Citroen C4 Aircross. The Peugeot 4008. The Renault Duster. Lifan X60. Great Wall Hover M2.

For the title of best small crossover fighting French Citroen C4 Peugeot 4008 and Renault Duster as well as popular Chinese Lifan X60 and Great Wall Hover M2. The last places went to cars from China, but among "the French" was an emotional outburst.

Many car magazines put on the first place French Peugeot 4008 for its reliability and ideal ratio of price to quality. But Citroen thanks to its really cool appearance and comfort surpassed fellow, having escaped in the first place - agree, decent competition?

Renault modestly wormed in third place, ahead of a confident Chinese cars. Generally Duster enjoys an enviable popularity among domestic consumers. The machine is perfectly "digests" our roads, and besides going to Moscow, so the prices of the models do not bite, and spare parts are always available for sale.

As for the Chinese, they are well diluted with honey Peugeot and Citroen, giving the consumer a very good choice. The cars are reliable, relatively comfortable, and most importantly – cheap. But the reputation of China makes itself felt, and the mass consumer with great caution applies to all kinds of lepanam and Great Wall of am - they are too "brittle". And with the parts sometimes have difficulty. Crossovers The Mitsubishi Outlander. Hyundai Sanata Fe. Kia Sorento.

Here is the confident leader of the legendary and revived from the venerable Mitsubishi Outlander. The Japanese manufacturer has provided excellent handling, maximum comfort, affordable pricing, technological progressivism, and world prestige "Japanese" did not leave a single chance to competitors.

However, the rest of the participants too to eat than brag. Popular Hyundai Sanata Fe series has captured the hearts of connoisseurs: the exterior of the car is striking with its delicate but rigorous lines and attracts the bold and provocative solutions.

This high-quality and relatively inexpensive cars almost in no way inferior to its Korean brother Kia Sorento, with a more affordable price tag. In fact, in the first case, you overpay for style and appearance, and the second receive excellent and practical option for the difficult Russian roads. SUVs Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Renge Rover (2017).

In this category is represented by only two models, and the undisputed leader in the face of the M-Class legendary Mercedes. The car noticeably pulled away from Renge Rover and left way behind other competitors, although they are competitors, it is difficult to call given the small demand, as well as the small number of models presented on the Russian market.

Mercedes is good on all counts: it is reliable, comfortable, extremely attractive and feature the latest technology. Yes, the car will have to pay quite a tidy sum, but it\'s worth its money and fulfills them to the fullest. True, the service is not cheap. Sports cars Porsche 911. The Toyota GT 86. Chevrolet Camaro. Subaru BRZ.

It\'s pretty specific, and very expensive class of cars. The participants matched each other - agree that the cars in this class worthy representatives of sports cars.

Model from Chevrolet just ahead of Porsche and Toyota for practicality, but for this class is almost the last argument. What showed the Camaro is in excellent exterior. The machine design really draws the eye: the aggressive "look" polished glass headlamps, a bold but at the same time, the classic features of a sports car, give him leader of the track that brooked no compromise.

Other participants received a more traditional appearance, but about her not to say she\'s mediocre. Toyota proved again that it can produce not only reliable, but practical cars, not inflating the price with an eye on the class. Subaru takes its quality and image, and Porsche - all together, including first place in the Top.

Of course, such a purchase can not be called practical, rather pretentious, extravagant, because the ratio of price impact here is not respected at all. But the possession of such a car is more than just driving pleasure, reliability and comfort. Although these items have a Porsche, everything is in order. Literally all ratings in the segment of sports cars, the 911-th ahead of their competitors almost twice.

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